Philippines · 3 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Cordillera challenge '17 Kapangan,Philippines

6 May 2017

My cordillera challenge 2017 race day pix. We ended up biking from 5am to 7pm. Did about 60km? We had awesome weather. We had hail, afternoon heat, Crazy climbs, Crazy steep gravel climbs. Crazy downhills!!! Epic!!!!

5 May 2017

Jp gives final cordirella challenge 2017 briefing. Nice to see all the EXO bikers. Final meal for the night.
I register for the mtb event, meet my campmates for the night. Come to find out there's a fiesta going on.
Arrival to the Kapangan city and eventually to the municipal hall to setup my tent for the night. Cordillera challenge 2017 in less than 24 hours.
On the way to kapangan municipal hall. From the busy streets of manila to the seemingly empty cordillera twisties, what an awesome ride up to Baguio and beyond!

4 May 2017

Crew's race day pix
Final version of my DIY mtb (mountain bike) rack on a vespa px150.
About 8 hours before take off. Making final adjustment to this 'mcgyver' mtb mount on the vespa px150. Did some traffic and some rough road passes this afternoon for some testing. Feeling pretty confident about the setup. She is all packed up now. Clothes, mtb gear and tent all mounted and stapped on the vespa.

3 May 2017

This is the route to the Cordillera challenge which will be held at kapangan municipal building through Baguio. After the race I may go to San Manuel Isabela to visit a friend. Last leg is a 400km trip back to metro manila. Total trip is approx 1000km.
Mock up setup for the mtb mount on the scooter... seems pretty sturdy. Will finalize mounting and do some local test run before the 1000km travel.