Australia · 6 Days · 21 Moments · September 2016

Emily's 6-Day NW Australia Road Trip!

30 September 2016

OUR EPIC ROAD TRIP COMES TO AN END! 😭🚌. Sickest week. Although we had a bit of bus trouble in the last couple of hours of Day 6, it was no worries at all. Amazing time. Australia, keep doing you. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
Day 6: Left our farmstay to check out Hutt River Province, a badass place were a man declared sovereignty from the rest of Australia. Got our passports stamped & were just weirded out at the entire concept, it was LEGIT.
Day 6: The chapel in HRP. Cute & interesting lil thing. The artist of the paintings really intrigued me, he created his own portrayal of Jesus interacting with actual people he met. For example, in one painting Jesus is healing the blind man, in the background are people the artist chatted with while in the Holy Land for inspiration. Sweet right? β›ͺ️ Pictured is Jesus & the Transfiguration, the exploration of 'The Mount of Beatitudes', and Jesus Healing the Blind Man.
Day 5: We fed piglets 😭😍. Their snouts were so adorable I was about to cry. The horses were majestic in the grass and just an overall great day on the farm 🐷🐴

29 September 2016

Day 5: We're staying on a farm stay here, it's breathtakingly beautiful. 🌾🚜
Day 5: Made it to quaint Northhampton!

28 September 2016

Day 4: Overlook lighthouse as we leave Exmouth! Super pretty view :)
Day 4: More Exmouth adventures!
Day 4: Made our way to Turquoise Bay (Exmouth) for more snorkel & beach time! πŸŒŠπŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ The snorkeling was honestly so scary here πŸ˜‚. Our bodies were literally an inch away from the Coral. But hey adrenaline rush!!πŸ™Œ

27 September 2016

Day 3: Cute beachy Australian men (our tour guides), delicious lunch made by them, me becoming the captain, & why not throw in an artsy pic of my foot on the boat β›΄
Day 3: The snorkel sights 😍. Manta rays, Reef sharks, fishes, turtles, sweet coral & more 🐒🐠🌊
Day 3: Staying in a sick hostel in Coral Bay🏨. 11 of us went all out & did the Ecotour boat & snorkel day trip! SO STOKED.
Day 3: We got the professional photographers photos of us snorkeling & on the boat ride! Even caught the whale that showed off to us 🐳

26 September 2016

Day 2: Made it to our main destination, Coral Bay & Ningaloo Reefs!! 🐠 Perfectly caught the fab sunset, and if you can't tell, we made Portland πŸ’πŸ½
Day 2: OKAY. This dude was wearing a "DUDE. Be Nice." shirt from Ventura, CA. Of course Enya & I went up to him. He's Australian, but said his wife is from Ventura! They moved here recently! How sweet is that. Gotta love the isolated Aussie gas stations Oh and here's a pic of the satellite that worked with Apollo 13 πŸš€
Day 2: Woke up bright & early to explore more of Kalbarri National Park! Amazing sights & even got to check out "Nature's Window." A rock structure that has a view right through it 😍

25 September 2016

Just some random pictures of our road trip 🚌
Day 1 ended at the coastal cliffs in Kalbarri. The views were INSANE. Water so blue and cliffs so spectacular. Awe struck here. Stayed the night at the hostel nearby, curry dinnerπŸ™Œ
Maggie & I had an ongoing joke of taking selfies everywhere. We're gonna keep this up every time we run into each other at UP πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½
Day 1: Jurien Bay, Leaning Tree (from the strongest winds in Aus), Pink Lake, HMAS Sydney Memorial! Beautiful & unique places, and I really didn't think the Pink Lake was real...but proof IT IS. Bubblegum beauty πŸ˜πŸ’—

24 September 2016

We got a sweet road trip man! Dead tired since it began 12 hours after coming home from Broome...but so so STOKED.