United States of America · 3 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

National Case Competition (Finalists!)

7 August 2017

And finally back home. My connecting return flight did not land until 1am, with storm and all. I also lost my casual blazer 😢 But such a fulfilling weekend, to return to work the same day.

6 August 2017

And there we go. Top four of sixteen universities. We were also a rookie university amongst many who had done the university 1 or 2 times in the years before. Good job, SDSU.
Earning that good night's rest...or the 4 hours before my team and I need to wake up early to work on the project!

5 August 2017

Just some of our Night 2 madness. At this point, we knew what we were doing (more so than the night before) and it was just go, go, go.
Another night of madness.
After announcing the advancing universities, we all played Cake Wars!! This was my team's cake. For some reason, people were telling me "I thought the cake would be yours. I thought of you when I saw it." 😂 Well, it is a pink and cute cake, I do not mind being related to it. Anyways, we all had to vote on our favorite cake (but not your own) and my team's cake had such a long line full of really avid fans..."CAKE 7 IS CLEARLY THE BEST CAKE." 😂 Afterwards, everyone went to a networking session at the Hotel "bar barn," but my team had to go to our conference room to start working on our final round presentation. We were given a new twist by our client to which we had to modify our proposal. Another night of madness.
This was taken after we were the first time announced to advance to the finals. I am so proud of what we did!!
And that wraps up a worthy first night!
This photo was taken somewhere around 2am. After waking at 4:30am to catch our 7am flights, we pulled an all-nighter to work on our case project. This night was challenging and frustrating, as we spent a long time deconstruncting our client's issues and thinking of A) how best to address the client's needs and B) how to present our proposal. We set a goal to have all of the material complete by the end of the night, so that the next morning we can focus on editing the content and our dialogue. This expectation was severely not reached, as it felt like we were not arriving to any concrete idea and also had no physical material ready on hand. The pressure and stress was surely on, but we learned more than our open, anticipating, and excited hearts could ever yearn for.

4 August 2017

Landed a little early from my flight. It gave me some extra time to settle into my hotel room and do my make-up. Swipe right to see a glorious screenshot Michael took of me using the restroom...