United States of America · 5 Days · 12 Moments · June 2017

a family vacation in kauai

10 June 2017

9 June 2017

last night we went to a luau, which was a lot of fun! the show was a story about the early voyagers, and the performers were incredible. i especially loved the spirit dancers and the fire twirlers. the food was good too, with really good pork and stir fry. today we had more of a lazy day, due to the rain, but we also drove out to the kauai coffee plantation for a short walk around. i tried some different coffees but since i hate coffee....it didn't go too well. the rain cleared up just enough for us to finish our visit.
we drove out to princeville and hanalei to browse shops and have lunch, and the drive was absolutely stunning. it was raining all day but that didn't dampen anything! we continued to drive out past hanalei to ha'ena state park, and that drive was even MORE stunning. we drove past the stormy seas, and through what felt like the rainforest. we admired houses and watched for chickens in the road. tons of people were around, hiking despite the weather, but we just explored a few caves and called it quits. we were NOT dressed properly but since it's warm it's not as bad. cold rain would've been much worse. i cannot believe the beauty of this place. i think it was my favorite adventure of the vacation so far.

8 June 2017

yesterday we went for a grueling hike up kauai's "sleeping giant." i've done 4 mile round trip trails before, but not like this. it was steep, sticky, and slippery at parts, but the views and breezes at the top were worth it. well, i actually didn't make it to the top...we thought we'd reached the top twice before getting there for real. i stopped before the last, steep 20 feet because i just couldn't climb anymore and was proud of where i'd gotten to! i sat there for a while, just taking it all in. the way down was easier but the last 1/2 mile felt like an eternity! today im feeling a little sore, but not too bad. could be worse!

7 June 2017

WOW! last night we went on a dinner "cruise" that was more like a dinner "roller coaster." im gonna admit i was super nervous getting on this boat and definitely felt like i might get sick a time or two, but it was worth it. we toured around the nā pali coast, through swells and waves, looking at the beautiful, untouched landscapes. we went in caves, saw sea turtles, and watched the sunset. they served a meat and cheese tray (which always wins my heart) and tacos for dinner, which was pretty tasty. the crew was super nice and knowledgeable and had great sea legs. my dad, not so much. he almost fell a couple times, especially while running around trying to get his perfect sunset picture. they played music on the boat, too, lots of 80s and such, so my mom was dancing in her seat. the lot of us were too and just having a great time. the spray from the ocean left a layer of salt on all of us, so a shower back at the resort was a welcome thing for sure! a grand adventure for all.
we still haven't adjusted to the time change, so we were once again awake at 6. after lazing in bed for an hour, my sister and i got up and went with velia to stroll the beach in the resort. the sand was soft, the water was warm, and there were lots of crabs running about. i looked them up and believe most of them were ghost crabs but this one looks like a different kind. im ready for another day of adventure before we have a sunset dinner cruise tonight!

6 June 2017

we picked a random spot for dinner, next to a goat pasture. there were probably 20 goats, and these 4 babies! the shepherd called them home before we got our entrees and they all ran/skipped home in a line. i wasn't super hungry and wasn't in the mood for much of anything, so i got some salt and pepper shrimp (and appetizer) and went to town breaking them out of the shells. i typically don't like large shrimp or prawns (i LOVE shrimp but only small ones) but they weren't too bad. dad's meal came with dessert; a sort of banana foster that came in a glass....which dad immediately knocked over and it shattered. chef let us have another and it was pretty delicious.
i also spent some good time by the pool today. there's a windy slide and everything which was fun. the chickens have no boundaries and were walking all around and are just so cute! the weather was so gorgeous today but that sun wiped me out. ready for another night's rest.
we were on our way to the store when dad remembered the waterfall they went to see last time he and mom were here - wailua falls. it was a short drive off the main road and absolutely beautiful. two men were down at the bottom, unfolding a huge sign we're assuming was a marriage proposal - but it was in german. they snapped some photos and then folded it up, so unfortunately we didn't see any reaction from the lucky girl. the garden island lives up to its name. SO GREEN. we drove past cows and horses and goats. and can't forget the chickens.
good morning, lihue! i fell asleep around 9 last night and woke up at 4:30, which is not chill. i know there's a 3 hour setback, but even still that would be 7:30 at home and i never wake up that early. and i'd only gotten 7 hours of sleep which is not well rested after a day of travel. after maybe an hour I fell back asleep but once it hit 9 back home i was UP. the chickens are all over the place here, which is so cute. the roosters call 24/7 but it's actually not bad. the resort is just beautiful and because there aren't cold mornings i can sit comfortably outside. im ready for breakfast but apparently still have some waiting to do...

5 June 2017

we ordered so many "pupu platters" at dinner and it was all delicious! the calamari was my favorite, but we also had short ribs, garlic fries, teriyaki chicken, a pork pizza and a garden pizza (aka a salad on top of a flatbread). considering we really hadn't eaten all day i went a little ham - yet am still thinking about ice cream. instead, i may just go to bed. i've been up quite a long while. it's drizzled a few times today (the garden island comes at a rainy price) and this rainbow was so very lovely. the resort is on a beach, with a rocky/coral shore and soft sand. the waves are too wild for swimming but it sure is beautiful. more pictures to come tomorrow.
we've made it to the hotel and to save my fam the pain of hanger rage i just scarfed down so many french fries. there's an ice cream bar not 50 feet from me. (that spells danger)
en route to lihue, kauai, hawaii this is my longest flight yet and i don't know what im going to do when i finally fly across the world someday. i used my 21 year old privileges for the very first time.....because my dad wanted two mai tais, but didn't want to ask for both himself. typical.