United Kingdom, Thailand · 32 Days · 33 Moments · June 2015

Em goes to Thailand

20 July 2015

ive been on this plane 10 hours I still have 2 hours
Dragon fruit for breakfast. So cute

19 July 2015

They stuck mangoes to the tree with sello tape!!
Bangkok was very strange, I didn't like it quite as much as Hua Hin or Koh Tao but it was still pretty cool. Not somewhere I would go alone again too though. I went to a market with reunited friends from the start of the trip !! :) it was busy and smelled funny but there was some cool stuff. There was a nice hippy shop and I now have a felted phone case. This shop was full of crocodiles :(

18 July 2015

I am a travel Girl

17 July 2015

I definitely recommend trying tom kah
Went up to a viewpoint on my last day and ate up there
Me looking very happy after I completed my advanced diving course (saw a turtle on this dive !!!)

16 July 2015

Tom kah ... Very good (I was known as the girl that came in every day and asked for no meat !)

15 July 2015

A cool picture one of the girls I was doing marine conservation with took

13 July 2015

Beautiful beach to sit on at night , tide comes in so far

11 July 2015

Me and this kitten had a very strong love-hate relationship (If I wasn't feeding it, it hated me. I always loved it)
I'm now on my way back to Koh Tao (I got the weekend off conservation work) I had a very nice 24 hours on koh phangan but the motorbike ride to the hostel was probably the most dangerous thing I've ever done (very very steep hills!!!!) . I'm also currently being soaked in sea water because I'm on the back of the boat. Tomorrow I will sleep and eat and im back to diving on Monday x
I went to the half moon party on Koh Phangan, here I am after getting back to the hostel I was staying at around 5am. I think my face says enough x it was great fun though x

9 July 2015

Some of the best sushi ive had for the equivalent of 2 quid.. The wasabi was VERY SPICY

5 July 2015

What a strange toilet cubicle

4 July 2015

I am in koh Tao and I have just dived to 28m!!!! I got here the day before yesterday and this is the second day of my advanced diving. I have a night dive to do and then I will be done and will start doing more marine conservation. The journey to koh Tao was horrible because I was hungover and I was on a coach and a boat for the majority of the day starting from 7:30am. Should have brought sea sickness tablets 😖 the place im staying here is much more idyllic and there are a lot less bugs. Carrying the diving equipment up about 150 steps at the end of the dives is by far the hardest bit as they're very steep and not proper steps. I will be very fit by the end of the next couple weeks though

3 July 2015

This is me on the last day of the wildlife sanctuary/my night staying at a hostel in hua hin/the night we all went to a bar and got very drunk. Here I am very very poorly and I couldn't move due to stomach pain for about 40 mins. I drank some whisky and I was okay !

25 June 2015

Such huge geckos
The area im working in is a little bit further away from the rest of the centre so we go by bike or truck down there. Because so many new people are coming next week, I'm leader of the area here so I can teach people what to do for the elephants when all the more experienced ones are gone. This is Nam Phon :-) I also get to feed the horse when I'm in this bit who is very arsy but is probably my favourite animal on the whole site. I am buying him carrots soon

24 June 2015

There are dogs everywhere! This one is quite fat x
I AM IN A HUA HIN MARKET AND THIS IS THE first TIME I HAVE WIFI !! There is no vegetarian food :( it is really really hot and there are massive spiders (there are two in my bathroom) and lots of geckos in my room.. It is 8:30pm and today was my day off, I went to Petchaburi and looked at the caves and the temples. There were monkeys running around everywhere trying to grab our stuff
Monkey trying to steal my stuff
So many lizards hiding everywhere!!!!

23 June 2015

Such pretty animals at night :-)

21 June 2015

Little chameleon!
A sun bear that looks like eleanor
I'm alive and very confused
After a very long time of being very far away I am now travelling to Thailand in the next hour !! Where I will be working with elephants for a few weeks before doing diving work for a few more. If you are wondering where I am or how many pictures I am going to take of every animal I can, I am going to log it all on this x

18 June 2015

Love u