New Zealand, Australia · 15 Days · 25 Moments · September 2017

Emily's adventure in New Zealand

3 October 2017

Tuesday. Our holiday in NZ finished today :( and am now relaxing at home. Andrew was falling asleep before we even left Auckland! It has been an incredible two weeks and we've loved every moment of our trip.

2 October 2017

Monday night. So. We did the bridge walk in 80kmph winds! Wow!! Think the scariest part was the outfit blowing around drastically and the feeling of losing my helmet! Our guide taught us a lil history of the building of the Auckland Harbour bridge- original installment consisted of all hand made work and workmen had no harnesses/safety gear as such, three men died in the process :( So happy we got to experience this adventure. Later on today we went up to floors 51 and 60 in the Auckland Sky Tower. (my second time there) I forgot there is a glass floor and front in the elevator, it is freaky alongside feeling the tower sway in the winds. Andrew struggled but we spent a lil while up there.
Monday. Our last full day in this beautiful country! We got to our room last night and while it is fantastic, there's no parking and being in the CBD, we're paying a decent dollar for Wilson Parking across the road. Our room is in the Ascotia off Queen in Auckland CBD. Staying in Auckland as the only thing I prebooked for our holiday is, the Auckland city bridge climb. Sitting here now waiting to see if all clear or cancelled with the windy weather

1 October 2017

Sunday afternoon. This morning we booked in for the Sail Barbary Maori Rock Carving Cruise, Taupo and although the weather wasn't great, the carvings and first time on a yacht were incredible! The host was very friendly and chatty with lots of history to share and put the canopy up so we could stay (mostly) dry alongside an abundance of super comfy ponchos. He also had the kettle boiling downstairs for tea/coffee and mulled wine plus some beautiful ginger biscuits! The wine was glorious (my first time drinking mulled wine!) The weather was not at all pleasant, took a while to warm up afterwards but definitely worth the tour, summer would be ideal, as they do swim T the carving site.
Sunday morning. Last night's accommodation was spent in a beautiful lil cottage at Huka Falls Resort, not far from the falls and my! It was so peaceful! I could see myself living in one of the lil cottages in a country setting! Or holiday house haha! We had spent a lil time in Taupo town centre yesterday, very commercial and upper class prices and fancy style cafes not really my thing. They do have the rated 'most fun MacDonald's' here in Taupo too! We tried out Debrett's hot pools and relaxed there for an hour or so, nice evening. Got out just in time for the rain to start!

30 September 2017

Saturday morning. This morning we head down to Huka Falls Jet and enjoyed half an hour in the boat with Adam driving, doing 360's and skimming the banks and trees along the Waikato river upto the falls where we spent a few minutes enjoying the fall and travelling over the washback. So soo pretty!! 😍 Then we went further up the road to the huka falls viewing point and bridge. Very busy but soo incredible, the pressure in that gushing water is huge!

29 September 2017

Friday. Today we head upto Skyline Gondola and Luge park in Rotorua, definitely a day - half day spent here easily! We pre-booked a package online which included: Gondola lift pass, 4 x luge rides and 1 x zip line ride. It was all fun, the Gondola does glide quite fast up and down the hill.. Luge was great, luckily for us it wasn't overly busy (it can become timely with huge queues and the seated lift back to the top). The zip line... I was on egg shells the whole time. You get to speeds upto 70kmph. At the end we had an opportunity to do a mini bungy off the platform, I attempted it but psyched myself out, standing backwards and trusting the rope... Gahhhh. Have heard many stories on how good the food is,in the restaurants although I just had a pie from the market place, up top and a coffee.
Thursday evening. We booked a kayak glowworm tour with Tim from NZ Kayaker and it was incredible!! Location is Lake Mclaren, Omanawa. It was around three hours for our experience, we head out in our kayaks just before dark at a cruisy speed. In the kayaks, it's almost impossible to get photos of these lil beauties but they are like bright shining stars amongst the water's edge rocks and plants! We got home after 10 and made up a cheese platter to share (after a day of eating junk food)

28 September 2017

Thursday. Got up this morning and booked myself in for 2x Ogo rides in Rotorua, sooo fun and they put warm water in the zorb ball! It was all over very fast as it's off season and the cost of two rides ($80) could've had a lil more included although the hot spas were incredible for the wait time. Next stop was the Adrenaline Forest at TECT- All Terrain park in Tauranga. We got Burger King on the way and it was Crap! 😩 Andrew went on this course while I took photos and videos on the ground. Oh my! 😍 this setting is amazing! Tall pine trees, maybe 40m tall with rainforest-ey plants/ ferns below! This course is much better and a lil more tricky than their Christchurch course! We paid full price @ $43 for him as we're planning this half (of trip) as we go, I contemplated getting up there myself, although need my hands working comfortably for our next activity!

27 September 2017

Wednesday night. We made it to Rotorua YAY!😁 Home for the next two nights is the Alpin Motel and Conference Centre. Lovely host couple and everything we could need here + a hot tub for each room! Very excited as we entered this town, there is SOOO much fun to be had here! We got set up and went to Redwoods Treewalk, in time for Nightlights. Nothing short of amazing, a bit romantic and everyone walking all the swing bridges were quietly in awe. Soo amazing! πŸ™ Dinner, we Tried Herbs and Spice Thai, mixed opinions on parts of the meal but overall, was good 😊
Wednesday travels. A couple of lil stops on our way to Rotorua.. Tairua lake(?) and a coffee stop in Paeroa, where the friendly barista let me charge my phone, then the L&P bottle "it's World famous in New Zealandβ€œ! 😁
Wednesday travels. Hot Water Beach. So beautiful even though we were unaware the attraction is within the two hours of a low tide, apparently the sand bubbles with warm water and you can dig your own hot water pools!
Wednesday. Currently travelling to Hot Water Beach along road 309 and thankfully the rain's subsided, this road is mostly dirt and windy alllll the way. Going up and down the mountains. Hoping for no on coming traffic. It is well worth the time! So pretty! 😍
Wednesday morning. Stayed at the Anchor Lodge in Coromandel last night, hired a twin room online to find it was a back packers room with access to a separate lockerble bathroom, it wasn't the Hilton the previous night that put a downer on this room and bathrooms, probably more so the false advertising and THE SMELL! Multiple backpackers cooked food smells trapped in the whole share house! 🀒

26 September 2017

Monday night. After World Bar in Queenstown centre with the newlyweds for drinks and snacks, we head to The London Pizza and Flatbread restaurant/ bar. We both got pizza and they were very yummy!

25 September 2017

Monday arvo. Spent the whole day in queenstown shopping and did Minus 5 Ice Bar. Pretty cool lil place for a drink or two! They serve a small list of cocktails and mocktails to suit all ages. Later on we grabbed iced coffee and ice-cream thick shakes from Mrs Ferg's Icecreamery πŸ‘Œwhere they serve ice cream by the scoop, desserts, coffee and alcoholic drinks, great lil spot on the waterfront and not nearly as busy as Fergburger.
Monday Got to the Hilton Resort and Spa yesterday and Oh my! It is beautiful and well set up with restaurants within the establishment and a ferry to take you into town at a cost of $10 each. It is outta town and they're currently doing roadworks just by the one way bridge to access the hotel Rd so a lil timely interruption there. Have driven into town today and tried Fergburger, apparently a must do here but we thought they were "ok" Dinner last night was in Stacks Pub at the Hilton and we were very happy with the food and service although slightly smaller servings

24 September 2017

Sunday again. This morning majority of the wedding party has breakfast in tekapo at Tin Plate, they make a nice coffee and food was good. Although I think they were a lil overwhelmed with 35 of us. We then went upto Mount John observatory. It cost $8 per car to enter and the views were certainly worth the money! Looking over Lake Tekapo and the township, looking over lake Alexandrina and being almost central to a massive ring of snowy mountains. They is a university located on this mountain and huge telescopes to experience the best view of the stars in the world! Currently on our way to Queenstown where we'll stay in the Hilton Resort and Spa a couple of days πŸ˜€ I'm finding this drive a lil tedious. Heading through Lindi's Pass the views are continually rolling hills and few towns but there has been lots of salmon fishing and flight type attractions-helicoptors, glider planes and small airplane.
Sunday. Yesterday I was part of the bridal party for my best friend's wedding so much of the day was consumed with hair, makeup, photos and drinking! πŸ˜‚ Splendid church for a smaller wedding! πŸ‘Œ and couldn't have asked for a better day although tourists flock in by the busloads allll day long and snap happy Asians photo bombing and snapping pics of the occasion. 😏 With the help of the wedding planner and friends/family the community hall was transformed for an amazing reception. Also some really fun shots taking on Lake Alexandrina by Bev Bell from Simply Inspired photography. Not only is she a talented photographer, she's loads of fun and very promptly had the photo package back to the bride.

22 September 2017

Wedding planning stuff today, girls have head into Fairlie for tans and eyelashes! Remarkable beauty, Haley is amazing! Left in my dressing gown and nightie! πŸ˜‚ Of course we stopped in the bakehouse again for another pie, pork belly and apple sauce! πŸ‘Œ soo good and an amazing coffee too!
Day 4/5, Friday Yesterday we drove down to our accommodation in lake tekapo, Lake Tekapo Village Motel. It's an amazing lil place with our rooms looking over the lake and a view of Church of the Good Shepherd, my best friend's getting married there tomorrow! Staff here are super friendly but beware of prices in this town and buy souvenirs elsewhere! $$$$ On our way we stopped at Ashburton for the warehouse and had a bit to eat at Columbus cafe! Delicious and very friendly staff. Next stop, Fairlie. A beautiful lil old school country town with few shops and amazing pies at the bakehouse, another must do! πŸ‘Œ
Day 3 part 2. Next we went to check out Woodend beach, sun was shining so why not?! πŸ˜€ very windy and waves were constantly rolling in, must get aggressive as the beach was lined with tree branches and couple lil huts. After heading to the North South Holiday park in Christchurch for our next night we decided dinner to be fish and chips- Westminster Takeaways in Shirley. Very enjoyable, run by a lovely Asian couple and donuts..😡 massive!!

20 September 2017

Day 3. So today we slept a lil better and started catching up on it.. I'd managed to find the Adrenalin Forest in Heyders road Christchurch. A rope course which takes you upto 20m in the pine trees tackling cable course after course! My hands gave up mid way thru one course but Andrew completed 3 courses and we both LOVED it! Want to go back again! Adult entry is $43 but found a special online for half price! πŸ‘Œ Stirring up our hunger we went to compare NZ's Mickey Dee's to Aus, (Mcdonalds Kaiapoi). Checked out a few shops and found some super chatty locals 😊
Day 2. I didn't journi yesterday but we've had a couple of great days exploring around Christchurch and surrounds. Yesterday we had a snooze after collecting our car, we stayed at the Hotel Carlton Mill. Then we went to the Gondola ride and restaurant in Christchurch. Instead of taking the Gondola, decided to attempt Bridle path track, wholey hell it was a good challenge! Andrew was not impressed 15 mins in, very well worth it (especially as we didn't know what was up the top!!) i think it took us around 70 mins to walk up, enjoy the views and head back down! Afterwards, we checked out a few local shops- 'the warehouse' is amazing! Has a lil bit of EVERYTHING, super cheap/great for travellers! πŸ˜‰ Following our love of Thai food, we had dinner at Thai Box in Christchurch central. We cannot comment poorly on the atmosphere, food or service! πŸ‘Œ

19 September 2017

Day 1.. Our flight came in without any delays, melbourne- Christchurch 23:55-05:10. After walking to the hotel to collect our car we stopped in at coffee club for a coffee and 'breakfast' I got the breakfast bruschetta with a white choc mocha πŸ‘Œ very friendly staff too. First night we're staying at the Carlton Mill in Christchurch and planning a nap before much else. Dreary sky this morning, it's beginning to clear up now!