United Kingdom, Austria · 87 Days · 36 Moments · September 2017

Austrian Adventures

9 December 2017

Today I: -Cried a lot, and then some more -Hugged people, and then again, and then for real -Said goodbye to some of the loveliest people i have met - and the Austrian alps -Saw a castle on a hill -Had a not-bad plane ride -Found out that Austrian trains are nicer than London trains -Got lost in a train station -Found my way out of said station and down the the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. -Said goodbye again to Tauernhof-ers in the London airport -Listened to "The Last Goodbye" and tried not to cry. -Appreciated how Jesus helped me through a ton of difficult situations i couldnt handle myself

25 November 2017

Today was eventful! Fun yet regular morning Went to Salzburg this afternoon until 7:30, technical destination the Christmas Market, but of course rained until about an hour before we left. So had cafe fun and climbed most of the way to the Fortress and had amazing views of the city. Such a gorgeous place, i would've loved to see it in sunlight. Then just fun times wandering around. We thought we would miss the Krampus Parade.. Which i was fine with, but got the tail end of it. Meaning we had to run across the street to get home. Props to Dom for being my tΓΈp bus buddy and protecting me from Krampi Salzburg 10/10 would recomend.. If not raining Im sorry these are getting less and less nicely worded.. Also the irony of the demon parade starting right in front of Bible School was noticed.

18 November 2017

This past saturday was lovely! Went to a mountain town and enjoy the lovely views the lake had to offer. As well as enjoyed some lovely coffee and super yummy hazelnut roll. I also saw this amazing shirt which well represents every time i told someone what country i was going to... "No, Austria, the one with the alps not the one with the kangaroos." In the evening all of Tauernhof was assembled at a nearby gym. There an Austrian with an accordian taught us Austrian dances. So.Much.Fun!!! It was really lovely! (Though the €4.90 hot chocolate was a bit much)

11 November 2017

Here's a slightly more upbeat update! Last night we had another swing dancing session and it was a lot of fun! Today we went on probably my last hike in the Austrian alps. It was gorgeous! And the hike meant it was not cold until we summitted and ate lunch with freezing fingers :) The way down had a couple steep parts, and slippery! Most of it was just fun and adventure-forcing, but there was one point that i literally could see no foothold. So rather than falling acvidentally, i slid down on my but. May have been the highlight of the hike! But the whole thing was truly gorgeous. (All the more for having watched the Perfect music video the day before 😜😊)

4 November 2017

from last Saturday We visited a concentration camp. It was one of the most sobering places I've ever visited. There was a while when i couldn't shower without thinking of the horrors and cruelty they experienced in theirs. It was such a strange place as well because of how close to the town it was. Not to mention there was a football field only a barbed wire fence away from the infirmary. I think it made the whole thing more jarring and disturbing. People knew, people ignored. Yet again the realization of how powerless they may have felt.. But how much more powerless the people inside were. What made me feel the sickest was the fact that this camp was known for a quarry. Extermination by work. I dont want to go into more detail about that because i dont want to think through it again. But seeing the gas chambers was like seeing mercy afterwards. Sorry if you read through all this, but these posts are also a sort of journal for me for when I've long forgotten and need to be reminded

28 October 2017

This morning St. Stephen's Cathedral! Gorgeous building! And then we went into the catacombs... It somehow escaped my reasoning that that would mean dead people *shudder* thankful for Valerie letting me know which rooms i may not want to look into due to mass graves from the Black Death.. Oh and then there was the room with mummified remains in pots lining the walls! Needless to say i enjoyed walking through tunnels under the city, but not so much the other stuff.. But then we climbed a million steps up the tower! The view and experience of the spiral staircase was very much worth the climb. Literally felt like i was in a fantasy novel. This afternoon we went to the market (the name escapes me atm, look up Vienna Market, you'll get the picture) 😊 Then we went to the Belvedere palace, which and art museum as well as a really lovely palace to walk through. There i was pleasently surprised by many recognizable paintings. And now we are relaxing exhausted at our airbnb with food!
Some photos from today :) St. Stephen's Cathedral (snuck a shot in the tunnels though we werent allowed.. #rebel) Belvedere Palace

27 October 2017

The rain let up upon finishing our coffee, which led to the most amazing afternoon adventure! We wandered around historical downtown Vienna enjoying the buildings and statues! At a few point we would just see the steeple of a big church and walk in that direction until reaching it. I was very thankful that Valerie found wandering as fun as i do😊 After an extended stroll.. We returned to Hofburg Palace, which is pretty much the middle of the historic area, it has many parts including the national library, as well as Wien Museum. Because we still had time to kill we decided to check if the museum was also free for under 19 yr olds like the library it was! So we were able to tour medieval weaponry and armour before making dinner plans with a friend. Well because nothing is ever simple for us, we told him to go to a different restaurant branch than we were headed to.. Accidentally.. But we made it and enjoyed delicious food. Followed by dessert at McCafe, which is nicer here ofc
Photo's to come! But here's what Vienna has been like since arrival.... Adventure Overload!! Last night we arrived to easily find our tram stop, easy-peasy lemon squeezy. One tram to our airbnb! That is until everyone had to leave the tram due to track work.. So we found the same number further up! And again had to get off soom after.. Finally we took one more and actually arrived at out stop.. 50 minutes late Thankfully our host was lovely! Today: Spanish riding school in the morning. Mixed feelings as i wasnt a fan of the way they held the horses head most of the time.. But gorgeous animals! And the young training time was fun to watch because they held their heads freer but were still learning epic stunts and jumps. And thats when the rain started.. We found a cafe for lunch. Then went to the National Library, which was beautiful! Though also included a rather creepy exhibition about freemasons.. But the books were lovely! We then headed to Starbucks to use wifi and plan.
Highlights from yesterday! Way too many pictures to post, so here are a few. Wandering around in the afternoon, random streets and churches that were pretty! Hofburg Palace The museum: medieval armoury exhibition Weird crow-pigeon hybrid

14 October 2017

On the top and the way down! The goal for our hike was the "mirror lake". despite the sunny day, the water was literally ice cold, which stopped few from jumping in and/or fallinf off of the slack-line into its icy deapths. Not me.. But the scenery was extraordinary all the same, and being the first group up meant that i could enjoy it well! The way down was of course simpler, we didnt take the rediculously steep rocky way.. But we were still able to enjoy forest paths for a lot of the way back down, and they mostly seemed more gradual than they had earlier 😊 All in all a grand day! Though extremely tiring. Despite my fatigue i am now off to play capture the flag! Much love ❀
On the way up! Today I went on a hike! Surprise! πŸ˜€ Might be my favourite. The way up was very challenging, but absolutely gorgeous! The first while was through forest trails of roots and rocks. And at one point we we climbing up a very steep "trail" which was basically rocks as huge steps up the side of the mountain. Hands were needed and it was kind of scary! But extremely exciting and, well, fun! I didnt get a picture of the side of the mountain from there because i was focussed on making my legs move and not dying.. So enjoy these pictures from spots along the way!

13 October 2017

Before i relate the stunning adventures of today.. Here is last night's sunset from my balcony :) Last night was a swing dancing class, it was super fun! We're hoping to have more dancing night :)

10 October 2017

Canadian friendsgiving! More than slightly impressed we got everyone in these, from where i was it seemed hopeless! Haha Since i was on settup team, i even had the chance to deccorate 😊

8 October 2017

Austrian Thanksgiving Parade! They handed out free shots of Schnapps (i didnt have the opportunity to enjoy) and the freshest apple juice ever! (Which i enjoyed whole-heartedly!) 🍎🍏🍎🍏They were squeezing it on a float and running with pitchers from the back to pour for people on the sidelines. Kebabs for lunch Good day!

7 October 2017

Well yesterday was amazing! First Birthday in Austria! (Though technically Austria time i was born today.Timezones are confusing) Woke up and came out of the shower to be given chocolate and a card from my lovely roomates! Went to breakfast and very much enjoyed it 😊 I was then called up and given the b-day speciality 😁 but before the singing started a requested the German birthday song, which the Germans delivered beautifully! Including an extra verse from one room! Afterwards i was showered with hugs and literally felt so so happy. The German birthday song complete with clapping sounds like something that should be sung in a Hobbiton pub 😊 Had a lovely morning of reading and enjoying the rainy atmosphere of the outdoors from indoors. Then went to the grocery store and bought some favourite things for lunch! (By this point i really needed fo eat something other than chocolate) Then night ended with Prince Caspian and a card game. Thank you to all who contributed to this blessed day

30 September 2017

More photos from yesterday taken by people! The whole group, the smaller group is all of the Canadians! We didnt sing a song as a group on the top of this mountain, so us Canadians sang Oh Canada as we got our photot taken in the Austrian alps, actually pretty crazy!
The rest of the peoples took mountain go-carts (something they decided would not be legal most places!) Down the slope. We decided to walk down. We took a very different path from the way up. Steep and a bit terrifying at times, but Cor just reminded us to keep smiling, and the views and experience was well worth it 😊 The scenery we walked through felt like LOTR, and the path changed from streams, to rocks, to roots and pine needles with moss.
View from the summit! Absolutely extraordinary. The best view of the alps i have had so far 😊
So many pictures from today's hike! So I am going to divide them into three posts. Here is the climb to the top, not as steep and last Saturday, and only 730m elevation (only, i know 😁) Maybe my favourite so far. We walked up through fog, and the clouds! I found that staying at the front keeps me morivated, so thats what we did!

27 September 2017

Went hiking yesterday! Shorter and more enjoyable than the last one! Plus seeing marmots 😁 So beautiful, the literal reason i came here

25 September 2017

Went on a lovely walk along a rushing river to watch our Taurnhauf team play against Sportsreach.... In front of the alps of course :)

23 September 2017

Sights along the way
Guess what i did today?! I climbed (most of) Mount Planai! Vertical distance of 1000 km high! At about 650 however me and another girl took the gondola the rest of the way up... This prairie girl had no idea the intensity of mountain hiking! It wasnt without regret, so i went the whole way back down. It was the most challenging thing that i have done so far in life, but the view from the top was sooooo worth it 😁
Being at the summit of a mountain in the middle of the alps was definitely extremely humbling. We sang a song at the summit and it was beautiful. Our Creator knows what He's doing!
On the summit!
The way up!

20 September 2017

Wifi wasnt working for the last little while! Last night we had our first family group meeting, it was lovely 😊 This afternoon was sports afternoon! We went to a field and played a ton of games!

18 September 2017

Second day here! Info sessions, then a tour of the town, followed by shopping 😁
Morning view

17 September 2017

My room and the view from outside of it :)

16 September 2017

Landing in Salzburg
A day of travel! Arrived at the Gatwick airport half-deaf after a terrible plane landing. Checked into my hotel and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Now for an early sleep, and an even earlier morning 😊

14 September 2017

Toronto Pearson International Airport!