United States of America · 37 Days · 72 Moments · June 2015

Emanuel family adventure in the western U S!

15 July 2015

Great trip! Road trip was 38 days,12 states, and 7,600 miles. So many great memories and jokes along the way! Some moments of going crazy too! Will never forget this time with my family!

12 July 2015

Fun day riding an ATV-- mark took the hard trail!

11 July 2015

Estes park Colorado-tram ride up to trail ridge - beautiful view and nice temperature. Last stop before home.

10 July 2015

Driving across Wyoming to Colorado
Beautiful landscape driving across Wyoming- why does no one live here? Glad we got gas at Yellowstone!

8 July 2015

Yellowstone fun- old faithful- a bison crossing the road- and the first rain since our trip started. Incredible place- bucket list for sure.
Fun fishing trip on Yellowstone lake- biggest high altitude lake in the U.S. 22 miles wide- caught three Fish but the native fish had to be thrown back. About to eat the fish we caught tonight- lake trout fish. Riley Abd Benjamin named themπŸ™ˆ: Supper and Jimmy.

7 July 2015

Great day seeing all the animals in their natural habitat! Most beautiful place I've ever seen!
Yellowstone!! Made it ! Most beautiful place! Once we got in took 2 hours to get to the park. It's huge!!

6 July 2015

Saw three states driving today- started in Washington- went thru beautiful Idaho and we are now staying in Montana - beautiful country!

5 July 2015

Weird sun because of fire in Canada- no Orka whales today at point
Fun time on the San Juan island outside of Washington

4 July 2015

Fireworks for the 4 th at the KOA!
Cool picture in Seattle with Mt Rainier in background
Seattle downtown

2 July 2015

Beautiful day at Oregon coast with sue and dick - really cool fly that you steer😍

1 July 2015

Fun time in Oregon- lots of hospitality at sue and dicks house! Mark and I went to winery tour date!

30 June 2015

Beautiful drive to Oregon today - stopped and saw my aunt and uncle and cousin and his wife!

29 June 2015

Smith River in panther flats park- beautiful River for a sunset swim
Rafting trip from yesterday-- professional photographer got this money shot of mark flying out of boat! πŸ˜‚
Stopped off at this beautiful ocean spot across from forest to make lunch!
Redwood forest
Made it to the red wood forest! Magnificent!

28 June 2015

Beautiful sunset - at Patrick's point- our site
Our little campsite for the night... Found a waterfall off the trail. Mark cutting wood... With his little hatchet.
All the places we have been in map. Made it to Patrick's point and found this beautiful beach!
Wow! What a great day on the Trinity river rafting!! Both mark and I fell in... But luckily at different times! There are professional pictures of mark falling in but Riley somehow got my pics! πŸ˜‚
Fun day... Kids first rafting trip
Me falling in shot by shot... Remember marks was filmed by a professional photographer and still to come once they send them.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Getting ready for the rafting trip/ Rivers and redwoods rafting

27 June 2015

Road day-- Lolo the hula girl and rv! πŸ˜‚ whiskey Lake in pictures

26 June 2015

Fun day in San Francisco

24 June 2015

This is what she drew... Dreamed about all 9 of them last night! Took her about hour and a half in moving rv!
My sweet artistic girl drawing whole we we on the road to uncle mikes house.shes amazingly creative!
Sibling love
Amazing day at Monterrey aquarium!

23 June 2015

The walls are starting to close in! Its been 2 weeks and 1 day with the family in a rv the size of a large bathroom! Lots of great sights and fun but travel days like these get challenging! This is my itty bitty showerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!

22 June 2015

Six flags - rough start Riley to dr to see if she had strep.no strep but still feels bad. Made it most the day. Highlight was Tatsu- very scary! Had a mechanical problem and hung in down position for 5 min after πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Onto Monterey tomorrow.

21 June 2015

Laguna beach- Father's Day

20 June 2015

Fun day at legoland

19 June 2015

Dinner with the cousins (Zaitz family) ! In Carlsbad, CA what a great time! Cute little town
Bye bye Malibu!
It's not all selfies and smiles.... 5 hours later-It's good to have insurance when you make a 6 inch mistake.
Better pictures of Riley's Thanator in the sand

18 June 2015

Last night in Malibu- great beach day- Riley built this incredible Thanator from memory from the movie avatar! I was in a blanket most the day but we still got sun! Benjamin made some friends and they buried themselves in the sand.
Beautiful morning in Malibu - writing and drinking his coffee.

17 June 2015

Great night- met camp mates on both sides. Lots of sand!
Great day at the beach! Malibu, CA
Finally made to Malibu, Ca
Silverwood lake ca
Silver wood lake in California/ Riley just scrap booking and staying off her foot. Going to drive to Malibu beach today!

16 June 2015

Ended up in Silverwood lake in sambernadino mountains campsite for one night.

15 June 2015

Last night zip lining and today leaving Las Vegas-- and onto California
Fun times in Vegas except for Riley cutting her foot in the pool. Seeing the woods family and zip lining was the best!
Candy stores!
Pano of all the m&m
All kinds of m and m's - 4 floors!
Coke store!

14 June 2015

First time eating out in 7 days! Claim jumper restaurant - look at them sucking down those drinks!
Fun in Vegas! Raining inside and sharks in our hotel at golden nugget
Armand's Vera magic act - the double feature with Nathan burton was soooo good! Made my $100 bill with my signature end up in a orange!
Made it to Vegas-going to burton magic show
Rileys scrap book of everyday
Driving since 9 am from Bryce- just made it to Nevada! 7 days and haven't ate one meal out! Crockpot- nachos- sandwiches- manwich- tacos . Doing well but excited about two nights in hotel in Las Vegas! Staying at golden nugget on Fremont street.
Rileys scrap book pages
Driving from Bryce Canyon to Las Vegas.

12 June 2015

Bryce Canyon national park camping
On way to Bryce Canyon Utah-still!
Driving to Bryce Canyon Utah from Grand Canyon

11 June 2015

Write down on erasable board address of each campsite so if emergency can find quickly!- thx Pinterest
Grand Canyon

9 June 2015

Carlsbad caverns in New Mexico!