Germany · 1 Days · 7 Moments · October 2014

Elli & Agna in Berlin || 15-21.11.

15 October 2014

Welcome to Poland! and we are halfway through... 9 hours to go 💃
My butt is so flat and I cannot lie...13h to go.
... and let the madness begin - 18h in the bus.
First proper food for the day: Fontaine Delisnack. Pin-up as a logo, bearded waiter, tattoo money tip jar and delicious burgers.
First stop in Rīga. Bus was 30min late. A bit less time to wander but the weather is kinda bad for it anyways.
who sits correctly when there is nobody around.
Let the 24h bus ride begin. First leg Tallinn-Pärnu.