Mexico · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2016

Emily's adventure in Mexico

28 May 2016

Our birthday cake and feast was a great success! Had a fun next day hangin on the beach, jumped in the water & played games. We stopped at a couple dive bars where Paul found Mario the musician and helped liven up the dance floor by playing drums! We definitely were not ready to leave Monday!!
Had such an awesome day at La Bufadora which means "the blow hole" where we got to see waves crash against a rocky inlet where the water spouted similar to a geyser. First thing we had to do was drink tequila that has been soaking a rattlesnake in there for 17 years!!! Paul got a kiss for his 30th bday! Walked up and down the small street with all little shops, selling street tacos, churros a and trinkets. Have had some pretty phenomenal Mexican down here! All around awesome day & headed back to make a birthday feast at our house this time.

27 May 2016

Arrived in Mexico safe & sound!! We're staying in Punta Banda with a crew of 12 for Ryan, Paul & ACs birthdays!! It's stunning here, right on the ocean! The boys got a little surfing in when we arrived. The boys prepared a feast of yellowtail, shrimp and rice for dinner. We also shucked oysters fresh from the ocean that day! We've been enjoying delicious margaritas & cerveza! Decided to ride in the back of Shuler's truck which made it look like AC was being taken illegally. Paul also decided it would be fun to ride his skateboard alongside Ryan's truck... Rough leg life !!