United States of America · 7 Days · 25 Moments · February 2017

Elsa's Trip to Portland, Oregon

25 February 2017

No better way to end the trip than with a shitty last meal and getting lost in Fred Meyers
Saturday hike!
Carioca bowls and drive through Tillamook
Friday night!

24 February 2017

Fueled up at Manette Saloon in Bremerton, Washington before driving back to Portland!
Space Needle, Pikes Market and ferry rides in Seattle ⛴🏙

23 February 2017

Night out in Seattle 🛳🍴🍷
An essential stop to Bremerton, Washington to meet Michaela's sister, Kate, and try her finance's amazing pastries at their bakery, Saboteur. From quiche to tropezienne, my taste buds were in true bliss! This bakery is a must if you're ever in Washington!! We also made a quick stop to yet another barcade, with my favorite game, Tetris, before catching our ferry to Seattle ⛴

22 February 2017

Last night was filled with lots of wine, laughs, and spaghetti squash 😝🍷🍝 Michaela cooked up quite a storm before our night out on the town. Lexi, Heather and Madison (my tour guide during my first trip to Portland) joined us for the shenanigans. Our first stop was White Eagle (which was very lack luster) and then the Rambler, an awesome local bar where Izzy served up some awesome drinks! We sat outside around the fire pit talking and joking until close 🙃🍺
Multnomah Falls 🏞 This beautiful naturally flowing waterfall is one of many in the area that flows into the Colombia River Gorge. As you stand by the falls, you get a brisk misting from the powerful flow of the Multnomah! An essential stop at Popeye's for some friend chicken was necessary after our little outing 🍗🍴😋

21 February 2017

$0.99 for a Margarita? I think YES 😝🍹No better way to enjoy cheap drinks than with good company! Getting to meet Michaela's coworker, Lexi and Shelby's coworker, Heather, made for a great experience!! A big thank you our wonderful waiter, Mariposo.
Purrington's Cat Lounge 😻 A random sighting of this little spot turned into a fun pit stop after dinner! In this little cat cafe you can eat, drink, and play with adoptable kitties!!
Another great breakfast in Portland! Michaela and I went to Slappy Cakes, a restaurant where you get a squirt bottle of pancake batter, personal griddle and a spatula to make your very own pancake designs 🤗🍴

20 February 2017

It wouldn't be right if we didn't end the night off with a beer 🍻 First stop, Crow Bar. A hip little bar with a pool table and some arcade games, Crow Bar was a great choice ... plus who doesn't like a good play on words? Next, we went to a Barcade in downtown Portland. Filled with a plethora of games ranging from pinball to dance dance revolution (DDR), we had a blast! Also, would hate to neglect to mention the fun-themed Mrs. Pacman women's bathroom 🚽😉
After a few hours of reorganizing the furniture in Shelby and Michaela's room, we earned a well deserved meal. For dinner we ate at one of the many food trucks here in Portland. Food trucks are a huge part of the Portland culture. On almost every block, you can find at least one truck or even a lot full of them! Tacos 🌮 burritos 🌯 and nachos on the menu tonight and it did not disappoint!!
Mocks Crest Park 🌲
ALBERTA STREET "Artists in my mind are the real architects of change and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact." - William S. Burroughs
Nothing like a cappuccino to warm you up on a a rainy day ☔️
A well deserved breakfast at Pine State Biscuits after a morning run 🏃
A quaint little converted garage on N. Williams Street will be my home for the next week 🏡 I was welcomed by Brady, the dog, and surprise goodies with some of my favorite snacks (one of which had already been taste tested) from Shelby and Michaela 🤗🎁😋

19 February 2017

First stop... food of course! After Michaela and Shelby picked me up at the airport, they took me to Mandi House, a small, divey Mediterranean restaurant. The food was incredible and authentic!! The hummus, shawarma and falafel were comparable to that of the food I tried in Israel 🇮🇱 Needless to say, this foodie was impressed!
Patiently awaiting to board my Alaska Air flight from Newark International Airport to Portland, Oregon. There's a two minute delay so we're all pretty on edge 😋✈️
It wouldn't be a Goldstein celebration without copious amounts of food ... Schedule changes and late check outs in place, we made our way to Fred's for brunch. A sentimentally themed restaurant with excellent service and food. I highly recommend the quiche 🍴🍳☺️

18 February 2017

SURPRISE!! No better way to start off this journey! After a long drive from Boston to New York, we surprised my dad for his 60th birthday. With the reuniting of life long friends, exquisite steaks from Del Frisco's, and sharing memories back at Lucerne Hotel, the months of planning was well worth the wait 🍴🎉❤️