Vietnam, Thailand · 56 Days · 22 Moments · February 2018

South East Asia

25 April 2018

Phuket and Koh Phi Phi..... not a fan!!!

24 April 2018

Similan Liveaboard - Khao Lak WHALE SHARKS! 4 Days, 4 Nights Live aboard - 14 dives. Brilliant dive guides and food was excellent. The quality of the reefs and visibility was much better than Koh Tao.

14 April 2018

Koh Phangan Island south of Koh Tao. Stayed here for the Thai new year (Songkran) Almost all shops/restaurants/hotels closed for the day and everyone comes out on the street to have a country wide water fight! Second day we rented a motorbike to explore the island. - Josh searching for hermit crabs in the sea at sunset.

11 April 2018

Koh Tao 4 days diving here doing Josh’s Open Water and Advanced course. Beautiful island and lovely warm water! Shame the visibility for diving was poor!

7 April 2018

Cambodia-Thai Border Crossing

5 April 2018

Siem Reap 4am wake up to travel to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise behind the temple. After walking around and going inside the temple we visited Bayon Temple just outside.

4 April 2018

Phnom Penh Josh arrived in Phnom Penh early hours on the 3rd April. Day by the pool and wondering around the city and then visited the Killing Fields and S21 the following day. Very interesting but emotionally challenging learning about the genocide across Cambodia.

30 March 2018

Koh Rong Samloem 2 nights on the island staying at Mad Monkey hostel. Relaxed on the beach and in the sea hammocks during the day - fire show and DJ in the evening. Potentially fractured toe so no snorkelling for me! 😞

29 March 2018

Kampot - River Town Went on a tour up the mountain to see some abandoned buildings/waterfall - thick cloud so no views!

25 March 2018

Ho Chi Minh City Night out on the evening we arrived. Very busy walking street where all the bars where with heavy dance music. Got some street food for breakfast the next day and went to the War Remnants Museum - shocking but interesting although bias. Bus to Cambodia on the 27th March 18.

22 March 2018

Mui Na Got up at 4am for the sunrise tour over the sand dunes and the visited the ‘fairy stream’ - disappointing! Chilled here for a few days by the pool.

18 March 2018

Da Lat Long winding road into the mountains to get to the city of Da Lat. Here I went on a motorbike tour for the day to see Pongour waterfall, Elephant waterfall, Paradise Lake and various farms (pepper,mushroom, cricket, coffee, silk) In town, I went to the ‘crazy house’ and explored the night markets buying new fruits to try. Also went to the ‘Maze Bar’ on Saint Patrick’s Day. As I was getting the bus to leave, a storm hit with heavy rain/hail and thunder - good timing!

16 March 2018

Nha Trang Coastal Town - nice beach but full of tourists. Went to waterfall on the back of a motorbike for cliff jumping. To the left of the waterfall resembled a little jacuzzi and on the right you could climb up and behind the the waterfall, where more water water falling from the sides and ceiling.

14 March 2018

Hoi An Stayed next to the beach outside of main tourist area first night then moved into a hostel in the centre of town after Kayleigh went home. Very chilled atmosphere with Lanterns hanging all around the town and they are drifted down the river in the evening.

11 March 2018

Da Nang Walked around the built up city of Da Nang and watched the dragon bridge spit it’s fire at 9pm. The following morning we went for a 20km walk along the beach from our hotel to ‘Lady Buddha’ which overlooked the sea.

9 March 2018

Hue Today we went to ‘Hồ Thuỷ Tiên’ - an abandoned water park which remains unfinished since 2004 due to a lack of finances. We arrived at the entrance where guards stood with signs that stated ‘no visitors’ so we turned round to see if we could find another way in. Heading back, we ran into other travellers with the same idea and we decided to walk through the trees to avoid the guard and found a way in!

7 March 2018

Phong Nha We got a night bus to Phong Nha which took 7hrs and arrived at 4.30am. We rented bikes later that day and biked 20km, visiting ‘the duck stop’ on the way where Kayleigh fed ducks and rode a buffalo. The following day we booked a organised tour to ‘paradise Cave’ -which is full of impressive stalactites and is the longest dry cave in Asia - and ‘Dark Cave’. Here we zip wired over the water to the cave then swam inside. The guide led us through a small passage to a mud pool where we all got in in the dark! After, we kayaked away from the cave and played on water park (zip wires/swing/obstacle course).

5 March 2018

Tam Coc We climbed up to a viewing point (Hang Mua) in the midday heat.. wasn’t our best idea!! Along the top of the ridge was a stone dragon which looked down on the surrounding rice fields and river. In the evening we visited the Buddhist Temple - Bai Dinh. We were able to see it in the afternoon light, watch the sunset and it lit up in the dark. Our Homestay arranged a motorbike taxi for me and Kayleigh which allowed us to see the stunning countryside on the journey there too. Day 2 here and we got the boat trip in Trang An which was packed out with tourists - Mainly Vietnamese. The Scenery itself was pretty but was mainly ruined by the shear amount of people there.

4 March 2018

Tam Coc We arrived in the afternoon at our beautiful accommodation (Ham Rong Homestay) in Tam Coc after a rather testing bus journey. Our private room and shower felt like heaven compared to the damp dorms the night before.

2 March 2018

We got the all day Boat Tour arranged by our hostel to explore Ha Long Bay. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining! At the first stop we went inside one of the caves which was lit up and full of stalactites and other limestone formations. The next stop we went to a oyster/pearl farm where we were shown the implantation process to encourage pearls to grow. Here we also got kayaks out which allowed us to get close the the rock faces and got out to take some photos. The last stop consisted of a 400step climb to the top of one of the islands where we got a beautiful panoramic view! Lunch was included and was a fantastic addition to our day out.

1 March 2018

Ha Long Town. Water park, theme park and flower gardens. You could get on a cable car across the water to one of the islands where the Ferris wheel was. Stayed in ‘Happy Hostel’.

28 February 2018

Me and Kayleigh arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam on 28th February 2018 after a 19hour flight via Kuala Lumpur. We narrowly missed the heavy snow across the UK and managed to get there in time.