Europe, Australia and Oceania · 354 Days · 33 Moments · January 2018

Elyssa's adventures

27 December 2018

25 December 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year !

11 December 2018

6 December 2018

Summer nights !

1 December 2018

December came around so quick! Starting the month off with southern highlands prizenight, road trip with Nonna and Poppa. A chance to see the kids in their cute outfits and watch then get their prizes for the years efforts. Then back to Riverwood for their prizenight which was a great laugh and an amazing supper to follow.

24 November 2018

November was wrapped up with a camping trip to Gerroa, dancing till late in the locate fisherman’s boatshed, dinners down by the beach at Cronulla on the weekend and watching Shaun play basketball during the week.

18 November 2018

17 November 2018

10 November 2018

With only a few weeks left before her due date Monique had a beautiful baby shower at their place with all their families and friends. Danii spent hours making the cake which was no doubt the centre of attention - after of course how good Monique was looking! It was so lovely to meet some of their family and friends and to be welcomed into their home.

29 October 2018

Adelaide. Beach sun bakes. Catchups and coffees. Dogs: Max and Frankie. Eating plenty. Friends and family. Golf. Happy wedding party. I j Kel and Sars picnics. Long drives. Myponga Monday. Nursing home visits. Oodles of laughs. P Qantas leg room. Rustic wedding. Social events. T Unbelievable sunsets. V. “When are you moving?” Xx’s. Y Zesty

7 October 2018

After a week apart we must have a few things to catch-up on, and what better way then to share a meal on a harbour cruise on a spring day. We walked through Circular Quay and watched the water birds and thousands of jelly fish in the docks. We were then off and away of the cruise boat through the harbour and served a delicious meal while we chatted about our weeks and upcoming events. Beautiful weather, lovely company and a great feed - goodness all round!

1 October 2018

Surf trip with the boiyzzz to Cactus in Betty the bus for a week. Plenty of surfing and card games and no reception letting the boys relax without any interruptions !

1 September 2018

Helloooo Spring ! A weekend of sunshine, board games, cheese platters and wine, beach games and takeout weekends with Tom and Ally well spent.

25 August 2018

19 August 2018

5 August 2018

Snow. Powder. Broken down Tbars. Hot chips. Pub Sessions. Caravan buddies. Blue bird skies. Hot chocolate. Beeeeers. First tracks. Sunrises. Icy chairlifts. Blizzards. Aldo’s breakfast. Other pub for breakfast. Road trips. No singing. Macca’s. Roadkill. Sore legs. Early alarms. Skating. Sweating. Snowzat.

22 July 2018

Another weekend spent down at the snow. Blue bird skies and fresh powder - what more could you want. A fun group of over 10 people, good weather, first tracks, sunrises, pub meals and happy hour !

15 July 2018

A surprise weekend away with Tom and Ally for my birthday was no less then the BEST! A trip to Perth filled with ridiculous amounts of food, wine and cheese tastings at swan valley, walking through the city for the next foody spot, Fremantle markets and brewery, Kings Park, playing golf at City Beach, World Cup at the casino and a cancelled flight to give us just a few more hours to relax ! Thanks so much everyone !

14 July 2018

3 July 2018

Adelaide for a day ! When all you need is a coffee with your girls why lot go to Adelaide for the day. We had breakfast, went for a walk to a waterfall which had a beautiful rainbow display, cheeseboards and lots of cups of tea before returning home. This is the BEST way to spend RDO Tuesday.

1 July 2018

Gold Class - seems to be very appropriately named ! What a treat! Clearly a Gold Class virgin but how fun is this place ! We ordered the 5 “small” plates to come at various stages throughout the movie along with a selection of cocktails and Nutella donughts to finish. The thought of another dinosaur popping out of the movie might normally have you on the edge of your seat ... but not this time, they recline! Bliss.

24 June 2018

20 June 2018

Birthday Month! Long weekend away was spent with everyone down at Mollymook for Ages 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Age! Even though it was raining for most of the time with wine and cards by the fire you can be entertained for hours ! Kubb tournaments on the lawn and frisby on the beach when the rain settled. Sunday meeting discussions for 3 hours giving us all the spiritual lift for the week. Next was Shaun ... Happy Birthday Shaun! Big 30 and aging so well. Starting off with a trip to Holey Moley for a bit of friendly competition. Rest of the week we spent down at Mollymook, snacking, relaxing, surfing, golfing, snacking, sitting by the beach, catching scorpions and enjoying a snack. Everyone came down for the weekend and Tom and Darrel even flew over to celebrate with him. Then more surfing, golfing, snacking and relaxing!

27 May 2018

26 May 2018

A last minute booking for a whirl wind of a trip to New Zealand please! Straight after work, a delayed flight and a 3 hour (2.5hrs if Amy's driving) and we arrived at the beautiful town of Kaikoura. Amy's native land. After arriving at 530 am we decided to get some sleep till 9am. We woke in the staffing quarters just 20m from the house and the first thing we saw when looking out the window was these green fields and snow capped mountains covered with dairy cows. "Reckon they'll let us live here" was the first words from Shaun that morning. Amy trotted round the corner with a hot coffee for each of us in hand just to top it all off. Trips through town, patting seals, ecclesial dinners, picnics with a view, fire crackers and lanterns, lots of coffee and chats in the kitchen, fresh honey and homemade bread and lawn bowels all weekend! A two hour sleep before the flight out Monday morning left us fresh for work. What a beautiful place and even more beautiful people. Take me back!

1 April 2018

ANZAC day and a few sneaky days off work we went up to the Gold Coast with Tom and Grace. Our favourite holiday spot with crystal clear waters, surfing, coffees, runs and turkeys what more could you want ? We bought our very first brand new car with a sun roof and all ! The Steele's came for a weekend visit after dedicating themselves to the drive after the flights got cancelled. We enjoyed a relaxed weekend an even got to watch shaun play his one and only footy game for the season !

1 March 2018

Easter camping trip up to Hat Head. Staying at the campsite with free range goannas and Easter egg hunts, surfing, dangerous hikes, lazy lawn balls and camp food and cookies!

1 February 2018

Road trip ! Starting the journey at 10pm up the north coast to seal rocks for a bit of a camping weekend getaway with Tom and Jared. Such an unreal spot on the north coast, beautiful 4WD beach, swimming, surfing, sun backing and sleeping in the back of the van.

21 January 2018

2 year anniversary weekend away at Headlands apartments at Thirroul beach. Beautiful views of the south coast, room service and massages! What a way to celebrate another awesome year !

8 January 2018

Oh Switzerland how bloody beautiful you are! What a place! The beauty of the snow covered mountains, the avalanche booming, the cosy pubs in the town and the gondola rides that can last an hour because the mountains are so big! The locals are highly educated and willing to speak any language you would like, the snow fell for days making us "stranded" in the town, the Matterhorn which ended us being located just behind us the whole time, the Italian restaurant with wine and pasta to die for, slippery pathways leaving everyone's feet (or bottoms) wet, and snow flakes so detailed you can help but shout "WOW" from the top of the mountains! Words cannot explain how awesome this part of the trip was and sharing it with Micah and Karis made it even better...let's do it again yeah?!