Cayman Islands · 2 Days · 6 Moments · May 2016

Emily's odyssey through Cayman Islands

20 May 2016

Had an unbelievable meal at Luca very close to our stay on the island. Our server, Matthew, was phenomenal. Dad and I love trying everything on the menu but we didn't want to get too full so Matthew offered to split everything for us... Including arugula salad with a light honey vinaigrette, yellow fin tuna sashimi & local red snapper with a divine almond crust & lemon risotto. He even poured mini wine tastings to pair with each dish. Can't wait to come back, in December right Dad? 🤗
Juice Wave made it to the Caymen Isles... Livin' the dream ❤️
When you're on vaca it's like groundhog day ... You do everything all over again each day:). 'Crossfit' training & breakfast tacos at Sunshine Grill day 2! Got to experience the public bus so Dad could buy underwater supplies. Why? So he can hit his dive tank to get my attention underwater, since he tried yesterday with his flashlight when I swam off to video my lil turtle baby... He almost broke it 😁

19 May 2016

Our first day of diving was unbelievable. More underwater pics to come. Saw beautiful coral reefs, a "wall" that drops 10K feet and dove about 90 feet. My favorite was seeing this sweet little turtle swimming solo and elegantly along the top of the coral reef. I followed the little guy until my pops made me get back to the group :). We also saw a reef shark, sting ray, spiny lobster hiding in the crevices. Ended the day with prosecco and delicious Italian from Ragazzi.
Starting the day strong with a run (dad accidentally ran 4.5 mi outside in the blazing heat!!) coffee and the best breakfast tacos I've ever had at Sunshine Grill- we are going back every morning. Chilled by the pool "easing into the morning" dad calls it & heading to scuba dive now!

18 May 2016

Arrived at the stunning Grand Cayman Island today! Papa and I are on our first (annual!?) scuba diving adventure. Hung by the beautiful, crystal clear ocean, drank delicious Cayman beer & napped under the individual beach chair cabanas. It's so hot even the ocean water is like bath water! Luckily they have rafts in the ocean we can lay on while tanning:). Finished the day with a delicious meal including crab cakes, tuna, mussels and home made naan. Off to bed & scuba tomorrow!