United States of America · 73 Days · 11 Moments · December 2016

Emily's journi to Ohio, United States

7 March 2017

19 February 2017

Leave your story told
Wrestling is not "a man's sport" it is a sport! It's not just for men anymore!
"Obsessed with perfection. Racing up one direction. I'm aiming the top spot. Giving it every measure. Making you feel the pressure. Testing your every vessel. Tempted to want to give up. Forgetting every reason that you wrestle. But you don't quit, and you know why. Because on the mat it's only those who live or die!"

7 February 2017

You're future is near. However, it's not here. Don't worry about what could be. Focus on what is!

28 January 2017

How you practice is how you perform. You can't just do something half way; you have to give it your all! Each and every time! It doesn't matter if you win or lose... but no one likes the feeling of losing!

27 January 2017

If you don't agree with what I say or do then that's ok. It's your opinion. But just know, if you tell me I can't do it... be ready to see me succeed to the greatest level!

27 December 2016

Art is like a key; it sets you free!
This season may not have gone how we all had hoped but next season we will come back more dedicated, faster, stronger, smarter than before!
They're not just my team... they're my family!

25 December 2016

I'm more of a dog person but this cat is my best friend!