North America, Europe, Asia · 15 Days · 60 Moments · June 2018

Emily's Big Trip

7 July 2018

Happy Birthday Gabri!! 🎂🎉🎈
Beautiful beach, delicious food, and of course more gelato.

6 July 2018

Fancy Napolitano pastries and cappuccinos with my name twin!!

5 July 2018

Drove down and spent the late afternoon in Sorrento. Beautiful views and vibrant city. Also had more gelato 😉
Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento. Sunbathing on the rocks looking out over the Bay of Naples and then cooling off in the natural bath.

4 July 2018

Made it to Sorrento!!
Colosseum! I'm going to have to come back and go inside.
Beautiful Rome.
Food tour in the Testaccio Neighborhood in Rome. Met 2 Germans, 2 Swedes, and 2 other Americans. Ate pizza, fancy cheese, pasta, gelato and more!! I even ate tomatoes!!

3 July 2018

Late night grub. Salami and mozarella ☺️
Made it to my hostel in Rome. Very excited to see some of the sights tomorrow!!!
Very muggy here in Rome. So far little AC in the airport and train.
Made my way back to Ben Gurion. Minus the incredibly in depth questioning about my Jewish upbringing and membership requirements of my current synagogue, security was a breeze! Didn't even have to take my shoes off.
Last "iced coffee" in Israel from Aroma (Starbucks of Israel). Iced coffee here is a blended drink. Very tasty. Full of sugar and not much caffeine lol

2 July 2018

Laundry...getting ready for my next stop... Italy 🇮🇹
Gelato and sushi!!
Definitely should have brought my alone I've walked 2.6 miles and it's only 3pm.
Beach! Sand everywhere. Water was very warm but still refreshing.
Made it to the beach!! Just need to find an umbrella to rent.
Hummus for breakfast at Hummus Magen David at Carmel Market. Used to be a an old synagogue. Now makes amazing hummus.

1 July 2018

My hostel is nice but definitely not nearly as active as my last one. Enjoying a relaxing evening in the garden.
Started my pizza eating early 😁
Went for another long walk this evening around Tel Aviv. Looking forward to the beach tomorrow.
Met an Israeli on my tour who took some great photos. Turns out he might have been one of the soliders on my Birthright trip! We sat and had coffee for a bit. Very nice.
Floating Jaffa Orange tree. By Israeli artist Ron Morin.
Went on a great free tour of Old Jaffa. Wonderful views of Tel Aviv. Jaffa is an extremely old city that is referenced in the Torah, has ties to the beginnings of Christianity, and is home to many Jews, Muslims, and Christains today.

30 June 2018

Stumbled upon an igloo aka the Israeli Democracy Pavilion. Watched a 10 minute movie about the founding of Israel, it's growth and current challenges.
Spent the evening walking up and down Rothschild Boulevard. Amazing public space and prime people watching.
New favorite garbage can 🤣
Little Tel Aviv Hostel. Lots of construction nearby but very nice.
Such a great time in Modi'in with Ronit and her family. Spent the morning watching Handmaid's Tale with Ronit and her daughter, Yarden and then helped them plan their trip to NY next week! Caught a ride with Yarden to Tel Aviv and learned all about her service in the army as a radio journalist!

29 June 2018

Shabbat Shalom. Had an amazing opportunity to spend Shabbat at YOZMA, a Reform Congregation in Modi'in. It was a special service celebrating recent graduates and alumni of their religious school. Many of the same tunes to prayers. Great to feel at home like that. Ronit and her family made a lovely Shabbat dinner. We talked some politics and I learned about Reform Judaism in Israel. A very nice evening.
Had a great time visiting Kibbutz Gezer. Wish I could have stayed longer. I will just have to come back.
My phone got swiped. Now a proud owner of a Note 5A.....not the best morning.

28 June 2018

Another great night out. Went for hookah!! And I made a few friends!!
Took a hummus class. The instructor was very impressed. I told him it wasn't my first rodeo. I will have to try using raw chick peas and cooking them down though. So good!!
Splash pad! I definitely ran through 😀
Spent the afternoon walking through Jerusalem. Lots of interesting public spaces and lots of traffic.
Made it to the Kotel.
Israeli Gelato!
Amazing view of the Old City.
Pub crawl in Jerusalem...with an awesome mix of people from Australia, India, Great Britian, US, and Israel. A fun night.

27 June 2018

Hamsa workshop at the hostel. 🖐️🖐️🖐️
Great JNF tour today which ended with a trip to the River Bed Park in Be'er Sheva.
Giant JNF blue box!
Took a tour of the Ayalon Institute, which was a secret bullet factory on a Kibbutz where millions of bullets were produced in the late 1940s. The ammunition was key in the War of Independence in 1948.
Particle accelerator at Weizmann Institute.

26 June 2018

Switching to 24 hour clock....hopefully I'm less confused haha
Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. Seems to be the place to be. Very friendly and lots of people. So glad I went with a single room to myself!!
Finally on the shuttle to Jerusalem!!
I'm here!!!
Cool architecture at the Icelandic airport.

25 June 2018

Now I wait!!
On the shuttle bus to Newark!!

24 June 2018

Getting packed!!