Australia · 39 Days · 85 Moments · June 2018

Elly's adventure in Australia

15 July 2018

Home sweet home our journey is over

14 July 2018

Super pit

13 July 2018

Gold miners hall of fame
We are in Kalgoorlie
We made it to Norseman

12 July 2018

Having dinner at Madura hotel
Great Australia bite
On the road only 3 degrees

11 July 2018

Down on jetty at Ceduna
We have made it to Ceduna
We had are drive around streaky bay
Stop in Elliston for lunch
We are on the move

10 July 2018

Some pic of Port Lincoln
Having are drink and having Look around
We are in Port Lincoln for the night this our view

9 July 2018

Whyalla is nice place
We went for look around in Whyalla
We are staying the night in Whyalla
We made it to port Augusta
We stop at port Pirie
We are heading to port Augusta

8 July 2018

We had nice day in Glenelg
In Adelaide bloody cold for walk around

7 July 2018

We are in Adelaide
These silo are so beautiful to see
Stop at kieth for cuppa and bit to eat
We have made it to boarder town
On the road heading to Adelaide

6 July 2018

Our place in Huntleydid house inspection
In Bendigo and bloody cold do house inspection
What are beautiful pic on these silo

5 July 2018

We did boat cruise today on the murray river so nice had lunch
We went to to beer museum today that was pretty good to see
We had ride on that then nice hot chocalate

4 July 2018

Just just chilling in tent bit cool here
We do boat cruise tomorrow one them
We have made it to Echuca staying for couple of days ๐Ÿ˜€

3 July 2018

Staying the night in Darlington point and itโ€™s bloody cold here
Just when and seen the dish in Parkes

2 July 2018

Pull up for night in Parkes caught up with Gordie spending night with him
On the road

28 June 2018

Just said good bye to the kids on the road again heading home always hard to say bye had great time with them x

24 June 2018

Having great time with kids

22 June 2018

We have made it to the kids in Brisbane
Up early on the road bit cool heading to family today

21 June 2018

Pulled up for night in movan
We went and seen wool scours today

20 June 2018

Yesterday we went to founder of qantas
We went to stockman hall of fame today

19 June 2018

We call in to where crocodile Dundee was filmed

18 June 2018

This what you do when your bored take selfie
Yesterday we did big drive today was nother big day we are in mt isa for night

17 June 2018

What big drive we have crossed over

16 June 2018

Lake argyle very nice to see
What great day tour of lake argyle its are must if you up this way

15 June 2018

Ivanhoe crossing and taste of rum for chris
Booked in to carvan park in Kununurra very nice
We are on the move to Kununurra

14 June 2018

We have made it to halls creek for the night
On the again heading to kunnarra

13 June 2018

Cable beach sunset beautiful
At Broome nice beaches
We are matsos brewery
Some pics of beaches in Broome
Chris coking our breakfast

12 June 2018

We have made it to Broome caught up with friendly now Chris cooking dinner
Chris driving to Broome

11 June 2018

Pretty pool with tide out
We just had a tour of the harbour for Elly's birthday

10 June 2018

Our little camp for next few days
This is our first major stop for couple of days to catch up with family . This is our camp

9 June 2018

Sunset tonight in port headland

7 June 2018