North America, Europe · 13 Days · 26 Moments · June 2017

Springborn family tour through Europe

28 June 2017

Giverny.... beautiful

26 June 2017

Been so busy in Paris - was able to come home and have a nap

25 June 2017

Enjoying Paris . It doesn't get dark until 1045 pm
Paris . I am in love !
Another day in Paris

23 June 2017

Day in Florence
Great day in Florence in museums
In Florence and the food market

22 June 2017

Arrived in Florence

21 June 2017

Walking around Rome . Villa borghenese gardens and Just a lot of walking ....that I love

20 June 2017

Family time ! Getting to have our time is priceless
Another day another coffee
Colosseum , roman forum, Palestine hill today, holy stairs - Jesus walked to his crucifixion, if you look into the glass you can see his blood . We have to walk on knees , we did it - really interesting and spiritual experience.

19 June 2017

I'll talk about all the yummy food we are eating !!! The coffee is amazing . You could stop there but the pizza we had today was 4 cheeses - including blue cheese - YUM!
So we were walking and found a priest and nun shop so thought I would post . Very interesting - wonder how many changes of clothes they need ! The other pics are of the pantheon and the Spanish steps . Busy place ! Glad we did skip the line tour in Vatican - others were waiting a long time
Pictures of the crowds ! Busy Rome . Pic of the security around the city . Always 2 men with guns on the corners and in metro. 2 interesting events 1. Saw a lady fall off her moped and she had people help but ambulance came quickly 2. Young Couple were sitting at Trevi fountain and the police pulled him out and off to the outside of the fountain. We moved away quickly as we were next to them Certainly seeing a lot of interesting things , kids are learning a lot - how to cross traffic without getting hit by chaos. Watching the kids has been amazing to see their eyes open to new things .
Arrived in Rome via eurowings from Vienna. Great quick easy flight , for alittle luxury jeff had a beer and I had a prosecco. Greeted by a driver to the airbnb. Right in the middle of the Vatican City suburb. Lovely apartment , right by the bridge. Spent the evening roaming in Rome . Dinner was a caprese type salad and pizza and pasta . Perfecto!!! Trevi fountain and wandering watching dogs , lovers and sights . Home to sleep and prep for another fabulous day. Ready for Vatican City tour today . Pictures to come

18 June 2017

Morning walk! Everyone came walking with me ! Walked over to the Danube . We were right where mum and I were 3 years ago doing our bike tour. Down having Father's Day breakfast for jeff . Off to Rome today . Hope my bag comes with me !!!
My bag arrived - it is 12mn !!! Yay . I can't wait to wear something new !!

17 June 2017

Still no bag so after a Vienna bike trip around city in am , I went to buy a dress for our evening concert . Everyone was wearing jeans so I guess I didn't need to change. But I felt lovely in my brand new dress from Vienna city centre . The bike tour was enjoyable, we saw sights that I would never have seen on own. Came back to hotel and took a nap since I was awake at 2am. Ryan was awake searching for contact lenses - sleep walking. We had a nice sachet chocolate cake and champagne, in the hotel. Off to an amazing violin performance in St. Peter's church. Enjoyable enough that we were in front row and I closed my eyes listen to it all. We went back to the hotel to call united AGAIN on the bag issue. They said my orange bag was out for delivery ! I'll believe it when I see it . We went out to get dinner - we ate at a lovely Austrian restaurant - 10% if we eat inside , it was like a night club - we are eating like Europeans- 10pm at night. Good meal then kids had ice cream .
Bike ride this am around Vienna . Interesting info and great way to see the city. Breakfast was at the hotel - it was yummy . Hotel am stephansplatz. Definitely worth the find . Stayed in hotel room looking out the cathedral . Afternoon was spent trying to find a dress to wear for tonight . No bag still . H&M came through - even have shoes !
Breakfast at the hotel
Morning walk with jeff while kids are sleeping
Morning walk continues
Left flagstaff 330am on 15th via the Arizona shuttle. Picked us up at home - great journey down to phx . Checked in on united. Via Houston to London Heathrow to Vienna . Enjoyed a boots sandwich at the airport . Flight was enjoyable . Ryan watched every episode of friends he could ! I watch Bridget jones baby. Sweet movie . Arrived Vienna and straight on the CAT to city centre . Jeff picked us up at the beach - a scene at the CAT terminal. Walked to the hotel to drop off bag. My bag is delayed right now enjoying its own vacation in Heathrow . Walked around town and stopped at the opera house , the Spanish school (horses) . Roamed around . Had dinner at a restaurant on the main square. Snitzel and goulash . Campari and orange for my cocktail. Jeff had a stout beer and kiddos had coke. Off for a quick shop at the supermarket for a wine for the room , and ice cream. Watched the end of my movie - me before you ... cried like a baby. Sitting looking out at the St Stephens is amazing

15 June 2017

Trip photos day 1