North America, Europe · 12 Days · 71 Moments · May 2017

Emili's adventure in Europe

5 June 2017

It's been good Europe.

4 June 2017

And so to end our last day we swam in the Mediterranean Sea and it couldn't have been any better.
Big thanks to david for all he done for us on this trip. It couldn't have been any better and I am so thankful for the way this tripped turned out. I'm forever touched by this and will always look back at the amazing things we did and learned.
Took a fairy to the island of Capri and of course Belkis clocked out

3 June 2017

We went and saw Sorrento musical. And even though we had no idea what was being said it was still beautiful.
Ate supper and then drank another very non American coffee.
After Pompeii we went to Sorento and shopped and david took us to taste lemon liqour
Ate a very fancy lunch in Pompeii thanks To david
Pompeii was very interesting to see how people way back when were so much more technologically advanced than we give them credit for.
3 1/2 hour drive to Pompeii!
Me and Shyanne won 2nd place for the statue contest and david gave us little keychains. 😁

2 June 2017

The colosseum was amazing. So sad we have to say goodbye to Rome.
Looks like we're coming back to Rome one day!
Rome by night was BEAUTIFUL
So for our last night in Rome we got to eat some pizza and we drank this little smoothie
There are 136 Spanish steps😁
Went to the Vatican today. Got to see Michael Angelos story today in the Sistine chapel
So I ate octopus for lunch today..
The old appian way road in Rome. The very first road opened so many doors to everything.

1 June 2017

A lady took this picture the other day and to be honest it looks better than the selfie we took
Three course dinner!😩
Rosa insisted that I took her picture today
We learned so many cool things from a tour Guide today in Rome! We saw the colosseum today and it was AMAZING
Lunch😭(david gave us extra time to actually sit down and have a "proper" meal)
Took a train ride into Rome!!

31 May 2017

Always count on david to keep us on track!
I forgot to take pictures of the food In Venice but I did get pictures of the glasses!!
Gondola ride!! Bucket list✔️
VENICE WAS AMAZING I think I found my forever home!
When you finally have wifi

30 May 2017

Trying new foods!
Last day in Paris. We visited the château de Versailles and it's gardens.

29 May 2017

And here we have a happy little Asian man taking pictures to show his mom back home
And some more Eiffel of course
That's ok it was beautiful anyways
"We will be walking under the Eiffel Tower. Look at it, touch it, bask in its glory. We will not be going on top of it." - Uncle david
David has some mad photography skills🙄😂
Lol you thought
The LOUVRE!!!!
This was cool arc de triumph
And here we have a happy little Asian couple taking selfies for mom back home
Breakfast time!!! Shyanne tried to drink tea but the French lady told her NO!

28 May 2017

Dinner time in Paris!!
Notre Dame! David gave us a lesson on how the front doors had so much information in it but even so much more! He also taught us about how the church is built.
Can we please just take a minute. (Also I almost cried because david said we had past this and wouldn't go back but he lied)
Saw the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Also a nice candid shot of David.
Let's go France!
Taking on France
But first let's stop by hogwarts real quick and say hi to my nigga harry

27 May 2017

Wut in sudokation
Last dinner is London!
I had to
Hey Ben
Breakfast time!!

26 May 2017

Melted canons from the battle between France and England
Some of us can't hang
On the underground train!!
Lots of waiting😩
Finally in the UK!!

25 May 2017

First flight?