Cambodia · 6 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

Elsa 's tour through Cambodia

21 June 2017

People when had a connection with back in England. We meet a person called salin and she was married to Michael. Salin was the main connection to everyone else that did not speed English. I worked in the library every afternoon. I miss Cambodia so so much I would do any thing to go back there. 🇰🇭

17 June 2017

The Cambodians believed that nobody except monk could kill a pig or a animal. I was so worry that they were going to be scared of us because we kill every thing
We went to see the temples and we saw the four faces. I put my nose on one of the faces. There was a lot of markings in the walls. We went to the kings house. The king has one other house in lots of different country. We also we went to the museum of Cambodia. We saw figures of different people. We also went to go see the 1500 candles light in the the same room the king was Crowned in. We went to the water park. The water park was so so cool. We went to Phnom Penh. In Phnom Penh we stayed for four nights then we went on the airplane. We had the exactly the same trip as the way to Cambodia. We went to bangcock air port and I found out some cool facts like: the air port is 800 meters wide and 1800 long.
We normally went to the school we worked at and had a beer. We sometimes had a beer and coke a cola on the green rusty swing seat. Every frigate we went to a place/pub called the ivy. We had lots of things to eat. The owner of the ivy was called smigt and she was a quite small. Every other night we had home cooked meals. They were normally rice but how really cares.
We lived in a big big house and are house was red. Are house had just been made and somebody had left their top on the roof.
We went on a massive airplane. We went with British airways. It was a 13and a half hours to get to bangcock. The airport was so so so big. Then we had to get a half and hour flight to tongle sap. We got a taxi and we got a man that was by are side all the way.

16 June 2017

We made so many new friends. There was one called salin and she was the wife of the owner of treak. We had to teach at treak and I was also a student.
These are the people we meet