United Kingdom, Australia · 34 Days · 35 Moments · February 2019

Emily's tour through Australia

2 April 2019

Day 35 - Tuesday 2 April CAIRNS - BALI • Very very hungover... • Harley leaves us to return to Sydney, although she sleeps through her alarm and almost misses her flight • Tried to do some more planning of our trip, but the useless state I was in resulted in me accidentally booking my flight to Vietnam under the name: Emily Dekkers Dekkers • Landed in Bali at 00:30 (followed by 2 hours of queuing at border control) • We also have quickly replaced Harley with Aimee’s friend from home, Josh (Robbo), who’s come out for a holiday and landed an hour before us • Checked into our hotel for the night (£7) near the airport where we shared our sleep with bed bugs

1 April 2019

Day 34 - Monday 1 April CAIRNS • Skydive in the morning • Raining again so went to the shopping mall • Had our last dinner as a foursome in an Italian along the harbour • Went to our hostel bar/club and eventually got to bed at 04:30 (sensible)

31 March 2019

Day 33 - Sunday 31 March CAIRNS • Scuba diving day at The Great Barrier Reef! • First stop: our introductory dive, taken in groups of 3 and down 10 metres • Second stop: shallow snorkel to a small sand island, followed 3 large turtles🐢

30 March 2019

Day 32 - Saturday 30 March TOWNSVILLE - CAIRNS • Planned a lot of Bali & Philippines whilst we waited for our flight to Cairns • Arrived at Gilligans in Cairns & found a familiar Worthing face! • Far too many wines at $5 a glass (£2.50)

29 March 2019

Day 31 - Friday 29 March MAGNETIC ISLAND - TOWNSVILLE - CAIRNS ...was the plan. What we actually did: MAGNETIC ISLAND - TOWNSVILLE - ...HALFWAY TO CAIRNS... - BACK TO TOWNSVILLE • Serious rain again in Magnetic Island, not served us well for weather, but beautiful nonetheless • Had breakfast in the hostel & rumours were flying about that the only road to Cairns from Townsville was flooded • We took the ferry back to Townsville and got on our Greyhound to Cairns anyway • 2.5 hours into the coach journey, we got to the road and we were not allowed to pass through... • ...2.5 hours back to Townsville • Bit of stress, as we had no accommodation booked in Townsville & we were now unable to do our scuba dive in Cairns booked for the next morning • All the coaches from Townsville to Cairns fully booked for the next few days... so we had to book a flight to Cairns for the next day💸 • Had a drink in Townsville to destress & stayed in a horrible hostel which was like a hospital

28 March 2019

Day 30 - Thursday 28 March MAGNETIC ISLAND • We wanted to hire an open roof “barbie car” to explore Magnetic Island, but unfortunately the rain wouldn’t allow it! All roofed cars booked up • After deliberating what to do in the torrential rain, we caught the bus to Horseshoe Bay, where we had brunch (when it stopped raining for 5 minutes, I managed to get a picture of the beach) • We tried to walk to a spot near Horseshoe Bay, where you are guaranteed to see wild koalas, but took shelter halfway up at YHA and gave up • Back at the hostel, we’re 142 games of cards and 2 bottles of wine down by 4pm • Ladies Night at the hostel (boys dress as girls, girls dress as boys), which included a catwalk competition for the boys - thoroughly entertaining. We also forced Neil, our roommate from Manchester, to partake • Of course, because we started drinking so early, we all ended the night by jumping in the pool (before being quickly escorted out of the pool by staff)

27 March 2019

Day 29 - Wednesday 27 March AIRLIE BEACH - TOWNSVILLE - MAGNETIC ISLAND • Greyhound coach from Airlie Beach to Townsville (5 hours) • Ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island (20 mins) • Arrived at Base Hostel (beautiful hostel on the beach, staying in huts) • Trivia night at the hostel

26 March 2019

Day 28 - Tuesday 26 March AIRLIE BEACH • Whitsundays day trip! • Stinger suits • First stop: 40 mins snorkelling a coral reef (bright colours and lots of little fish) • Second stop: another snorkelling stop at Mantaray Bay, huge huge fish (50kg+), our guide threw the fish food on top of us, so we were surrounded by hundreds • Third stop: Whitehaven (we saw stingrays & a lemon shark) • Cocktail by the harbour • Dinner at cheap backpackers bar and a few more bevs...

25 March 2019

Day 27 - Monday 25 March AIRLIE BEACH • Another ’not doing much’ day! • Chilled by lagoon again and saw a turtle popping its head above the sea next to us • Early night before our Whitsundays trip

24 March 2019

Day 26 - Sunday 24 March AIRLIE BEACH • After a late night, we chilled by Airlie’s lagoon for most of the day • From Airlie and northwards, you cannot swim in the sea without a stinger suit, but was still nice to overlook from the lagoon • $5 Domino’s pizza with Martha & Olive (from Fraser Island)
Day 25 - Saturday 23 March AIRLIE BEACH • Arrived in Airlie around 10am and went for breakfast with Nat & Jack • Exhausted from the bus and with it raining again, we checked into our hostel and napped • Went to Boaty’s for dinner and The Shed (bar) • We went to Boom (club) with two girls in our room, Rosie & Florence, who went to Sussex Uni

22 March 2019

Day 24 - Friday 22 March RAINBOW BEACH - AIRLIE BEACH • Chilled day at the hostel’s pool whilst we waited for our coach • Greyhound coach from Rainbow Beach to Airlie Beach (17 hours😖)
Day 23 - Thursday 21 March FRASER ISLAND - RAINBOW BEACH • 1st stop: Shipwreck of the SS Maheno (beached in 1935) • 2nd stop: Eli Creek (largest freshwater creek on the island, you walk on land to the top, get in and walk down until you reach the sea) • A few group pictures to end the trip • Back to Rainbow Beach • Dinner in a surf & rescue club with our new English friends from the trip • The Fraser Island “after party” (everyone was exhausted and went to bed at 10)
Day 22 - Wednesday 20 March FRASER ISLAND • My turn to drive! A 30km journey along the sand • 1st stop: Champagne Pools • 2nd stop: short uphill walk to a viewing point (normally sharks can be seen as the sea is so clear, but unfortunately there weren’t any about) • 3rd stop: Tea Tree Lake (an orangey coloured lake which was slightly oily in consistency, due to the tea trees growing all around it - good for the skin & hair!) • Spotted a wild dingo
Day 21 - Tuesday 19 March RAINBOW BEACH - FRASER ISLAND • Early start for Fraser Island • 1st stop: Lake McKenzie (most beautiful place to date) • 2nd stop: Camp (very I’m A Celeb) • Sand dune walk near camp before a BBQ dinner

18 March 2019

Day 20 - Monday 18 March BRISBANE - RAINBOW BEACH • Greyhound coach to Rainbow Beach (5 hours with a scenic lunch stop) • Chilled at Rainbow Beach for a few hours • Safety briefing & talk for our Fraser Island trip, put into 4 groups of 8 for our 4x4s

17 March 2019

Day 19 - Sunday 17 March (Happy Birthday Dad!) BRISBANE • Walk around South Bank • Streets Beach (man made beach next to the river) • Early dinner by the river

16 March 2019

Day 18 - Saturday 16 March BRISBANE • Lone Pines Koala Sanctuary - saw koalas, dingos, crocodiles and hand fed kangaroos • Irish bar with live music for St Patrick’s Day☘️
Day 17 - Friday 15 March SURFERS PARADISE - BRISBANE • Greyhound Coach from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane (1 hour) • Pouring & stormy in Brisbane⛈ • Signed up to the hostel bar crawl (first use of our raincoats!) • Much later night than planned... so much for our early start Saturday

14 March 2019

Day 16 - Thursday 14 March SURFERS PARADISE • Beach day on Main Beach • SkyPoint Observation Deck at sunset • Cooked dinner & watched a film at hostel

13 March 2019

Day 15 - Wednesday 13 March BYRON BAY - SURFERS PARADISE • Greyhound Bus from Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise (2 hours) • Walk around Surfers Paradise, market along the beach, lunch in Vapiano • Bought tickets for the Hostel ‘Big Night Out’ (4 bars) • We’ve decided Surfers Paradise is Australia’s equivalent to Benidorm

12 March 2019

Day 14 - Tuesday 12 March BYRON BAY • Beach day at Main Beach in Byron • Happy hours in a couple of bars (£3 Prosecco!) • Dinner at hostel • Quiz at Cheeky Monkeys bar

11 March 2019

Day 13 - Monday 11 March BYRON BAY • Coast walk from main beach to lighthouse & most easterly point of mainland Australia (3 hours) • Night out with hostel to Woodies bar

10 March 2019

Day 12 - Sunday 10 March SYDNEY - BYRON BAY • Last day in Sydney spent at Bondi Beach☀️ • Overnight Greyhound Coach from Sydney to Byron Bay (13 hours)

9 March 2019

Day 11 - Saturday 9 March SYDNEY • Took the ferry to Manly Beach • Rainy day so walked around the shops and had lunch • Packed our bags ready to check out tomorrow • Woken in the middle of the night to a drunken roommate urinating on Aimee’s bed

8 March 2019

Day 10 - Friday 8 March SYDNEY • North Sydney Olympic Pool • Darling Harbour Bars for their Happy Hours

7 March 2019

Day 9 - Thursday 7 March SYDNEY • Blue Mountains National Park • Fraser Island & Whitsundays booked

6 March 2019

Day 8 - Wednesday 6 March SYDNEY • Planning day (rainy) • First K-mart experience • Silent disco @ Side Bar

5 March 2019

Day 7 - Tuesday 5 March SYDNEY • Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach coastwalk • Bondi Beach • Drinks on sunroof • “Party Bus” • Club didn’t let us in because we were wearing sliders • Ended up in Texan style bar

4 March 2019

Day 6 - Monday 4 March SYDNEY • Breakfast in Kings Cross • Walk round Botanic Gardens • Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House • Drink @ Opera Bar • Happy Hour at Argyle

3 March 2019

Day 5 - Sunday 3 March MELBOURNE - SYDNEY • Melbourne Botanic Gardens & War Memorial • Drink along the river in Southwark (Arbory Afloat) • Overnight Greyhound from Melbourne to Sydney (12 hours)

2 March 2019

Day 4 - Saturday 2 March MELBOURNE • Beach day @ St Kilda • Still recovering from illness!

1 March 2019

Day 3 - Friday 1 March MELBOURNE • Sophie & Aimee offered meth in park @ 6am • Recovering from illness • Fire alarm • Nando’s

28 February 2019

Day 2 - Thursday 28 February MELBOURNE • Stomach bug👍🏼

27 February 2019

Day 1 - Wednesday 27 February UK - MELBOURNE • Flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur - 13 hours • Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne - 8 hours • Landed in Melbourne @ 20:15 on 27th