Italy · 2 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

Ellyy's voyage in Europe

16 November 2017

The pantheon is an amazing example of the blend and incorporation of Christianity into Roman architecture. It’s actually built before 11BC but has been adapted in the years since to be a holy place of worship from the 14 gods that were the previous idols to the current christian church. It has amazing acoustics, and at one point a school group broke into song! So beyond lovely.
#wheninrome its 9degrees, but don’t let that stop you for eating pope Benedict in an icecream while throwing change into the Trevi Fountain ( about 20€ should cover it, right?) #trevifountain #icecreaminwinter
The Spanish steps were wonderful - so full of history and life. You could see people meeting, drinking coffee, sketching, or just like me, people watching. I got a glare from a polizia, for taking out my sandwich 😂 Just lovely to have a chance to fill appreciate a spot like this, spending as much time as I want people watching and absorbing the history and the view of Bella Roma ❤️
Best coffee of my life! Walked into Street cafe and a cute little old Italian man behind the coffee machine told me something with a grave look on his face. I looked at his son, who told me he said ' you look like you need this' and gave me a cappuccino. Thankyou sir, for your soothsaying and absolutely magical coffee #isthisreallife #romamagica #wheninrome
I would up at Santa San Maggiore this mornjng - it's very easy to get lost around here- spent like 2 hours just hanging around, checking out the beautiful architecture. I joined in when a group of elderly Italians started to him silent night, such a peaceful and beautiful moment. I sat in prayer for a while, just hoping that nan and grandfather are okay up in heaven ❤️

15 November 2017

Sunrise on my way to Doha on the best flight I have ever been on!