Morocco · 3 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Mo Ibrahim weekend in Morocco

9 April 2017

Pistachio shells lined the hallways from our room. And there is no toilet paper... or toilet paper holder!
Best chicken πŸ— satay you'll ever find πŸ˜‹
Nikki Beach it is! Music and food (finally! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ)
Disastrous pool service. Basic rules of waitering (is that a word πŸ€”) when you give someone a menu, come back and take the damn order! Waved at a thousand people to get attention, one even said "ok, one minute" and never came. Complained at reception.

8 April 2017

Aziz went to private 😎 dinner 🍴with VVIPS. I had spaghetti 🍝 in the room then walked a thousand miles twice to the "Moroccan restaurant" to meet Daniel and Cleopatra, Nureen (Mary Hardy), Emily and Emanuel. Got a golf buggy back to the bar. Daniel is now called Mitch. Aziz and I stayed listening to old school 90's tunes with the fancy headphones 🎧
Part 1 of the program. Bono Bono Bono 🎢

7 April 2017

Opening ceremony for the Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend - speakers πŸ”Š included Mo, Horst KΓΆeler former president of Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ and performances by really cool 😎 people Hind Zahra, Hugh and more. Cocktail reception after. Saw Jane and met some random people. Cleopatra Kitti was a cool name. Weirdo girl who later joined us all for a drink and cigar at the bar. Elle is boring and needed nap time.
Arrived at the Palmeraie Palace around 4pm πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ
Drove with Raza and Daniel to Marrakech for 2-3 hours, stopping to grab food at a food stop. Just dirty fries 🍟 for Elle πŸ˜† 🐜 Aziz took picture of a table bug with the new mini phone πŸ“± lenses. He deleted the photo, does the bug even exist anymore?
Woke up super early, like at a ridiculous time that no human being should ever have to wake up. Met Raza and Daniel in the EK lounge and had breakfast. Flew Business to Casablanca πŸ’œ