Canada · 46 Days · 60 Moments · August 2017

Emily and Brad's Canada Road Trip

22 September 2017

A few pics from Montreal!

20 September 2017

A beautiful day in Gaspe!

18 September 2017

Made it to PEI!

17 September 2017

Brad swimming in the Atlantic!

16 September 2017

We saw a moose!!😱
More pics from the drive!
Drove around Cape Breton Island today on the Cabot Trail!

14 September 2017

Our day in Halifax!

13 September 2017

Sunset at Peggy's cove lighthouse
Took the scenic route to Peggy's cove
Stopped in Lunenburg today on our drive along the coast!

12 September 2017

Trying lobster for the first time!😱😬
Went to see Hopewell rocks today! Apparently it has the highest tides in the world and can get up to 46 feet! Thankfully we went during low tide😉

10 September 2017

More pics from Quebec :)
Our day in Quebec City!

8 September 2017

Parliament light show

6 September 2017

More Toronto pics

5 September 2017

First day in Toronto!

4 September 2017

Niagara Falls!

3 September 2017

2 September 2017

Brad immersing himself in the local culture at Walmart😉
Exploring the peninsula today! Went for a hike and saw some cool caves and views of the super blue water!

28 August 2017

Yesterday's campfire. Made s'mores! Even Brad ate one and enjoyed it😱
Last nights sunset :)
Hiking in Pancake Bay!
The local weather station

27 August 2017

First camp fire!

24 August 2017

Exploring Winnipeg!

23 August 2017

Got us a Flin Flon souvenir!
Exploring Flin Flon! Which we found out has a surprisingly large population of 5,100 people😱

22 August 2017

Exciting times in Flin Flon!
Made it to Manitoba!
Driving up to Flin Flon. Drove for awhile without seeing another car!

21 August 2017

Walking around Saskatoon
Watching the eclipse in Saskatoon!

18 August 2017

Morning cuddles with the kitties!😻

16 August 2017

Maligne Lake

15 August 2017

Pics from today! Went to see Athabasca Glacier :)

13 August 2017

And then the wind came...had to make some modifications!
Brad made us a rain tent for our tent!
Pics from our drive up to Jasper

12 August 2017

Moraine Lake
Hike to the top of Lake Louise
Lake Louise :)
8.5 hours later and we've made it to Alberta!

11 August 2017

Excited about all our new Okanagan wine🤗🍷
Another yummy dinner😋
Vineyard day!

10 August 2017

First night camping

9 August 2017

Made it to Osoyoos!
Exploring Peachland🍑
Buying some wine!🍷☺️
Poplar Grove winery
Smokey Penticton☁️

8 August 2017

All packed and ready to go!!

7 August 2017

First day with the Rental car!🚘