Costa Rica, Nicaragua · 9 Days · 14 Moments · June 2017

Costa Rica

17 June 2017

16 June 2017

After a 10 hour bus journey from San Jose crossing the border to Nicaragua, we arrived in Granada. It's a very busy city with lots of colourful houses, beautiful little churches and lots of latino music everywhere in the street. Unfortunately there is also a downside. Around every corner there is poverty. Dirty streets, lots of trash, poor children, people begging for money. It's hard to see in what conditions people are trying to survive and earn their money. Along the way, we met 2 fun french girls who spent their journey with us in Granada. It wouldn't have been the same without them.

15 June 2017

To finish our holidays in Costa Rica, we head back to San Jose to drop of our car and to explore the city. A lot of people didn't recommend us to go visit this city but as we had to be here to take the Tica bus to Nicaragua the next day we took the advantage to go explore the city. To be honest, this city is a jungle of lots of traffic, a weird vibe of drugs, dark alleys and not so clean streets. It is cool the see the contrast between the city and the breath taking nature of Costa Rica but I would not recommend staying here longer than one night and would only stay there if necessary. Costa Rica had way more to offer than this city.

13 June 2017

Our time in Costa Rica is almost coming to an end. We continue more south along the coast to La Punta Uvita. Here we stayed in an incredible hostel hidden in the jungle. Our room was an open kind of tree house surrounded by trees, flowers and the sounds of birds and monkeys. The best hostel we stayed in since our stay in Costa Rica. We visited Bahia Ballena, the beach in the form of a whale's Tale surrounded by a big natural park. We got surprised by the high tide and almost got stuck on the whale tale, flooding by water. We had some beers in our hostel because it's rain season which means sunny, dry, hot mornings and very rainy afternoons and nights. So try to plan your activities in the morning. As the sun rises around 5 and goes down around 5:30pm we are always awake around 5-6 am and go to bed around 9pm. Early morning birds!

11 June 2017

We continued our roadtrip along the coastline of Costa Rica to the little surfers town El Domenical. Think of a little hippie town with a couple of little houses and bars, surfshops mixed up with a quiet beach and some amazing waves. Upon arrival we dropped our bags and went to visit the waterfalls after an adventurous hike of 4 kms. The first waterfall was 24m and the second 40m. The next day we rented a surfboard and went surfing the whole day. I totally loved it. The sea is such an amazing thing! We met some dutch people, a funny french guy, an american and went for beers in the local beerfarm. The next day a canadian told us about la Posa Azul, a hidden waterfall in the forests close to domenicalito. We went on a little adventure and discovered the true Tarzan inside of us jumping with tree ropes in the water.
After 4 hours driving from La Fortuna downside the coastline and after a stop in the little surfers town Jaco, we arrived in Quepos, about 2 km's from the well known Manuel Antonio National Park and Playa known for its good waves and surfers. We immediately felt the relaxing surfvibes and the sounds of the sea. We had an amazing hostel called Pura Vida with lovely hosts, preparing us the most delicious breakfast, truly costa rica style. Fried banana, rice, papaya, apples, eggs and the best coffee I have ever tasted. We had a rooftop surrounded by nature where we could fall asleep to the sounds of screaming monkeys and singing birds. Mosquito bites were an extra touch to the wildlife lifestyle. We met some amazing people from Sweden, Amerika and Australia. We visited together The National Park, caught some waves and partied the night away at Selina with some typical shots made out of tequila, tomato juice and chili. Mouths on fire!! We also had the tastiest Cassado at Lucas.

9 June 2017

Our journey continued to La Fortuna. While driving we were enjoying the view of the inactive volcano La Fortuna. We didn't go close to it but decided to explore a bit in the surroundings. We stumbled across Natural Hot Water Springs. These are natural hot pools, well hidden in the forests along the roads of Costa Rica. Bathing overthere is the ultimate relaxation after a long roadtrip of 2 hours. We felt 100% zen.

8 June 2017

After arriving at the Costa Rica airport in San José. We picked up our Jimny and started our roadtrip to Poaz in Alajuela. We drove through an incredible scenery of palmtrees, wildlife and breathtaking views surrounded by clouds and waterfalls.