Hong Kong S.A.R. · 18 Days · 24 Moments · October 2016

Elizabeth Akman

Elizabeth's world wide adventure!

23 October 2016

First night out in Shanghai: Met up with Jeremy and his friend from MIT, Milo. They were staying at a hotel down the street from me. Had a drink at the roof of their hotel, beautiful views over the water of Shanghai. Dinner at Jeremy's favorite French restaurant (Shanghai has a huge French influence and specific French quarter), complete with pate, fois gras, sashimi, and Chinese wine. Went to a bar on the 50 something floor of the 2nd tallest tower in Shanghai (the tallest was already closed for the night). Unfortunately it was super rainy and foggy, so we couldn't see anything- we were literally in the clouds. Went to a reggae themed Chinese bar owned by a Tibetan woman. No shoes allowed and everyone sits on the floor. Went to an underground bar called the Shelter, used to be a bunker. Went to sleep :)
China, what a weird place. No google, no Facebook, intense customs, counterfeit anything you could ever want.

21 October 2016

It was a strange time to be in Thailand. Their long reigning and well loved king recently passed, and the entire country is in a state of mourning. There are images and shrines for him everywhere, all over town there are black and white draped cloths, and everyone is wearing black. The streets are much emptier than usual, bars and clubs are closed, the radio either has nothing on it or traditional Thai music, and their famous outdoor markets are all closed.

20 October 2016

My hotel room was on the 43rd floor 😳

19 October 2016

I did get to eat some awesome Thai food! The first night we were dined by a potential partner, who brought us (me, Jeremy, and two of our awesome Thai alumni) to a very fancy restaurant. The second day, I was in Thailand alone, Jeremy went to Korea while I took more meetings in Bangkok. That night I met up with our alumni and they took me to the biggest mall in Bangkok - Paragon. Malls are a big deal in Thailand, they have everything you could ever want- food, shopping, ice skating, aquariums, theaters, car dealerships, even hotels. They took me to a super authentic Thai restaurant (they pointed out I was the only non Thai person there) and we had tons of dishes. One of my favorites was the Tom yum soup :) then they took me to After You, a dessert place so popular in Thailand they went IPO last year. Also, there are Swensen's all over thailand! I had no room for sticky chewy chocolate, but it was tempting.

18 October 2016

A very quick stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- just over 24 hours. My hotel room was 3x the size of my first SF apartment and only cost 60$. Included a living room, kitchen with full table, washer/dryer, full bathroom, king sized bed, and office. Walked through a market to get dinner with some make school alumni who are living there and working on private contracts, making good money and living very cheap. I couldn't even tell you what I ate, but it was all delicious! Meetings with private and public school systems in the morning, then off to Bangkok!
Day 1 in HK: Breakfast at hotel Lunch at IFC, one of the tallest towers in HK Met with 10 teachers at ESF (English school foundation) to discuss the best ways to implement computer science in their schools (use make school, duh!) Dinner for a friends birthday at a Michelin rated Cantonese restaurant. Ended up sitting next to someone who is first cousins with the Stewart's (a family I grew up with and who live in my parents neighborhood!) Trekked through the rain to a hidden daiquiri bar. I thought it was closed for sure, but Jeremy knocked and someone rushed us in before anyone else could notice! Very cool experience. Day 2: Meeting with HQ at 8 am 😑 Dim sum for breakfast with alumni (see pic) School visit (see pic) Rushed to airport, ran to gate, plane was late! On the way to Malaysia right now.
Jeremy speaking to students at an international school about iOS development
Dim sum at a Michelin rated diner in a train station. SO GOOD

16 October 2016

Hong Kong from "The Peak"
Made it safe and sound to Hong Kong. The train system is very easy to understand- not only is there English, but the signs in the stations and on the trains are so easy to understand, very direct. Walked through town a bit to get to my hotel. What a lively place! Called an Uber to take me to a dinner spot recommended by a colleague. Uber arrived in 1 minute and it's a Tesla model s :) woohoo

14 October 2016

Two of Nico's little cousins are puking. Wish me luck, no time to be sick now :/
Was supposed to leave today for Asia, but my trip was delayed a day. Staying one more night in Höllviken. Leaving from Copenhagen tomorrow, first Asia stop- Hong Kong!
Nico is making Swedish meatballs for dinner 😍

12 October 2016

Puerta de Alcalá
Time with Glenn, Carolina, and Mauro in Madrid

8 October 2016

Slept in today, spent time at home with mormor (grandma), and did some shopping with Susanne :) relaxing Saturday!

7 October 2016

Surprise! We're in Texas! Jk we just found the Texas bar 🍻
Göta kanal - "a Swedish canal constructed in the early 19th century. It formed the backbone of a waterway stretching some 614 km (382 mi), linking a number of lakes and rivers to provide a route from Gothenburg on the west coast to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea via the river Göta älv and the Trollhätte kanal, through the large lakes Vänern and Vättern."

6 October 2016

Gamla stan Linköping (old town of Linköping)

5 October 2016

Sunset at the Malmö train station. On our way to see Susanne!
A million bikes at the train station 🚴🏼
Observation by Nicolai: I am the only brunette in this country 😂
Swedish breakfast: vinkel with smör, mjuk ost, and gurka (Swedish bread with butter, soft cheese, and cucumber) Yum! ☺️ Joakim's house, Höllviken