Australia · 23 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Ella's journi to Australia

13 May 2017

I arrived in Agnes Water on Friday night. Had quite a chilled morning there just lounging by the pool topping up on my sun tan! I decided to sign up for Scooteroo, little did I realise that riding a motor bike is fucking hard! All the bikes were old Harley Davison's and every time I tried to turn the bike one way my body would do the opposite thing! Safe to say I am not the best on 2 wheels! I do want to learn how to ride a motor bike when I get home. We all went around Agnes Water and stopped off to get potato wedges and watch the sun set. I met 3 really nice people here: Vic, Jess and Liam who will be continuing up the coast with me! Next stop: Airlie Beach!

9 May 2017

09-11/05/17 : Went to Fraser Island for 3 days, the first 2 days were really raining but it was still beautiful! We went to Lake McKenzie and the Champagne Pools which were stunning and on the last day we went to Lake Wabby. I met some interesting people here, one guy was a prison guard back home who told us all the horrible stories of what he had to deal with back home! I was unlucky as I was put in the rubbish car with a bunch of Germans who wouldn't speak English but luckily I made friends from other cars!! Met some English people who I won't be keeping in contact with also! Really amazing experience overall! I did also meet an Italian guy called Matteo who taught me lots of Italian swear words, I will be meeting him further up the coast! We saw lots of dingos on the trip and were warned to take a stick with us if we went to the beach at night because apparently they are dangerous! On the night we got back we all had a few drinks and said our goodbyes. Next stop: Agnes Water

8 May 2017

My first night at Nomads Noosa (7/5/17), room 4. Met 2 lovely guys called George and Francis who were in my room and went to the hostel bar for a few drinks. We also met this funny Italian guy called Victor. The 4 of us took part in the bar quiz, which we completely sucked at. We then went to a really cool bar in the town and got a bottle of wine. Victor had a crush on George which was hilarious. We also got these amazing espresso martinis, my first one ever!! After we went back to George and Francis' campervan and bunned a few zoots before bed! (This was supposed to be a sober night for me- oops) 8/5/17 - Today I went out for brunch with George and Francis. We then went for a walk around Noosa, unfortunately the weather was crap but we made it up to the view point which was stunning even though it was cloudy! After that we walked down to the beach and went for a swim, the waves were MASSIVE!! After we went to a cafe for a drink they dropped me back, sad to have to say goodbye !

4 May 2017

I got to Brisbane on May 4th and spent 3 nights there. As I was quite hungover my plan was to have a sober night the first night- this did not happen. I shared a room with 5 others including 2 French boys: Adrian and Aurellia who invited me to join in with their drinking games. We then went out to a load of different pubs and bars and I got VERY drunk. We ended up in down under bar where I met Aimee and her friends. The next day I went to Streets Beach- a fake beach in Brisbane. Aimee, Liam, Alfie and George(?) met me there and we spent most of the day there. We decided that night would be a pizza and movie night which was really needed after the night before!! 6/7 was my last full day in Brisbane, we went to Kangaroo Cliffs Point to watch the sun set (which we missed) then went out in the evening. Another very drunk night, had lots of fun with Aimee who I will definitely keep in contact with! Ended the night getting McDonalds- amazing.

20 April 2017

I was in Melbourne for 2 weeks to stay with Edwige, landed on 4/20 which was a great day to be spending with Edwige! We did lots of things in Melbourne including seeing major landmarks, going to art galleries, we went to 2 jungle events there aswell which were really good! I got the chance to go back to the gym which I missed SO much. At the 2nd event we met some cool / strange people. One guy called Liam who was a bit obsessive, and one guy called Marshall who I didn't really like at first but ended up being a really cool guy. We all went back to Liam's house for afters which was a bit strange but in a good way! Edwige and I went to the Royal Botanical gardens which were really pretty, Melbourne coffee is also really good!! I had the best kebab EVER on Flinders Street aswell!!