Australia and Oceania, Asia · 103 Days · 57 Moments · May 2018

Emily's journi to Australia, New Zealand

26 August 2018

Hello! We got the night bus yesterday to Hanoi where we will do our ha long bay trip tomorrow and Tuesday. I’ve decided to move my flight home to Thursday- I’ve had an amazing time out here but haven’t been feeling great since the earthquake. Today Zoe wasn’t feeling well so I spent the day by myself. After breakfast I went to the imperial citadel which was a base for the Vietnam war. Afterwards I went to a really big market which was cool, there were no other tourists there as it was still early. I then found a really nice cafe in the middle of two busy streets where I sat and read for a bit. I then went back to the hostel for a couple of hours before going to get some food this evening. I wandered towards a huge famous lake and got a Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich). There were lots of market stalls and it was really busy. While I was eating my sandwich, a girl came and spoke to me for almost an hour to practice her English! Looking forward to Ha long bay tomorrow! Xxx

23 August 2018

Hi! Yesterday we walked around the old town which was beautiful and saw some of the old houses and museums scattered around the town. In the afternoon we did a cooking class at the hostel which was really fun! We learnt how to make spring rolls! We went to get some street food for dinner and tried these tiny crabs but I didn’t like it so got some kind of coconut cake instead. In the evening Hoi An is beautiful. They have lanterns lighting up all the streets and boats and lanterns on the river. There are loads of bars with live music which is nice too. Today we went to An Bang beach which was really nice. We’re meeting one of my friends from home for dinner tonight which will be nice xxx

22 August 2018

Hello! We’ve had a great 2 days in Vietnam! Yesterday was spent at Nha Trang beach which was much needed after spending a few days in crazy cities! We got the night bus to Hoi An and get again we arrived at 4am. We slept on the hostel floor this time and then ventured out at about 9am. It was unbelievably hot already so we walked around the old town and river and then went to get a drink. The town and markets are amazing and it’s so nice to be somewhere more relaxed. This evening we went for a drink on a rooftop bar as the sun was setting and then wandered around the night markets and got some delicious street food. We’re going to get a ticket tomorrow which allows us to see some of the old buildings and shows around the town. We’re also doing a cooking class at the hostel which should be fun! Xxx

20 August 2018

Hello! We got a night bus to Nha Trang last night. It arrived 4 hours early so we arrived to a car park in the middle of no where at 3am. We got a bus to the hostel but weren’t allowed to check in early so we slept on the hostel sofas - not very glam! We went to the Thap Ba mud baths and hot springs today which was An interesting experience! We sat in a mud bath for half an hour and then a hot mineral pool afterwards. We sat by the swimming pool for a couple of hours after. We’ve just been for a nice dinner by the sea which was nice. Going to have a beach day here before another night bus tomorrow to Hoi An - hopefully that one arrives at the right time! Xxx

19 August 2018

Hi everyone We’re currently in Ho Chi Minh where we’ve been for the past 3 days. We met Dan straight off the plane and got taken on a night out! It was great to see where he’s been staying for the last 2 months. The next day was Zoe’s birthday and we went to a big market and then to Sky Deck for a cocktail. We went for a nice meal and then met Dan’s friends for another big night out which was fun. We went to the war museum yesterday which was really interesting. We moved to a hostel so Dan could pack up his room. We’ve been to Chinatown today and have a night bus to Nha Trang this evening for 11 hours... xxx

13 August 2018

Hello! We’re now in Cambodia and had 2 really good days in Siem Reap. Yesterday we did a tuk tuk tour of 6 temples which was amazing. We went to Angkor Wat which was unbelievable and far bigger than I thought it would be. We also went to Bayon and the Tomb Raider temple which was cool to see. We got back to our hostel and wandered into town but we got lost and ended up walking for ages in the heat. In the evening we went to the famous Pub Street and had some dinner and drinks which accidentally ended in a club. This morning we got a bus to Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital and have just had dinner. Our plan is to do the S21 museum and killing fields tomorrow which lots of people have told us is very sad but well worth doing. Xxx

10 August 2018

Hi! We’ve had a really busy first day here in Bangkok. We went to the Grand palace this morning which was pretty spectacular but SO busy. I think we arrived at the same time as loads of Asian tour groups. We saw the famous emerald Buddha and then went to look at a museum of textiles which had beautiful clothes from the royal family. We then went to Wat Pho (reclining Buddha) which is a huge gold statue of a Buddha. After that we got a tuk tuk to Khao San Road and wandered down there. We had some nice street food for lunch and then got a water taxi to the 24h flower market which was cool. We then had to navigate our way back to the hostel which was easier said than done. We sat on a bus for over an hour which was a nightmare in the traffic so we got out and had a long walk back in the heat! We’ve just made some plans for tomorrow and will head out for dinner later xxx

9 August 2018

Hello! Today we flew out of Bali and into Bangkok. Feeling much much happier about being out of the earthquake zone. There was another whilst we were in the air so hoping everyone we were on our tour with stays safe! The first part of the tour was really fun and we met some lovely people who we hope well stay in touch with. We got to our hostel this evening and made a quick plan for the next few days. We were initially planning on going up Thailand but we’re going to try and see our cousin Dan in Ho Chi Minh before he leaves. Instead we’re going to go through Cambodia, then Vietnam and come down Thailand last. We just had a delicious street food dinner and are looking forward to a busy couple of days in Bangkok! Xxx

7 August 2018

Hi everyone Apologies for the lack of blogs over the past few days. As I’m sure you’re aware we’ve had a few earthquakes here on Lombok which has been quite scary. I won’t go into detail but we were on our way to the Gili Islands when the first one struck. If our boat hadn’t been so delayed on the way to Lombok, we would have been there. Gili has since been evacuated so in hindsight it’s a good thing we were delayed. We stayed at our taxi drivers house on his floor on Sunday night where we felt lots of aftershocks through the night. We have since located to south of the island as far away from the epicenters as possible. We’re leaving Lombok tomorrow morning and hopefully won’t have to wait too long for a boat (although it’s pretty chaotic here). We haven’t felt anything since 2am so hopefully there’s nothing more to come. We’re both fine, just looking forward to getting off the island! Xxx

2 August 2018

Hi! We’re now well into our tour of Bali. There are 12 in the group and everyone is really nice. On the first day we went to Tanah Lot and Ayun Royal temple. We were blessed with holy water and then touched the holy priests snake which is apparently good luck! We had a nice dinner all together. Yesterday morning we were up early for a surf lesson which was a laugh but the waves were quite big so we weren’t very good! We then went to potato head beach club which a couple of people had recommended so it was good to see - apparently Rihanna has been! We walked along the beach back to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon on the rooftop by the pool. We had a nice dinner and then went to a couple of bars before a beach party that went until 3am... We went to Tegenungan waterfall today which was really cool and we swam in it which was good. We drove onto Ubud where we have 3 days. We’re going out shortly for dinner and some live music which should be good xxx

29 July 2018

Hello! We’ve had a great couple of days here in Kuta before our tour starts tomorrow. We wandered around the town yesterday which has loads of cool markets. We then sat by a pool all day which was great. The hostel is so nice and they did a free dinner for everyone yesterday which was delicious. We then went to a couple of bars by the beach. This morning we were woken up by tremors from the earthquake which was a strange experience. Luckily it wasn’t that strong here. We went to a beach club all day and have just been for some delicious street food. Xxx

27 July 2018

Hi! We’re now in Bali after a short flight from Singapore. We could have spent the whole day in the airport it was so big. We jumped in a taxi to the hotel and couldn’t believe how many mopeds there are- it’s definitely the way people get around here. The hostel is by far the nicest we’ve stayed and much cheaper than all the others! We walked down the road and had some delicious street food. It’s also so cheap here compared to everywhere else we’ve been so far which is nice! We’re going to spend the day in Kuta visiting some markets and the beach. Hope everyone in Liverpool is having fun xxx

26 July 2018

Hi everyone! We’re now in Singapore after an amazing 2 weeks in Fiji. We met some really nice people who we did the island hopping with which was good fun. It was really nice to spend some time chilling after moving somewhere new for the last 2 months! We learnt a lot about the Fijian culture and took part in one of their ceremonies. We also did a village tour and even went to church last Sunday! We’ve had 2 nights here in Singapore as a stop over before flying to Bali later today. It’s an amazing city and the architecture is cool. We did gardens by the bay yesterday which was pretty impressive and then had a wander around marina bay sands where we went for a drink last night. We then had some dinner overlooking the light show which was nice. We’re heading to little India this morning to check out the markets and some temples Xxx

9 July 2018

Hello! We dropped our campervan off this morning in Auckland which was more of a relief than anything else (we’ve had several issues with it). We booked into a really nice hostel right in the centre of the city which is great. We booked onto a city hopper bus and did 2 routes this afternoon. We had a really nice wander around Ponsonby which had lovely shops. We then did another trip and we saw a few more landmarks. We’ve only got one more full day in New Zealand before we head to Fiji. Can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! Xxx

6 July 2018

Hi everyone! We’ve had a great couple of days. In Rotorua we went did a traditional Maori experience where we learnt about the history and culture of the people. Hey did performances and the haka which was good to see! We also had a really nice dinner which was great not having to cook! Yesterday we drove to meet one of Zoe’s friends and did a walk to the top of a waterfall which had amazing views. We then went to Hamilton gardens and had some lunch then walked around. We stayed at her house last night and she made us homemade pizza which was delicious. Today we’ve been to Raglan to see another amazing waterfall and then went to a beach and did a short walk. We had some lunch and are now back at the house before we go for some dinner and do an escape room which will be fun! Debating weather to stay up until 2am to each the football...

4 July 2018

Hello! We had a good day yesterday and drove to Tekapo. We walked to the top of Mount Tauhara which had amazing views but involved climbing around lots of rocks and trees. We then drove to Huka falls which is a huge waterfall with enough water flowing to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every 90 seconds! We had a chilled evening and watched a film. This morning we had booked onto a boat trip to see some traditional Maori rock carvings. It was pretty amazing and was also good to hear about Tekapo. We then went to visit Craters of the moon which is a geothermal area with steam coming from the ground, also pretty amazing to see. En route to Rotorua we stopped at a mud pool which was also all natural. We got to our campsite where they have natural thermal pools so we did that too. Xxx

2 July 2018

Good evening! We had a lie in for the first time in ages and were picked up from our campsite and taken to our first winery. We had a champagne to start which was lovely and tried about 40 wines over the course of the day. We had a lovely meat and cheese platter at the Mission Estate winery who export to the UK. We might be trying them at home! Back in our campervan now and driving to Taupo tomorrow for a day of walking xxx

1 July 2018

Hello! Yesterday we drove to Picton to get the ferry. I got really bad sea sickness which wasn’t much fun for 3 hours. We arrived into Wellington and checked into a hostel as there aren’t any campsites. We went for a wander around the city which we both really liked. We went to the night markets and got some dinner which was good. We got up early this morning and took the funicular train to the top of the city which was fun. We walked down via the botanical garden and parliament houses. We saw a bit of the marathon which looked horrible, especially as it was raining. We visited a new museum in the city which had exhibitions about the history of New Zealand, wars and art exhibitions too. We then went for some brunch which was delicious and had the best coffee in Wellington apparently... We had a 4 hour drive to Napier where we have just arrived at a strange campsite. We’re doing a wine tasting tour tomorrow so are looking forward to that!

29 June 2018

Hi everyone! We had a long drive this morning as we’ve got to be in Picton tomorrow to get our ferry to the North Island. We’ve stopped in a small town called Cheviot as it’s halfway. We did a really nice coastal drive here and the beach nearby is amazing. We got to our campsite and spotted a winery on the way in so walked into town and did some wine tasting this afternoon which was fun! We’ve just had a nice dinner and have a 3 hour drive in the morning to the ferry! Xxx

28 June 2018

Hi! We had a long drive yesterday morning from Dunedin to the bottom of mount Cook where we did a long walk. The view was amazing. We got back to the car park and our van had got stuck on the ice. We were absolutely freezing and couldn’t feel our fingers so after about 20 minutes of trying to get it out, we walked to the nearest hotel. This morning, the hotel sent one of their porters to help us but he was rubbish and almost got stuck himself. We were told it would cost €600 to get someone to help so we called the department of conservation who turned up with two shovels and ‘moral support’. We ice picked for an hour and roped in some other tourist to help us push the van and we eventually got it out. We drove an hour to Tekapo and did a 2 hour walk above the lake which also had amazing views. We then went to the supermarket and they were celebrating the the year birthday of the store so were giving away loads of free food. Our day has got considerably better since this morning!

26 June 2018

Hi everyone We had a great nights sleep in a proper bed last night - nice to have a bit of luxury! We made plans to do a 3 hour walk this morning but it was pouring so we decided to drive to Dunedin instead. It’s been nice to see a cit, after 10 days of tiny villages and hardly any other people. We had a walk around the city and went to a museum about the history of New Zealand which was interesting. We then went to get some lunch was was delicious (and very cheap) sushi. We somehow stumbled across a brewery with beer tasting so also did that this afternoon... We’ve had dinner and are getting an early night for a long drive to mount Cook where we’re planning a long walk in the afternoon xxx

25 June 2018

Hello! We woke up to a beautiful view of Lake Te Anau which we couldn’t see yesterday because of the clouds. We made our way to the Catlins and ended up driving in really heavy rain and eventually snow which was horrible. We stopped off at a visitor centre just outside and were told to go and see a waterfall nearby which was cool. We got back in the car and ended up driving in a big circle for an hour which was really annoying. We got to Nugget point and saw one of the oldest lighthouses in New Zealand. Apparently there are sometimes penguins and seals but the we didn’t see any sadly. We drove to the only campsite nearby and it was closed which was a nightmare. For the past hour we’ve been driving around trying to find a B&B to stay in and luckily a woman got hold of a friend who had a spare room on air b&b. We’re sitting in bed now and are about to make beans on toast for dinner x

24 June 2018

Hello! We had a nice day yesterday and decided to go ice skating in Queenstown which was a laugh! We then had quite a long drive to Milford Sound via Te Anau. We arrived at the only campsite in Milford only to find out that the roads may be closing due to bad weather. We woke up to find out that our boat trip had been cancelled and were advised to leave this morning before the road was closed again. We were annoyed to miss our trip but thought it was best to leave rather than reschedule the trip and also risk being stuck in Milford until the road reopened. We drove 2 hours back to Te Anau and decided to have a relaxed afternoon after lots of driving over the last couple of days. We went to the cinema and saw The Bookshop which was a bit rubbish! We’ve just got to the campsite and are going to cook some dinner before making our way to the Catlins tomorrow xxx

22 June 2018

Hello! We had a lovely sleep at charlottes house and then headed off this morning from Wanaka to Queenstown. We stopped off at a cheesery (instead of a winery) and had some lunch! We also stopped at a bungee jump site over a river where we watched people jump. I decided it’s definitely not for me! We also stopped in Arrowtown as we were told to stop at a famous sweet shop there which was lovely. We got to Queenstown where there is a big event called Winter festival as it’s the opening of the winter season. We had a wander around town which is so nice and alpine and then went to get a burger from a famous shop called Ferg burgers. We then watched a huge firework display over the lake which was lovely. We then met 2 more friends from France who are both doing seasons here until September, it was so nice to see them. We’ve hired a heater for the car tonight so hopefully we won’t freeze tonight! Xxx

21 June 2018

Hi! We had quite an eventful day with our campervan yesterday. We were due to meet Charlotte at 9am to start a 5 hour hike but our car wouldn’t start as it was so cold (we woke up to the windows inside the camper van frozen). We had to wait almost an hour for the car to warm up and ended up starting the walk at 10. It was very hard work, especially as it was so muddy going uphill. We probably needed walking boots instead of trainers. Once we got to the top the view was incredible. The clouds burnt away and we could see all of Lake Wanaka. We went back to Charlotte’s new holiday Home and had a shower before going into town for a drink. On the way back we had to move our campervan from the carpark onto charlottes drive up a hill. The car got stuck in a grass ditch for an hour which was a nightmare but luckily a neighbour came to rescue us. Charlottes Mum made slow cooked lamb and roast potatoes which was just what we needed! X

20 June 2018

Hello! We had a more relaxed day today and drove from Haast to just outside Wanaka. We stopped off a lot on the way and did a few short walks. We saw a couple of amazing waterfalls and blue pools. We’ve arrived at a beautiful campsite with amazing views of the mountains behind us. We saw the sun set which was lovely. We’ve cooked dinner and have an early start tomorrow as we’re meeting my friend Charlotte again for a 5 hour walk. We’re staying at her holiday home tomorrow and her Mum is cooking us a roast so we’re really excited. Especially as it’s so cold in our campervan. It’s forecast to snow next week... x

19 June 2018

Good evening everyone! We’ve had a fantastic day and were so lucky to have done a helicopter flight over Franz Josef and fox glaciers (we even got an upgrade to a longer flight). We landed on top of fox glacier and had a few minutes to take photos. The views were amazing. We then decided to do the fox glacier walk to see it from a different perspective. Still amazing but not as good as landing on it! We drove to Haast this afternoon with a lovely stop by Lake Paringa for lunch. We arrived at the campsite and the woman on reception told us to drive to the beach to see sunset which we did. As the sun was setting over the sea, the mountains behind us turned pink! We’ve had a nice dinner and relax in the common room and plan on making our way to wanaka tomorrow xxx

18 June 2018

Hello! We had another great day here which consisted of 5 walks! We did a tunnel walk and gorge walk to start. Our favourite was the Franz Josef glacier walk which had incredible views of the glacier. We drove to fox glacier and went to lake Matheson which is the most photographed lake in New Zealand due to the reflections. We’re exhausted now so are cooking a chicken curry in our camper van. We’ve booked a helicopter tour tomorrow and have our fingers crossed that it can go ahead due to numbers! X

17 June 2018

Hello! Happy birthday mum and happy Father’s Day dad!! We had another fab day here. We drove from Hokitika to Franz Josef. We did a couple of walks and stopped at a lake on the way. The weather wasn’t very nice so we checked into our campsite this afternoon and used the hot tub instead of going for another walk. We’ve just cooked another nice dinner and are going for a drink before an early start tomorrow to do a glacier walk! Xxx

16 June 2018

We had a great nights sleep in our camper van last night and then drove for about half an hour to a new campsite in Hokitika. We drove around to lots of different places and did a nice walk by a huge lake, saw an amazing waterfall and went to a gorge with a swing bridge. On the way home we stopped off to see some glow worms which were cool. It’s totally different to Australia and it’s quite cold but not too different from home!

15 June 2018

Hello! We had an amazing nights sleep in Charlotte’s house. She made us a lovely breakfast and then took us for a quick drive around Christchurch before she dropped us off at our campervan. We drove for about 3 hours to Greymouth. We drove on one road for 200km without making a turning! The scenery is amazing and we drove past lots of ski resorts. We did a big supermarket shop and then got to our campsite. We’ve just sorted out the campervan and have got our dinner on (beef stew). We’re both excited to cook in a clean kitchen after some of the hostels. Going to get up early and make a plan for tomorrow!

14 June 2018

Hello! We had a lovely last day in Cairns and went to some nice gardens in the city before having some breakfast and then lying by the lagoon all day. We bumped into people from our Fraser Island and whitsundays trips so spent some time with them. We had a lovely last dinner in Australia which consisted of prosecco and a seafood platter. I tried an oyster and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten. Just at the airport now ready to fly to Sydney and then Christchurch. A friend from France is collecting us from the airport and we’re staying at her house tonight before collecting our camper van tomorrow! Xxx

12 June 2018

Hi everyone! We’ve had a great day in Cairns exploring the city on bikes! We first went to some mangrove swamps which had a boardwalk through them followed by a visit to the botanical gardens which was totally different to the one in Sydney. We had a quick lunch stop here and then went to look at some WW2 storage units which have been turned into an art gallery. We then cycled on a boardwalk over a salt and fresh water lake where there were crocodiles. We dropped our bikes off and then had a drink by the lagoon this afternoon. We can’t believe we’ve been here for a month and fly to New Zealand on Thursday! Xxx

11 June 2018

We made it to cairns after a very strange evening killing time in townsville. We waited at the bus stop for about 4 hours where we watched a programme on my phone about a car crash and then 20 minutes later we saw a girl crash her car (second car crash of the trip) into a tree. Luckily she was fine. We got here at 5.30 this morning so watched the sun rise then had a couple of hours sleep in our room before having a very lazy day at the lagoon here in cairns. We got back to the hostel and booked our final night in Australia before wandering through town to get some dinner. We had amazing burgers and then went to the night market which felt like we were in Thailand! We’ve hired bikes for tomorrow so are going to explore the city a bit more

10 June 2018

We woke up early this morning as 2 wombats we’re having a fight outside our hut and kept running into it. We went to visit the market at horseshoe bay which is a huge beach and got some breakfast there. We then got the bus to wallaby rock where you can see loads of wallabies. We got there a bit late as it was too hot for most of the animals to be out but we saw a couple. We then sat by the beach for an hour and then got the bus to the ferry terminal to take us back to Townsville where we’ll have to wait 8 hours for our bus...

8 June 2018

We caught a ferry to magnetic island and checked into our hostel which is next to a koala sanctuary. The rooms are small huts around a campsite which is cool. We went to watch the sunset at the beach and ate about to have some dinner and drinks at their restaurant here. We had a lie in this morning and then went to get some breakfast from a cafe by the beach. We then did a 2 hour walk to a fort which was used in WW2 and had amazing views. We’ve both got a cold at the moment so was quite a struggle without being able to breathe properly! We came back to the hostel and went to the animal sanctuary which is on site. We both held a python which I hated. We’ve just had a beer on the beach and a dinner and drink for $10 so we were quite happy about that. Back at the hostel now ready for our last day on magnetic island before we head to our last stop, Cairns...

7 June 2018

Day 1 Whitsundays: We got to the boat this afternoon which was a lot smaller than expected! There are 14 of us plus 2 crew. The other people on our trip are from all over - Germany, Canada, the Netherlands etc. the boat is snug downstairs but not as basic as the clipper boats! I told our skipper about dads race and he saw the boats when they were here but said he was more of a sailor for fun. We sailed for about 4 hours and watched the sun set and then had a delicious dinner of kangaroo stew and mash! We had a few drinks but aren’t staying up late as we’re up early to watch the sun rise and get to Whitehaven Beach before the other tourists
We arrived back to Airlie Beach yesterday after our boat trip to the Whitsundays which was amazing! We were dying for a shower after 2 days of swimming in salt water so relaxed at the hostel for a couple of hours before heading back to the lagoon for the afternoon. We then went to a boat after party with our group We had a nice dinner and drinks and then met Zoe’s friend again before we got our bus this morning. We’ve just arrived in Townsville and are just waiting for the ferry to magnetic island where we will spend a couple of days xxx
Day 2 Whitsundays: We had a very early start today to get to Whitehaven Beach before everyone else got there! The sand was amazing and we saw the sand appear more as the tide changed. We then got back on the boat and had a short sail to a cove where we went snorkeling. I told the guide I didn’t like fish so I held onto the boat for a bit with a woggle around me. He then thought it would be funny to throw a slice of bread next to me where a huge fish called George jumped up and ate the bread. I then cried and he realized I wasn’t joking. We then went to look at some amazing coral which had far less fish so I enjoyed it more. Then we sailed to where we’re staying tonight. On the way we saw lots of eagles which came to he boat as our skipper threw meat to them. We had some drinks and an amazing dinner. Everyone on the boat has been really nice which has been good. Looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed tomorrow though..

5 June 2018

Hi everyone- We had a relaxing day yesterday after a 13 hour bus journey to Airlie Beach where our Whitsundays trip goes from. We spent a couple of hours in the hammocks at the hostel and then went to meet one of Zoe’s old school friends. We ended up having a few too many drinks so are sitting by the fresh water lagoon for a couple of hours before our boat leaves this afternoon. It’s good to see where the clipper boats came a few weeks ago. There are plenty of nice bars and restaurants I’m sure the crews would have enjoyed! I met someone whose uncle invented nandos yesterday who was here when the clipper boats were. He said he would have given them a gold nandos card if he’d have known! Xxx

2 June 2018

Day 1 Fraser Island: What an amazing day- we had a very early start followed by a safety briefing for Fraser Island. We then got into our cars of 8 people and got a ferry to the island which took about an hour. We went on a short walk around a rainforest to see the fresh water which was crystal clear. Then we drove to 2 lakes (the second of which had red water) and stopped for lunch. The third place we visited was called wobby lake which was at the bottom of a sand dune. We relaxed here for a bit before walking back to the car to drive across the beach for sunset. We also saw dingoes! We got to camp and had a bbq with everyone (there are 30 of us). We then went to the beach to see the stars and then saw the moon come up at 6.30pm. We had a few drinks and ended up dancing on tables to old songs. The Brit’s were far more into it than the Germans...

1 June 2018

Day 2 Fraser Island: Another amazing day on Fraser Island. Our first stop was a place called Eli creek. Our guide macca told us to get out of the cars just in our swimming stuff. We weren’t sure where we were going but he took us to a natural rapids. Zoe thought it would be a good idea to push me in first, to the amusement of the 29 other people in our group(needless to say it didn’t go down well with me..) We then drove to the famous shipwreck on the island and took some photos before heading to a lunch spot. I then decided I’d have a go at driving one of the 4x4 cars which was scary with the 7 other passengers but so glad I did it! We drove to the champagne pools which are like huge rock pools to swim in. On the way back we had a quick stop at Indian head where the views were incredible. We drove home and had an Australian stew for dinner and saw the moon come up this evening too

30 May 2018

Hello everyone! Not much has happened today, we got a bus for 5 hours from Noosa and arrived in Hervey Bay this afternoon. Highlight of the day was finding a $1 iced coffee in a service station! We wandered around the town this afternoon, there doesn’t seem to be much going on here- I think it’s just where people stay before and after their Fraser Island trip. Really looking forward to the trip, we’ll be driving 4x4s on beaches, going to fresh water pools and having bbqs on the beach. It’s a 2 night trip with no phone signal so I won’t be contactable until Saturday afternoon. I’ll take lots of photos though! Xxx

29 May 2018

Hello! We had a very leisurely morning and wandered into town where Zoe decided to get a cut and blow dry (don’t think she’s coping very well without a hairdryer and straighteners!). We then got some food before we stared a 10k coastal walk. It had amazing views and we luckily saw another dolphin! We were both exhausted at the end and stumbled upon a bar during happy hour so stopped for a quick drink. We’re cooking dinner in the hostel tonight (the kitchen is a lot nicer than other places we’ve stayed) and bought another picnic for the bus to Hervey Bay tomorrow which will take about 5 hours before our Fraser Island trip on Thursday Xxx

28 May 2018

Hello from Noosa! We had a great day at the zoo today, slightly better than the ones at home! We saw an otter and tiger display and went to a show with a crocodiles and birds of prey which was cool! Zoe got chosen to be a volunteer and a huge bird flew around the arena with my $20 note! We had another picnic in the rain and have just arrived at our hostel. We went for a twin room this time instead of a dorm. We’ve just been to a corner shop to buy a delicious dinner of super noodles... We think we’re going to do a 10k coastal walk tomorrow and hopefully see some more dolphins and whales. Xxx

27 May 2018

Hello! We’ve had another great day here in Brisbane. This morning we walked along the southbank by the river which was lovely. There was lots going on as it’s Sunday. They have a mini rainforest and a lovely boardwalk which was good. We walked through the botanical garden and had a look in some shops. We then went to a museum in the centre of the city about the history of Brisbane which was interesting. We walked back to southbank to have our picnic and it started to rain. Felt like we were in England! We then went on the city hopper on the river which was a good way to see Brisbane. We just had a nice dinner and are getting an early night as we have an early start to get the bus to Australia Zoo before Noosa in the evening! Xxx

26 May 2018

Hi everyone! We arrived in Brisbane this morning and had a lovely day wandering around the city. We went to another really nice market where we got some lunch & doughnuts which were delicious! After promising not to visit another art museum after the strange one in Sydney, we ended up in another today and was equally as strange. Zoe went back to the room for a nap after our annoying roommates in surfers paradise last night who kept us up for ages. I went to the Queensland museum and walked along the south bank which was good and then went to buy some food for dinner. Beth is in Brisbane at the moment so we’re going to try and see her tomorrow before we leave here on Monday xxx

25 May 2018

Hello! We got to Surfers Paradise this morning but couldn’t check into our hostel until lunchtime so went to Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. We then snuck into the Novotel hotel to enjoy the air conditioning by unfortunately made best friends with the head of housekeeping. She was happy to lend us a paid of hair straighteners from lost and found until she found out we weren’t staying there... We had a chilled afternoon and I read a whole book in 24 hours! We’ve gone out for dinner and drinks and took on the ‘monster nacho’ dinner which the waiter later told us not even 4 people can finish. We’re going to listen to some live music before another bus journey to Brisbane tomorrow morning xxx

24 May 2018

Good evening everyone! Today we went to a lovely farmers market in Byron which had loads of stalls selling fresh fruit, smoothies and coffee. We then had a very relaxing day on the beach and saw more whales! We went to an amazing ice cream shop had our first ice cream since being here. I got Bounty and Zoe got peanut butter and Nutella. We’ve just had a $4 dominos pizza night in the hostel! We’re off to surfers paradise early tomorrow morning so are going to get an early night to make the most of our 24 hours there. Glad Dad has made it to land finally! Xxx

23 May 2018

Hello! The weather wasn’t very nice today but we still had a good day. We went on a coastal walk this morning to the most easterly point of mainland Australia and managed to see dolphins in the sea on the way! We had a look around the lighthouse and then walked home in the rain. It wasn’t really an afternoon for the beach so we went to the cinema. We came back to the hostel and went to an amazing Mexican takeaway restaurant that one of my friends from France recommended! Hope everyone at home is well xxx

22 May 2018

Hi everyone! We arrived this morning in Byron after a long coach journey. We got to our hostel which is the first place we’ve had roommates. We’re with two German girls- one of whom seemed too keen to tell us about how her toe nail fell off in New Zealand... We walked around the town which seems really nice and relaxed. We booked our tours for Fraser Island and Whitsundays this afternoon. In true Labrum fashion we got a very good deal and the man told us not to tell anyone else on the tour the price he had given us! We spent an hour on the beach reading our books and then watch the sunset with a very strange local band playing the drums but was interesting to listen nonetheless. We booked in for the hostel BBQ this evening and couldn’t believe the feast we had for only $5! Probably a good thing after paying for the tours. The weather isn’t looking great for tomorrow so we’re going to have a lie in and maybe do a coastal walk to the most easterly point in Australia! Love Emily x

21 May 2018

Hi everyone- not much to report today. We had a very lazy day on the beach here in Port Macquarie and have just been for a nice dinner. We’re catching a bus at 4am so just watching a film in the hostel to stay awake!

20 May 2018

Hello! We arrived late last night in Port Macquarie after a 4 hour coach journey. We were very pleased to be able to stream some of the royal wedding on my phone on the way! We’ve been lucky so far to have our hostel rooms to ourselves apart from last night when our room mate was very unhappy about being woken up at 1am (only to wake us at 5 when she left!) We had a lie in and then went for a nice beach walk stopping for an delicious brunch of smoothie bowls! We then made a trip to the koala hospital where they look after koalas that have been hit by cars or attacked by other animals and then reintroduce them into the wild. One stuck his tongue out at me! On our way back we stopped at a local brewery for a drink and then had some dinner at the hostel. We’ve booked another night here for a relaxed beach day tomorrow which will be quiet as it’s Monday. We’re then moving onto Byron on an overnight bus... Xxx

19 May 2018

Hello everyone! We’ve had another great day in Australia. We went for breakfast before catching a bus from Newcastle to Port Stephens where we went sand boarding. Was so fun! We had fish and chips on the beach for lunch but felt a bit more tropical than Cornwall! We’re back in the hostel now having a quick change and dinner before we get the bus to Port Macquarie where we’re making a trip to a koala sanctuary. We’re about to have some dinner and prosecco to celebrate the royal wedding and dads sailing win. I knew hostel life wasn’t for me...

18 May 2018

Hi everyone! Today I got up early to watch sunrise on Bondi Beach which was amazing. I couldn’t believe how many people were surfing at 6am! We then did a walk from Bondi to Coogee which had amazing views but I was quite tired after walking up hills for 3 hours! We checked out of our hostel and got the bus to Sydney where we did a 2 hour boat tour of the Harbour. It was great to see the city from another perspective. We then got a train to Newcastle where we have just checked into our new hostel. We’re planning on going sans boarding tomorrow near Port Stephens which should be fun! X

17 May 2018

G’day everyone!! Today we took a 2 hour train to Katoomba to see the Blue Mountains. A couple of people on the hostel said it was worth doing so decided to make the trip. Amazing views and we took lots of pictures again! We did a short walk down to the three sisters too. Lucy, we went past a train station called Granville! We got the train home and then got on the wrong bus so had an hour long detour of Sydney... Getting up for sunrise on Bondi Beach tomorrow, hoping there’s a pink sky! Xx

16 May 2018

Hello everyone! We made it safely to Australia after more than 24 hours of traveling (sat next to a screaming baby on a 14 hour flight). We managed to navigate the Australian underground without any problems and arrived at our hostel last night (with a free upgrade)! We’ve had a busy day visiting Lavendar bay with a morning coffee. We were about to walk over the Harbour bridge where we saw Kirribilli where Mum and dad lived when they were in Sydney! We wandered around the Rocks and went to a museum about the history of the area. We then went to the Sydney opera house and took lots of photos. We had a long walk around the botanical gardens where we stopped for lunch. Next we visited the contemporary art museum which was a bit strange but worth a visit anyway. On our way to the bus home we stopped at the opera bar (underneath the opera house) for a quick drink. We’re now back and the hostel and exhausted so going to have a quick nap before a wine and cheese night at the hostel! X