Europe, Asia · 138 Days · 92 Moments · September 2017

Exploring South East Asia

3 February 2018

Exploring Cebu’s neighbouring island, Bohol. Visited the famous chocolate hills, Tarsier sanctuary, man made forest and Sevilla’s bamboo bridge! Last day exploring in Asia before heading for the next chapter, Australia and beyond... Asia, you’ve been fab - Until next time...

2 February 2018

Exploring Cebu island with a visit to Oslob to swim with Whale Sharks and to Kawasan Falls.

25 January 2018

The holiday destination of The Philippines, Boracay. Surrounded by white sands, great food (ft. Pineapple Pancakes) outlets and the entire population of Korea and China...

21 January 2018

Arrived in Coron, North Palawan. One of the most picturesque destinations yet. WiFi is sparse and power cuts are not unusual, even if you are showering. Few snaps of Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banul Beach and Mount Tapyas.

19 January 2018

A few more from El Nido... such a stunning destination, but clearly very young in its ‘tourism days’.

18 January 2018

After a quick stop by Manila & Puerto Princesa - I finally made it to El Nido... this place is stunning. Time to catch up with bessie, Georgina, for the second time...

12 January 2018

Last Day in Ubud, more exploring. Milk & Madu, Ubud. Tukad Cepang Waterfall, Bangli. Jungle Fish, Ubud.

11 January 2018

Day trip from Ubud exploring central & north Bali. Jatiluwih Rice Fields Ulun Danu Temple Munduk Waterfall Abandoned hotel in Batunya Pod chocolate factory

10 January 2018

2am wakeup call for a 3 mile trek up Mount Batur, Bali. Some amazing views at sunrise.

9 January 2018

Few snaps from the first day of Ubud. Some amazing views whilst solo white water rafting down River Agung, with a visit to the Campuhan Ridge Walk in the afternoon.

7 January 2018

Amazing day snorkelling with Green Turtles off the coast of Gili Air.

6 January 2018

First few days on Gili T - a great remote island with no motor vehicles, only horse & cart and bicycles. Also visited Lombok’s Sindang Gila Waterfalls!

3 January 2018

Amazing day catching the surf on Kuta Beach, Bali. First Acai bowl of Indonesia too, was sooo tasty - Mango, Banana & Granola. Oh... and a stunning sunset to finish off the day!

2 January 2018

Amazing day exploring Bali by moped. Visited; Melasti Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Uluwatu Beach & Rock Bar. New company for two weeks, welcome Churchy.

29 December 2017

An afternoon visit to Bali Turtle Conservation & Education centre today. These guys look after sick turtles who are diseased or have been injured at sea, and take care of them until fit and well enough to be released again.

27 December 2017

First few days on Bali... not long until New Year 2018!

26 December 2017

A three hour layover in Kuala Lumpur before heading to Bali...

25 December 2017

Christmas Day 2017.

18 December 2017

A 10 mile round trek up Lang Biang Peak near Da Lat, Vietnam. Very difficult but rewarding trek!

12 December 2017

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam. As seen on Top Gear.

9 December 2017

Abandoned water park today in Hue, Vietnam. Very, very strange place!

8 December 2017

The old imperial city of Hue, Vietnam.

7 December 2017

Moped trip around a foggy Ninh Binh...With George for a few weeks and back to Vietnam for round two.

4 December 2017

A day trip to Macau from HK. Great to visit another country/sovereign state of China today. Huge Portuguese influence still visible... especially the sweet treat Nata! Worth the visit!

3 December 2017

I visited Aberdeen Harbour today in Hong Kong. Lovely relaxed area of the country, not half as busy as the city, or Kowloon!

2 December 2017

Trekking up Lion Head Peak in Hong Kong. Great views over Kowloon & HK!

1 December 2017

Also took the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak, over 400m above the city. Rewarded with some fantastic views day, sunset and night. Well worth the £9!
Over to Hong Kong Island today. Such a busy metropolis.

29 November 2017

Visited Universal Studios Singapore today - wicked day out. Conor headed home... Solo travel, let’s go! On to Hong Kong tomorrow!

28 November 2017

Evening sampling some of the cheapest Michelin star food in the world at Hawker Chan. Visited Gardens By The Bay at night, and then had a G&T at Marina Bay Sands for a reasonable £11!
Day spent at Singapore botanical gardens and a late afternoon at Gardens By The Bay.
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photos don’t do it justice how stunning this place is! Will visit again in the daytime!

26 November 2017

Last Day in KL today. Visited KL Tower, which has some fantastic views over Malaysia’s capital. Later visited the famous Petronas towers which were impressive at night! Great city all round with a great vibe and some wonderful food! On to Singapore tomorrow morning.

25 November 2017

Spent the morning quad biking around the Malaysian rainforest on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

24 November 2017

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

22 November 2017

Amazing day at The Els Club - Four time major winner Ernie Els’ golf course on Langkawi. Cost around £80 pp but well worth it for the fantastic views!

21 November 2017

Moped trip around Langkawi, Malaysia. Highest point on the island - 900m up. One of the best beaches known to man. SkyBridge with some wonderful views.

20 November 2017

Arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia. This is one of the most stunning destinations yet.

19 November 2017

Penang Botanical Gardens - Tonnes of wildlife around and some VERY big leaves!

18 November 2017

The Upside Down Museum in Penang. Who knew posing for photographs would be so entertaining!
Small selection of Penang’s street art!

16 November 2017

Thai cooking class today in Krabi! Turns out this is the same guy who taught Bec & Dan when they visited.

15 November 2017

One of my favourite days exploring yet - Visited some of the best islands and beaches in the Ao Nang and Krabi area. In particular, Railay Beach was stunning!

14 November 2017

Day trip to the Emerald Pools today. Around 45 mins from Krabi and included a small 1.5k trek in the rainforest to find some stunning natural pools - took a well earned dip aswell! Blue Pool was around 30-50 degrees, although we couldn’t take a swim in this one.
Tiger Cave Temple just outside of Krabi. Cracking trek with fab views at the top. Almost 1300 steps to the top in 30-plus degree heat led Conor to be very sweaty...

12 November 2017

Amazing day in Phi Phi. Visited Maya Bay, did some snorkelling and finished on Monkey Beach!

11 November 2017

Arrived in Phi Phi... the place is stunning!

7 November 2017

Walked down the West Coast of Koh Tao today, around 10 Miles in total. Everyone commented how amazing this island was... me and Conor weren’t convinced because it pretty much rained from the moment we arrived until we left!

5 November 2017

Day at Na Mueang Waterfall on Ko Samui, Thailand. Also played a little footgolf - class course! Conor won 63 vs my 64 and set a course record for the month!

3 November 2017

South East Asia travelling check list; Full Moon Party, Ko Phangan, November 2017 - Completed it.

1 November 2017

Back in Thailand after 2 solid days of travelling from Cambodia. Bus, coach, mini-van, taxi, plane, coach, boat and taxi... all in 48 hours! First stop Koh Samui, Thailand.

30 October 2017

Visited the world’s biggest religious monument - Angkor Wat on Siem Reap, Cambodia. A truly stunning place, even better at sunset! $37 for entry, but well worth it.

28 October 2017

Killing Fields at Choeung Ek used during the Khmer Rouge period in the 70’s. Later visited the Tuol Sleng S21 Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

27 October 2017

First taste of BBQ frog this evening - tastes good, similar to Chicken. Didn’t fancy trying the chicken anus though, that was one step too far.
First day wandering round Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Visited the only Olympic stadium never to be used for an olympics, then moved on to the Grand Palace, which was an over priced $10 for admission.

25 October 2017

Beach day with some cracking weather 32c with little cloud! Also had Barracuda Khmer curry... was delic!

24 October 2017

Moped trip around Phu Quoc today. Visited the best beach - Sao Beach... and Coconut Prison. Weather was terrible, worst rain ever, yet we decided to continue riding!

23 October 2017

Day one on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc - Great weather so we spent all day in a beach bar.

21 October 2017

Ho Chi Min City FC game at home, 1-1. Dreadful game, wasn’t helped by the fact it rained all game and the pitch was awful.
Great experience to see the story of the Vietnamese war first hand at the Cù Chi Tunnels, Vietnam. Had the opportunity to shoot an M16 gun too.

19 October 2017

A theme park, aquarium, beach, water park, inflatable obstacle course & a zoo all on one island - Vin Pearl island, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

17 October 2017

9 hour train journey from Da Nẵng to Nha Trang, Vietnam - only £10. Tom & Jerry was played on repeat - I opted for half a Netflix series and a film instead.

16 October 2017

Asian lanterns in the back streets of Hoi An, Vietnam.

15 October 2017

A Hoi An Pizza is class - pork, onion, spring onion & quails egg with mayo and sweet chilli on a barbecued rice paper pancake - Hoi An, Vietnam.

14 October 2017

French settlement just outside Da Nẵng for Conor’s 25th Birthday. Some way to celebrate your 25th birthday with tonnes of Chinese and Vietnamese tourists! Ba Na Hills, Vietnam.
First moped of Vietnam. Rode around Da Nẵng peninsula... some amazing views on offer!

12 October 2017

Da Nẵng by night...

10 October 2017

Did some trekking at Cát Bà National Park with some wonderful views and a nutter of a tour guide called ‘Alan’... apparently.

9 October 2017

Spent the night on this castaway island. Very well looked after, some great company and finished the evening with a little traditional camp fire before getting next to no sleep in a shack.
Ha Long Bay on a boat with some kayaking through caves. At this point we realised me and Con were extremely competitive, even in the same kayak!

7 October 2017

A Hanoi sunset...
Took a stroll around Hanoi’s city lake and ended up teaching these two Vietnamese kids some English - huge reality check when you hear about the lives of children who are less fortunate than you were growing up.
Few shots from around the city of Hanoi, Vietnam

3 October 2017

Quiet few days in Laos’ capital, Vientiane. A lot of French influence here - buildings, food and prominent cafe culture.

30 September 2017

Kuang Si Falls were stunning - a photographers heaven. Around a 45 minute drive from Luang Prabang, Laos.

29 September 2017

First day in Laos following a horrific 22 hour journey from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang, Laos. A ‘sleeper bus’ with single bunk beds - would’ve been good if it wasn’t two people to a bunk - fortunately Me & Con paired up. Views were 100% worth the tragic journey today though.
Chiang Rai, last stop in Thailand before moving on to Country number two of South East Asia, Laos.

27 September 2017

Grand Canyon near Chiang Mai - massive inflatable water park, including a 8 meter platform!

26 September 2017

Class day at the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Doi Inthanon National Park 👌🏼 Fed, washed and bathed with the elephants and had a banging view for lunch! Best £40 spent, learning about these gentle giants - I could relate as they spend most of their day eating...

25 September 2017

Doi Inthanon National Park around 90 minutes drive outside Chiang Mai. Stunning place with some amazing views including the highest point in Thailand! Paid a taxi driver £20 to drive us round all day - not sure petrol prices are as high in Thailand as the UK.

24 September 2017

First day in Chiang Mai after a very long and uncomfortable sleeper train from Ayutthaya - looking forward to exploring the city and surrounding areas I’ve heard so many positive reviews about.
Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai on a sleeper train... which is pretty ironic as I can assure you, no sleep was experienced - convinced my back now knows every bump on that stretch of rail from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai.

23 September 2017

Ruins of former temples destroyed during the 1700’s. Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Thai train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya for 34p...
Being on the other side of the world leads to an odd sleeping pattern, but it does have some benefits - a morning explore of Bangkok for 45 mins and watched the sunrise at around 6am.

21 September 2017

Views over the vast metropolis of Bangkok at Sky Bar. The location where part of the Hangover film was shot - might’ve paid £18 for ONE overpriced, but delicious, gin & tonic.

20 September 2017

First visit to an Asian Chinatown - Bangkok’s featured some great culinary delights including prawn dim sum and crispy duck & pork - all for £4.
When it rains in Bangkok, it pours. 100% not prepared for walking down rivers, that were roads 15 minutes ago - I was slightly prepared for this as I was wearing flip flops, didn’t remember to wear swim shorts, though.
Why build a temple at ground level when you can put it on a hill? Because that would be straight forward, and it seems nothing is straight forward in this city - Golden Mount, Bangkok.
Driving in Bangkok must take another sort of licence... Or you've just got to be a nutter and have an eye for very small gaps in the traffic, at speed.

19 September 2017

First bit of Thai food... Pad Thai with Egg & Chicken for 50 Bhat... that's near enough £1. Are you allowed Pad Thai for breakfast, lunch & dinner? There’s only one way to find out...

18 September 2017

Arrival at London Heathrow - the obligatory 'we're going travelling' picture, let the journey begin.