Austria · 3 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

3 January 2018

It’s raaaaaining today so we went back to the hostel around 2, after hiking up to the highest point in Salzburg. We also saw a statue of Mozart and climbed all around the monastery! We heard them singing the first day we were here, it’s too bad we never heard it again! It started to pour on our way down. We went into a cafe and had a cappuccino and croissant for me and a burger on a bagel for jack. We walked back and went into a food store and got some stuff for the rest of the trip. We plan to eat our own food for the rest of the journey. It looks like it should be done raining super hard for the rest of the day so hopefully we can go out later and walk around once more, and maybe have some more mulled wine. Tomorrow we’re going to take an earlier train back to Munich that we initially planned, since it’s supposed to pour both places again. Might as well get back where we need to be to get back to America on Friday.

2 January 2018

Today was great! We went to the hohensalzburg fortress and walked around in town. We got coffee and split a pastry and later walked to Mozart’s birthplace, Mozart’s residence, and the mirabell gardens/palace, and then went back to our hostel. We went to happy hour and had a couple beers and then had a phenomenal dinner at an Italian place. We had pizza and a carprese salad and a glass of Chianti each, and then walked all around the city center at night. Just beautiful. We watched the end of The sound of music too when we got back tonight!

1 January 2018

Austria, we have arrived. Salzburg is absolutely incredible. We got here this morning and walked around a ton already, climbed up a huge hill and overlooked the entire city, and did some shopping. It’s so so so beautiful here, I love it already. We’re watching The sound of music in our hostel tonight and then getting some very much needed sleep. I’m really excited to go to bed, quite honestly. We’ve had some really fun, really late nights the past couple nights and we need some sleep. This trip will be over before we know it, which sucks! This has been a tonnnnn of fun.