United States of America · 27 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

Ellis & Michaela USA play ground

11 July 2017

ARIZONA/NEVADA - stopping at town Williams a historical town on the famous Route 66. Also a very hot and quick stop at Hoover Dam, water level very low but still no water restriction in Vegas. Quick fact... at the base of the dam wall its width measures 200m . A great feat of engineering

10 July 2017

GRAND CANYON - Day 3. Watched the sun go down over the canyon! Had a few drinks and M cooked pop corn to enjoy with our awesome views. Elk was frequently seen near our camp and the big guy (antlers) was on the side of the road just eating and chilling! Grand canyon has been a good adventure, one to cherish and remember

9 July 2017

GRAND CANYON - this morning i did a solo trek down Bright Angel Trail. 10km return trip was hard.... managed to finish in 2.5hrs (suggested time 4-6hrs) Many people doing the trek including some people riding mules
GRAND CANYON - Day 1. Rented a car, bought camping basics & food from walmart for our Grand Canyon camping trip! Not as hot here as it was at Vegas. Awesome views of the canyon when we treked around the south rim Magical place! To be remembered

7 July 2017

VEGAS - Star Crossed Love at the Venetian Hotel. Inspired by Baz Luuhrman's films. We got a seat upgrade from the back row to on stage. So close to the action we could see the sweat from the fat man... hahaha Had a quick drink (blueberry mojito) beforehand also very nice!

6 July 2017

VEGAS - Freemont St Experience.. awesome vybe, lots of free entertainment, food, drinks and of course gambling!! what more can i say

5 July 2017

VEGAS - Staying at our 2nd Airb&b place.. Our host Madison has been very welcoming. They have 3 dogs that chill in the aircon all day. Trying very hard to stay cool with temps in the 40+°c for most of the week. Swimming pool has been awesome. #drinksbythepool

4 July 2017

OAKLAND - This is how we spent the 4th july in US. Picnic and drinks at the park! Low key but flying the next day. We made good use of our $2 Styrofoam esky

2 July 2017

SF - We spent another day on the folding bikes riding around SF this time downtown SF and Golden Gate Park. GGP is massive over 1000 acres of parks, gardens, ponds and more. Plenty of other cyclists around. Was good when the sun was out but freezing when the wind was blowing. Korean for lunch then on our way back to the waterfront we came across the fillmore st jazz festival, food music and a tonne of happy dancing people. Drink on the pier after that and our day was done.

30 June 2017

SF - Afternoon ride after a quick and disappointing lunch (chowder in a bread bowl) was all about the hills of SF. Lombard st has a part where its the crookedest st in SF, so many people takings snaps as well as cars driving down amidst the million dollar houses and perfect gardens. Not wanting to be left out we rode on some 40% incline hills to get to the top and ride down the lombard switch backs. The afternoon gave us a clearer view of the GG Bridge and perfect weather to laze about and enjoy life
SF - Morning ride Embarcadero to Golden Gate Bridge was super cold and foggy! Riding along the bay front along with all the other tourists making our way to the bridge. It was a great experience to have ridden our bikes over and back.. the only down side was all the pedestrians we had to share with and battling the winds. The bridge itself is amazing and the fog actually made it even more so. Along the way we came across this structure of art... inspired by the roman era. Very cool. Like a little oasis in the city.

28 June 2017

NAPA - Napa valley and a visit to down town.. such a nice vybe about the place.. deff an eat and drink wine kind of place. Rode the bikes around town... so easy on the bikes. We also did a really nice wine tasting at Rutherford Ranch with matching chocolates... hhhmmm yum and we also got a massive discount thanks to M's googling and an extra red to taste thanks to our waitress

26 June 2017

SF - Cheat day... took the wife to In-N-Out Burger. Did not disappoint! Old school look and service with a smile.. And after 4 days of wishing we also paid a visit to Krispy Kreme store for a dounut fix! And look how cheap Ben & Jerrys are here... they are at least $12-14 AUD back home.. ghgrrrRR
SF - Muir Woods National Monument.. awesome place to be one with nature. Reminds me of something from the Jurassic era, just waiting for a dinosaur to pop out. Lucky we didnt go during the weekend when its super busy! Trees 1000's of yrs old.. magical

24 June 2017

HALFMOON BAY - Day trip to Halfmoon Bay & Santa Cruz. Both on the Californian coast line. Took the bikes which was a great idea as parking at Halfmoon Bay cost $10usd and at Santa Cruz was almost imposible to find one. Lunch at Bettys Burgers... was ok better than Grilled Great day out... even found time for a nap at a local park while M read her book

19 June 2017

CA - Another hot day in the Bay Area so we decided to stay away from the sun and do some indoor activities!! My uncle Danny is retired US navy personnel and loves to shoot guns.. so here we are!!! Michaela's first time at a shooting range & she is good shot. A few hundred rounds and we were done.. ready for a nice home cooked roast dinner. Lots of fun....

17 June 2017

SF - Michaela's first Taco Bell..... only cost $5 usd for all this and a massive soda. We shared... and then rode home.
CA - Hotter than normal in the bay area as we head to Oakland & Lake Merritt. Locked the bikes up and walked through the farmers markets. There was awesome fruit and foodtrucks and the bikes were still there when we got back! Rode around uptown oakland, hipster bar and cafe galore. $6 aud for a small latte....

16 June 2017

SF - First bike ride on the Dahons after dinner. Eden landing reserve. Fighting the geese for right of way. Bikes = more Freedom to explore and live like locals... note to self - bring lights and a jacket next time
SF - The land of Walmart shopping for camping food and bike locks! Borrowed uncle Danny's toyota Celica... driving on the right side of the road with my navigator Michaela, both still alive

15 June 2017

SF - Dinner!! At the Pier.... fish & chips for myself and chowder for michaela! Great view of the bay and $$ to match
SF - Awesome tour of the "Rock" Alcatraz Island. Did you know whole familes lived & shared the island with USA worst criminals. No confirmed escapes from the island even though there were many attempts.
SF - San Francisco Wharf.... the famous Pier 39 was like a seafood themed movie world. Great weather for our first day in the bay city. So much walking today .... miss our bikes