Iceland · 4 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

JEM2k17 - Iceland

7 April 2017

Managed to walk up to Perlan today (I think it's a geothermal something) and the view from the top was amazing!! The food from here was absolutely perfect too, me and Jess both had a vegetable quiche, I had a hot chocolate and then we both had a macaron each (320 kroner so it was expensive but so worth it!!), jess had salted caramel and I had Oreo. We also tried Skyr cream cheese to see what all the fuss is about (it just taste like yoghurt, honestly nothing to rave about). So with free entry, the delicious food and the amazing view you definitely can't go wrong!

6 April 2017

Found out that we can't see the Northern Lights tonight as it'll be too cloudy so we're at 'Aurora Reykjavik' museum, reading all about the Aurora Borealis.
07/04/17 - Day 5 - Reykjavik After visiting the Aurora museum yesterday we headed to the Harpa Concert Hall & Business centre for a quick coffee and a sit down. When we got there, we realised that that may have been a bad idea, as we were swarmed with people in costume for an online game called 'Eve'. It was a fan convention. We couldn't go to the top as it was a private event you had to have tickets for but we got some good pictures from the bottom floor! After realising that we couldn't get drinks, we went to get food from a place on the Main Street (after taking a quick detour through the church and spending money to go and have a look from the top, thank you to the girl who saved us 800 ISK by giving us a child's ticket).

5 April 2017

05/04/17 - Day 3 - Reykjavik After an uneventful night with the Northern Lights (with lots of cold standing around and falling asleep on the coach) we'd had another late night and early(ish) morning. We walked into a church where someone was playing the organ (only noticed to start with because of how badly the notes clashed, apparently that's how it's played in Iceland) and half of one wall was covered in the organ pipes (I read on a sign that there was over 500 pipes). We walked up to the main shopping street and walked up the other half as to what we did yesterday and then went on to walk to the information centre to sit down for a while whilst the rain stops. When we got back to the hostel we had some cup-a-soup's to warm us up and when it stopped raining we went for a little walk before dinner. We walked the opposite way to the usual route and ended up walking just out of reykjavik and into Hlemmur (we think, still not too sure where we went). Thenwe walked back for a late dinner!

4 April 2017

04/04/17 - Day 2 - Reykjavik After a very restless and short sleep (turns out we ended up getting to our hostel way later than planned; 3:30am), we decided today would be a day of exploring and planning. With a breakfast of Belvita biscuits & nakd bars, we checked in and went off to explore! Although it was a bit nippier than expected we walked to the end of the street to take in the views of the mountains and to get a few snaps. We managed to find a supermarket and picked up some pasta, pasta sauce, sweet corn, mushrooms and pineapple slices for roughly £5 and we cooked lunch in the hostel kitchen (we didn't think through the fact that we may have to open the tins with a can opener that was blunt, so we made do with a knife, a fork, and the other end of a spoon, I apologise to the hostel for the bent cutlery). We've booked a trip to the Northern Lights tonight so fingers crossed it's not too cloudy!
The time is here! After about a year and a half of planning, the time has come to start our adventure. We arrived at Heathrow 3 and a half before our flight was originally due to board (flight was supposed to depart at 21:10 - note the 'supposed to'). We managed to check our baggage in (mine was 9.2 kilos, Jess's was 12.3 kilos, though her bag was twice the size as mine) and get through security in about 45 minutes so you can imagine our annoyance when we realised at roughly 18:50 that our flight was delayed till 22:00 and we wouldn't even find out our gate till 21:15! With lots of time to kill we walked round both floors at least twice, probably three times in search of the cheapest way to eat, as we're now students in training, (I.e. Basically broke because of this bloody holiday - mum are you proud of the alliteration?). After managing to kill a few hours it was finally time to go to the boarding lounge and we sat there for 45 minutes before we boarded. Let the adventures begin...