Europe, South America · 15 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

Ellie's adventure in Peru

15 November 2017

The last few memories in Peru 🇵🇪 before I came home & saw a beautiful sunset 🌅 over Uppingham :-)) All in all a fantastic holiday with loads of fab experiences & food 🥘:-))

14 November 2017

Last full day in Sunny Cuzco :-)

12 November 2017

A day in Machu Picchu town with spa, walk in the jungle lookin at birds & flowers & train back to Cisco through Sacred Valley

11 November 2017

9 November 2017

We have been to see the floating islands where everything is made of reed. The people look amazing & r so friendly & gentle

4 November 2017

Arrived in Nazca after paradise in Paramus. Strange town built up around the famous Nazca lines found out in the desert nearby. The lines r a mystery as no one knows why people 2500 years ago drew them as huge shapes & symbols in the sand. Also how they have survived so long which must be through lack of rain & certain weather conditions which have preserved them. Anyway we went up in a small plane to c them from the air which was a big mistake for me !!! My stomach didn't like the bumps & banking from right to left like a bird so very sick 🤢!!! So no more small planes for me EVER!!! Now on a 10 hour bus trip through desert to Arequipa which is the 2nd largest city after Lima & it is the start of the assent to the mountains!!
Here r some photos of Paracas where we had a fab day by the sea !!

2 November 2017

Some amazing textiles & jewellery from Inca times

1 November 2017

Arrived in Peru via Colombia with no hitches but no sleep !! Have been in Lima for last 2days & it's warm but cloudy like a sea mist ! Have enjoyed lots of Pisco sours which r the main cocktail here & been to do some cultural things in & around Lima.

31 October 2017

On our way to Deepest darkness Peru with a friend!!