United States of America · 35 Days · 15 Moments · August 2017

Last Semester at UAH!

15 September 2017

SUCCESS!!! Daniel's senior design project has officially met its main objective!
Daniel set the UAH urban disc golf course record... again. New score to beat: +1!

10 September 2017

#irmasurvivors As Irma barreled down on Orlando, our Young relatives decided to evacuate to Huntsville. We got to spend a lot of time with them and had a good time playing cornhole, volleyball, and talking.

9 September 2017

Forrest Sillivant finally got married! And we got last minute invited. It was a pretty, farmsy backyard wedding with great food and a lot more people than Forrest and Sydney intended.

5 September 2017

That moment when you're famous... we made the main advertisement for the fall career fair. It was our last career fair, and we didn't go. Instead, we announced our ULA job offers in social media (and got a million likes).

2 September 2017

Hello, Atlanta! This trip was a month in the making, but we finally made to it IKEA on a double date with Riley and Sara. Riley needs to furnish his house, and we were hunting for a standing desk for Daniel. We happened to pick a weekend where we got free food if we spent more than $100... so we took full advantage with a $55 meal for the four of us! We didn't find the standing table Daniel really wanted (for the price he wanted), but we picked a temporary desk and headed to checkout. While in line, Daniel spotted the "damaged, as-is" area so we moseyed over to check it out. Just before we were done looking, I FOUND IT. I found the $550 motorized standing desk that Daniel wanted but couldn't bring himself to pay for...for half off! Score!!! We spent the evening at Clark and Rose's apartment along with Abby and Jonathan. Good fellowship and competitive giant Jenga commenced. We didn't get back till late, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

28 August 2017

Members of the frisbee community recently created an "underground urban disc golf" course at UAH. Daniel currently holds the TOP THREE records on the course and has thrown two hole-in-ones on the last hole (earning these disc signatures).

26 August 2017

Hit up one of Daniel's favorite places: the Chattanooga Aquarium! We made it a double date, and had a blast looking at (and touching) the animals! At the end, we bought an annual pass so we can come back as often as we want. Daniel's favorite: the bottom of the ocean exhibit. My favorites: jellyfish and stingrays Dad's favorite: butterfly pavilion Mom's favorite: touch pools

20 August 2017

Drove north for the solar eclipse and spent the day with Uncle Paul, Aunt Kymberlee, Evie, and Grandma and Grandpa Stanley. Good conversations and treasured family time. We got a minute and thirty seconds of totality!
Hopped around at Shakalaka for half an hour, and broke some blood vessels.

19 August 2017

Date night: Spider-Man at the luxury theater and then Steel City Pops while strolling bridge street. Since I had a full lunch card, we only spent $3 on the evening!

18 August 2017

#delpsatlast! We were honored to be invited to the beautiful wedding. Madelyn and Delp have the most contagious smiles! There was a relaxed atmosphere and we got to hang out with good friends. Guys beat girls at corn hole, but it was close! Feeling like adults :)

16 August 2017

New semester! Our last first day or school, if you can believe it. The food has gotten better, the freshmen and parking have gotten worse.

14 August 2017

Just another day running errands... to Nashville. It rained the whole drive up (and I scared Daniel with my driving). We helped make dinner for his aunt and uncle, and Daniel convinced the 3rd graders to show off on the trampoline. He did a bit of showing off himself...

11 August 2017

To celebrate our return to Huntsville, we hit up the mall for rolled ice cream with baby sister. The boba tea brought her to tears...