Georgia · 3 Days · 20 Moments · March 2017

Emily/Ryan's adventure in Tbilisi, Georgia

4 March 2017

Some last minute street views before we headed to the airport!
Perhaps my favorite place in all of Tbilisi and of course it's the last day. Recommended by our waiter at O Moda, Moda we headed over to Fabrika. Super funky old soviet era sewing factory repurposed into the coolest hostel/arts incubator/local artisan impact hub I've ever seen. Amazing graffiti ✅ Outdoor bread making ✅ Georgian craft beer (Black Lion) ✅ Ceramics shopping ✅ Burger Joint/Pub ✅ Skateboard and scootering ✅
Headed over to the Vake neighborhood for lunch at O Moda, Moda (cafe/vintage store). Loved the neighborhood and the whole vibe. Would recommend staying in this area to anyone. And tried my first Georgian lemonade, which is not made at all from lemons. Cream flavored is what you see here.
Celebrating Taft day with a morning Georgian Bath. A bit different than a Turkish or Moroccan bath, not as much washing with no hair shampooing. But in your private room you have a hot sulfur pool, cold pool, and sauna. So it is like a bath + water therapy... After reading about Gulo's online we ended up finding it, even though it is behind the first baths, you see with no signs or advertisements. Good thing we just walked right in the iron door. 1 hour for 100 GEL plus 2 GEL for a towel and 10 for a wash/scrub. Not cheap but worth the experience for sure.

3 March 2017

Went to eat at Pur Pur, having the best wine of the trip but unfortunately the "European" food fell flat. So we will try somewhere else tomorrow.
Just some good old street humor!
Georgian cheese plate to go with wine #4
Wine #4 from Western Georgia which is more humid and mountainous. My personal favorite with still a dry finish but resembles wines I am more familiar with. Could drink this on its own.
Wine #3 light red, almost buttery aroma, from Eastern Georgia 🇬🇪 easy to drink. We enjoy it. Also a Kvevri
Wine #2 Amber wine also aged in clay pots (Kvevri) macerated with skins to give it a more golden color. Dry with a slight sour finish but would also be great with local cheese.
Wine tasting at Vino Underground Wine #1 - aged in clay pots, natural wine, about an hour outside of Tbilisi. A bit sour and we were wondering if this is what the waiter at g.vino would have called a green wine. Light and easy to drink, better with food I think.
Time for a color break at the hotel rooftop bar!
While taking a cab back from the Funicular our taxi driver asks "Georgia good?" "Georgia wine good?" "Yes" we reply and two minutes later he pulls over on the side of the road and reaches into his side console. "My wine" he says proudly taking out a plastic bottle filled with homemade wine. Next comes a traditional well-used drinking horn and he pours us a taste. Top five taxi moment for sure. 🍷❤😊
Bathroom signs for the win in Georgia. :)
Metro, funicular, and views from above.
Just some street art.

2 March 2017

Best dinner ever at a wine bar with vegetarian tapas! So glad Gretchen recommended g.vino to us.
Georgian sparkling wine and walking through the streets at night.
Getting settled it, hotel is right next to the river's edge in old town. Love the natural baths and can't wait to book an appointment.
A quick technical stop in Baku and we are on our way. Only 50 more minutes in the air to Georgia.