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South East Asia Trip

30 June 2015

29 June 2015

28 June 2015

27 June 2015

Our first day in Thailand. :) We were pretty tired from the flight and the trip to Krabi, but we figured no better place to be tired than at the beach. So we got a long boat to Railay beach and took a nap on the beach there and swam in the water, and drank some beer. It was a really nice beach and it was cool because you could only get to it by boat. We then went back to our hotel for the night and found this amazing Rasta bar, more on that later.
ON OUR WAY TO THAILAND! WOOO! We got a flight from Penang National Airport to Krabi Thailand. We flew Firefly, which is a small airline branch of Malaysia Airlines (sketch), but we got to Krabi, just fine and Firefly was actually amazingly accommodating. For a 45 minute flight we got drinks and snacks. You would never get that on any US airline. Also Our little plane was really cute.

26 June 2015

Our second to last night in Penang we had amazing Poh Piah and Chicken Satay and peanut sauce. I was really surprised this day that, I was able to eat all of this food because earlier in the day my stomach was not having a fun time and I thought I was going to Poop my pants on the way back from the mall and seeing a movie. It was pretty bad, but I made it to the toilet. and was able to rest until I was finally hungry enough again to eat some AMAZING Poh Piah and Chicken Satay, Thank the lord because I would have been really sad if I didn't get to eat those last to Poh Piah Rolls. Also we got bed bugs in our last hotel room and it was awful, I don't recommend ever getting bed bugs because the bites itch like a mofo!

24 June 2015

We also took the bus over to Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple, which is the largest in Malaysia. It had the potential to me amazing, but first they were doing construction all over the temple, might I add it desperately needed it, AND it was closed when we got there so we only got to see the outside. Although, it looked like and amazing place.
These lifesize monkey pitcher photo props, were my favorite part of Penang hill I think. I thought they were adorable. Yay MONKEY PITCHERS!
The day after the last bummy day we went to a movie and the mall, and that was about it. The great thing about Penang there was never a shortage of great food, so atleast with a bum foot I didnt have to walk very far to eat amazing food. The day after the movie day, we decided to explore and I walked a little that day, actually alot more than I should have probably. We took a visit to Penang Hill which is a hill in the middle of Penang that was originally used to house resorts, because of the degree of coolness higher up in altitude. Now it is mostly just a tourist attractions because it had a train, that runs straight up hill, it is actually kind of scary. We almost hit a dog crossing the tracks on the way up. Although once you get up there, there is a view, although not much of one that day and that is about it. There are some temples, and a random Owl Museum.
One of the bummy days in Penang that consisted basically only of walking down the street to get an amazing barbecue pork lunch. It was seriously the best BBQ Pork I have ever had. The Asian are amazing and BBQ and fried chicken, I never knew!

23 June 2015

Last picture on the way out of the national park. It was such a bummer hurting myself, the next few days consisted of lots of lounging around and playing cards and such. I also took a nice visit to the local clinic so they could wrap up my foot, and give me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The visit cost me only $6 for drugs and all! It was great!

22 June 2015

This was an amazing day and a sad day. The National park here in Penang, Malaysia was amazing I would have never expected to see so many native fauna in the wild in one place, it was so wonderful. Here particularly they have native water monitor lizards. These things are gigantic, we saw some that were over 6 feet long like real life dinosaurs, and they could walk right next to you and swim in the ocean with you! SO SCARY! They could also probably bite your head off. Thank god that did not happen. There were also 2 species of monkeys, one being the ones you can see all over asia and another which is pictured in this post. I am not sure what the name was but they were so adorable. The reason this was a sad day was because this was the day I sprained my foot. :( I twisted it on a root on the hike back out of the national park. It was extremely painful. I cried alot, and Ross being the beautiful boyfriend he is helped me out of the park the whole way. Even while stepping in Monitor poop.

21 June 2015

Another continuation of our bike tour around Georgetown. We saw some beautiful temples, a small flea market and crap tons of Durian. (ALL THE DURIAN! GROSS) Doesn't Ross look adorable on his bike! :)
More street art. Another part of the art along with the painted art, are the cast iron cartoons all over the walls of Penang, these cast iron cartoons tell stories of much of the history of Georgetown. They are really fun to look at and are location specific and tell you fun facts about where you are at now, or about the building or street for which the art is located. For example there was a cartoon talking about a specific building where Jimmy Choo first did his apprenticeship as a show designer. Who would have thought in Penang Malaysia.
The other absolutely amazing part of our self guided bike tour was looking for all the amazing street art around Penang. This was another amazing thing about this place. You could pick up a map around tourist booths that would direct you to all the amazing street art around Penang. All the art is created by different artists and all equally amazing. Lots of cat art! :)
The second day in Penang, I was very hungover! Ooops, so we didn't get out of our hostel in till around 1 or 2:00 in the afternoon, but I am so glad that we did because it was amazing. Ross and I rented bicycles for $2 and rode around the town. Our first stop was the jetty, where many people live in houses on stilts above the ocean it was a strange tourist attraction because you walked down this small street passing people homes where they sold souvenirs out of their living rooms. At some point I am sure these people were fisherman and it was beneficial for them to be that close to their boats, but now I am not sure how many of them do that anymore.

20 June 2015

We found the cheapest place to buy alcohol in all of Malaysia! Which is still not that cheap. Alcohol is very expensive in Malaysia due to the fact that it is a Muslim country and it is against their religion to drink alcohol, thus they tax it heavily to discourage people from drinking it. Granted in comparison still to the US it was 10 Ringitt for 3 standard size beers, which is about $2.50. In comparison to the rest of Asia though it is very expensive.
This was the street we stayed on first in Penang. As you can see from the pictures that,all the buildings are in the style of historic british colonial buildings. This is because the East India Trading Company in the early 1700s called Georgetown (Capital city of the State of Penang) home. It was a complete british colonial colony for quite a while, and now it is completely inhabited by Chinese, Malay, and Indians. The contrast is amazing!! The buildings here are so extremely old and relatively well preserved. The area in which all the british architectures lay, is now a UNESCO Historical site and will be preserved just as it is for years to come. Although nowadays, many cheap hotels and hostels make it a really great place for backpackers and travelers to come visit.
Our first night in Penang, which we ended up spending 7 of them, but more on that later. Penang has has the BEST food so far in Malaysia. It is known for having the more decadent food in Malaysia, due to its rich heritage and small area. Our hostel the first night was located very close to China town, and specifically close to a weekend food market which has amazing chinese/malay food. Such as Poh Piah!!!! My favorite thing thus far. It is a cook spring roll type thing with peanut sauce and cooked veggies on the inside needless to say amazing. Also Ross got a mustache!!!!
Our last half of a day in the Highlands, before we took a bus to Penag Island Malaysia. Here is a picture of the hostel we stayed at and Ross writing in his journal outside.

19 June 2015

Our last few, stops on our all day tour of the Cameron Highlands. The Cameron Highlands are known for their strawberry farms, which was very funny we learned on our adventure, was that the strawberry growing attraction, is only there to attract people the area. The strawberries have never been native to that part of Malaysia, or native in general to Malaysia. The grow them hydroponically there. Also our last stop, which i got 2 pictures of before I ran out of space on my phone, was the time tunnel museum. This was the strangest and most interesting part of our tour because, it was a memorabilia museum, which is funny in Malaysia because it was mostly western, memorabilia. Although it told us alot of history about the Cameron Highlands and its strong influence from the British. Which is why much of the memorabilia is there. Also fun fact we learned while at the museum was that the Cameron Highlands has the highest density of any place in the world besides a British military base of Lan
The next stop on our tour was a visit to a flower garden where they had the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. So many flowers I had never seen in my life, as well as ones I have seen, but all were filled with the most amazing colors. I wish I knew the names of all these flowers, but I do not. The thing about attractions in Asia, so far is that they are not very organized and hardly any of the flowers were labeled.
More pictures from the visitor center at the tea factory. We tried some of their black tea and it was very delicious.
This part of the tour we visited the actual factory where they dry the tea, and package it. It is located on the outskirts of the plantation of tea plants. The pictures describe pretty well the process in which they make the black tea for packaging.
Our guide then took us over to the jungle. In this particular part of the jungle there is a large abundance of moss, because of the altitude. Another factor contributing to the abundance of moss, is the lack of dense bamboo forests, which cover much of the rest of the landscape of Malaysia.
Here we took our Jurassic park car up to the high point in the Cameron Highlands where we climbed the jankiest tower ever to get a lovely view of the fog. Although it was still pretty cool. We had just seen Jurassic world and every jungle we went into felt like Jurassic world so looking out over the jungle, felt very dinosaury.
We are still on a tour of the Cameron Highlands here and at this portion of our tour we visited Boh tea Plantation. They had acres and acres of land for which they grew teas. At this particular location they only grew tea that was for the purpose of making Black Tea. Due to the climate for which it was grown tea leaves grew perfectly there to make Black tea. Just as an FYI, all Tea comes from the same plant, it is just how it is oxidized and dried is what makes it different types of tea, such as green, black or white.
My favorite bug, with the funny f******* face! I look at it every time and I want to die! I have no clue what kind of bug it is but it is gigantic and has the best face that a bug could have. Also there were way too many snakes in one cage here. I am pretty sure, there are no animal rights laws here, I am surprised that they don't eat each other.
During a full day in the Cameron Highlands we took an all day tour around the Highlands. We started in a butterfly farm which also had a ton of different species of reptiles, amphibians and bugs on display. The butterflys were amazingly beautiful. The one butterfly with the green and black wings is the national butterfly of Malaysia. It was bigger than my hand.

18 June 2015

These are just random snapshots from the some random moments in our days in the Cameron Highlands. There was a gigantic spider web connecting three tree bushes, that probably had 400 spiders in it! I have never had so many heebie jeebies in my life. And speaking of heebie jeebies we bought really cheap lychee flavoured vodka and it was the worst thing that has ever happened it tasted like dish soap.
When we first got into the Cameron Highlands we took an hour and a half hike through the jungle to the top of a small peak that looked over the Cameron Highlands. It is amazing even on our short hikes the amount of different sorts of wildlife we can see in the jungles here it is amazing! We even found a plant that looked like penis! We laughed a long time about that! It REALLY looked like a penis!
The beginning of our trek over to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It was a super sketchy adventure up the mountains in a big bus, with a cracked out bus driver, going way too fast on a windy road. BUT we made it without barfing and alive.

17 June 2015

We rented bikes and took a ride around Titiwangsa Park. It was very nice and fun to ride around and you could see the city in the background.
Once we were done exploring the National Monument we hopped in an Uber (yes they have Uber here) and he took us over to the Palace where the King and Queen of Malaysia live. The government of Malaysia is almost modeled exactly after the government in England. There is a King and Queen but they don't much and there is also a Prime Minister, whom does most of the actual decision making and law enforcing, the King and Queen are just a figure head and they are the like PR people of Malaysia. They had a dope ass palace though!
After the tourism area we made our way over to the Malaysian National Monument which is a monument to the men in Malaysia that fought in all the wars including WWII and the Vietnam War.
Another day in Kuala Lumpur. We made our way to the touristy section of the city where the really beautiful tourism building is. That is the building with the clock tower and copper turrets. This also where we found the I Love KL sign which is what we have a picture in front of

16 June 2015

Awesome Malaysian street hamburgers. SO BOMB. It was adorned with egg, lettuce, cucumber, sweet and sour chili sauce, and mayonnaise.
More statues from the Hindu Cave.
Another cave in the area was full of all these elaborate hindu statues, which I assume were telling some sort of Hindu legend which I could not understand because it was in another language. The statues were really beautiful though, painted in such detail, and it was in this amazing natural cave that was MASSIVE.
More pictures from the temple also the really cute dog that scared away all the monkeys who were trying to steal your things! Those DICKS!
More pictures in the Batu Caves. In Malay that just means stone caves, not really that exciting. These pictures are taken inside of the caves. It was actually pretty dumpy inside the caves lots of trash and a dead pigeon.
This day we moved to another part of Kuala Lumpur more north in a part of the city called Titiwangsa. Here we adventured to a part of the city called the Batu Caves where there are Hindu Temples carved into caves. The main temple you have to walk up a ton of stairs to get too. Those are the stairs pictured.

15 June 2015

The Ostrich was my favorite thing ever he was the cutest thing I had ever seen! I wanted to take him home as a pet. We named him Oscar.
More beautiful birds and a monkey.
The beginning of adventure in the KL Bird Park. We had so much fun playing with all the birds. The cool thing about theme parks in foreign countries is that there is alot less rules. The birds were pretty much just flying around everywhere and you could go up and touch them if you wanted to. Event the huge storks which were almost the same size as me. They were so majestic.
Picture from inside the National Mosque of Malaysia. It was very beautiful and was made out of tons of marble.
We visited Malaysia's National Mosque today. Malaysia is a country with a national religion of Islam. We had to dress in traditional garb in order to enter the mosque, they provided you with outfits! Aren't they cute!
We took the Light rail to another part of Kuala Lumpur more southern than where our hotel was. This is where the old main train station was located which I have some pictures of. it looks like an old haunted building now, kinda creepy. There is also a picture of the National Mosque before we went in in our wonder Muslim garb.
We took a trip up the Menara Tower which was in another part of the city of Kuala Lumpur. It was really nice to go up a tall tower and see all of Kuala Lumpur. It is a massive city! Not quite as nice as Singapore, much dirtier and not quite as well planned out.

14 June 2015

Our walk around the surrounding park of the Patronus Towers. It was a very beautiful park, with lots of greens and trees.
Downtown Kuala Lumpur. We wandered out to the gem of the city, atleast what they are most proud of the Petronus Twin Towers. These really beautiful buildings are smack dab in the middle of the city and are surrounded by a park. You are also able to take an elevator to the top, but it was pretty expensive to do so. So we did not and decided to take a trip up another tower instead in another part of the city.
Our over night sleeper train! It was very hard to sleep because the train was so bumpy and our bunks were situated by the entrance to the bathrooms. This was kinda crappy, so we slept some but not much! It was a very funny way to travel.

13 June 2015

On our way to Malaysia by bus. We stopped twice on the bus once to get the exit stamp out of Singapore and another time to get our entry stamp into Malaysia. We were traveling to Malaysia to pick up our over night sleeper train to Kuala Lumpur. That was an adventure. We spent quite a bit of time in the train station there in Johor Bahru we loaded lots of pictures and got our stuff together.

12 June 2015

Our last day in Singapore we went to see Jurassic world, and we also had lunch in China town. It was a nice day and we liked Jurassic World a lot. We kind of feel like we are in Jurassic world a lot here in Asia. Also we got popcorn and I was so excited about it! I miss popcorn so much!
The long tailed Australian corgi! Named Odie! He was so adorable! Looked just like Sierra. Also our first American meal in Asia at McDonalds and the strange family at the movie theater wearing family shirts.

11 June 2015

The most massive casino I have ever seen! These are pictures of the main floor, games tables. In this casino particularly in Singapore, you are allowed in free if you are not a resident, if you are a resident it costs you $100 entrance or $1000 for the year. They really discourage you from gambling if you are a Singapore citizen. They want the tourists to gamble though! Ross and I gambled at the penny machines or in Singapore the 2 cent machine with only S$ 10. And we won nothing what a sham!
Our night walking around downtown Singapore. At the Marina Bay Sands building and surrounding. We watching the light show at the gardens by the bay, and then another cool water/light show on the bay. It was amazing Singapore does not skimp on any of there spectacles.
Ross and I snuck into the Raffles Hotel. We didn't realize we did at first, but we did. This is a VERY expensive hotel in Singapore with a ton of colonial history. It reminds me of the colonial building in Pirates of the Caribbean. The cheapest room in this hotel is $750 a night the CHEAPEST! It is very fancy. I stole a razor out of one of the bathrooms there, my little souvenir. Ross and I pretended we were really rich for a few hours playing around the hotel. The best part was that they thought we were guests there. We visited the pool hall and played pool on their gigantic pool tables, we ordered some water thinking it would be tap water, but they brought us fancy mineral water in glass bottles that were $6 a piece oops and ouch! 2 waters cost us $14. He asked if we wanted it charged to our room, we should have told him a random number! 😯 Although I think it was worth it to play around in a fancy hotel for a few hours.
A cool Unicorn Elephant. Pictures of our delicious Southern Indian food. Tiger Beer, the national beer of Singapore and Malaysia. Also a huge random Catholic Church in the middle of Singapore. And City Hall.

10 June 2015

More pictures of the Singapore skyline. That flower looking building is the ArtScience Museum. We didn't go because it was expensive, but we walked into the lobby and it was very beautiful. We also took pictures in front of the Merlion. A very iconic statue used very often in depictions of Singapore. Also on a ton of T-Shirts.
Still out in Singapore with my crazy hair! The humidity is killing me I look like I have an Afro all the time! 👦🏾 These pictures are still the same day we walked over to the very distinct tourist spots located around the bay of Singapore. Every building is so lavish and there are beautiful pieces of art work around the city. Also not to mention it is the cleanest city I have ever seen, and there are NO homeless people. BUT there are tons of really expensive European cars driving around ( I.e. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maclaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc.) There are many wealthy financial and oil and gas moguls that live here. The building we took a picture in front of is called the Marina Bay Sands and it is a hotel, casino, shopping gargantuan. We called it the surfboard building. We went to the casino there, but I will tell you about that later. The building is built by the saw owner of the Sands in Vegas.
More exploring in the city our second day in Singapore. We went to a pretty Chinese Temple in the middle of the city. And got some lunch at this AWESOME Chinese food court with every type of amazing authentic Chinese food you could imagine. Chinese food is also perfect for when you have a cold because they have a plethora of soups you can order. This day I ordered a friend fish soup. It was delicious. Also is Asia, you can pretty much get any type of fresh squeezed fruit juice made for you on the spot for about 2 Singapore dollars. Like I said Singapore is expensive the the U.S. dollar conversion is not strong $1= S$1.35. There is not much of a discount here. Although food especially any type of Asian food from small side of the road restaurants is still really cheap in comparison to California. My soup for example was only $4. Which is still significantly cheaper than a Chinese soup in the U.S.
Here are some pictures of there amazing subway system on our first day out into the city. I was still feeling pretty crappy but managed to make it out for the day. We walked around all the beautiful touristy places and discovered just how extreme expensive Singapore really is. We found a place to watch the Warriors in the Finals at an Australian bar, where we met some people from the Bay Area. Singapore is a very international city with many many different cultures and races living there.

9 June 2015

Our first day/night in Singapore. It was kinda crappy I had a really bad cold and slept most of the day. Ross walked around while I was sleeping and explored a little. It was just a rough day in general flying with a head cold is AWFUL I do not recommend it. It was cool when we first made it into the city into Changi Airport, we knew Singapore was a fancy place. Everything was immaculate. We got onto the subway which they call the MRT and it is the most efficient and clean public train you could ever imagine. We got on the train and it was extremely easy to figure out and we made it to our hostel on the first go. Our hostel was a funny place called the Hive. It was clean though and we met some interesting people.

8 June 2015

Our last evening in Bali back to Kuta where we started. It was a beautiful evening in Kuta we finally did a little shopping I bought a pair of cute shorts. Ross was real stoked about his new Steph Curry Warriors jersey, he bought for $11. We haggled the crap out of that guy for that price it started at double that price. We also sort of watch the sunset, but there was clouds and you couldn't see it, although there were beautiful colors. Also I had to take a picture of the Santa Cruz shirts because they were everywhere, it is the strangest thing, how did Santa Cruz make it to Bali??

7 June 2015

Our last few nights in the village of Tianyar. The picture of the porridge looking stuff, well that was what I thought was going to be asparagus. So funny story was that, we went to lunch with some of the other volunteers, and we all sat down to order our dinner. On the menu I saw asparagus, and I thought that sounded good well I asked the lady at the Warung if anything came with the asparagus and she did not understand English at all, and she said chicken. Well this is what my asparagus ended up being basically a chicken broth with egg concoction. It was actually delicious just not at all what I was expecting. The Aqua bottle later on is a picture of some good ol' Balinese Arak moonshine. You buy it from little markets in front of people's homes and it comes in 1.5L water bottles as such for 50,000 Rupiah=$3.70. This particular batch was gnarly strong!

6 June 2015

Pictures from the village at Tianyar, and the diving town at Tulamben. The first picture is from a night we went out with all the people from Sonia's teaching village. The owner of the warung is the guy playing the guitar. He was a really good singer. The Balinese are very musical people. All the bars and restaurants, provide live music, instead of DJ's. One of the days we rented scooters and drove out to a beautiful water fall it was amazing and so big it created a wind tunnel if you were next to it. The other pictures are from the teaching village one of Ross and Nathan (one of the other volunteers from Oregon) as well as Ketut the head of the school, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life. He let us stay with them at the village for 4 nights basically for free. We offered him some money at the end only 200,000 Rupiah, which is equivalent to $15.00 for 4 nights. plus food they had a really good cook there. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the volunteers.

4 June 2015

We were on our journey to Tianyar. We stopped by some more rice fields are so green and lush. We also stopped to try some Durian fruit. It tastes like sweet onions. And again we stopped along the way for some traditional Balinese food called Ayam Betutu which is smoked chicken. Delicious, but also extremely spicy!
Our last day in Ubud we had Sonia's friend Gede drive us to Tianyar the village where she was teaching. It poured rain the night before and all these beautiful snails came out after t rained. They are much more beautiful than our snails in California. There were 10 on our porch that morning. There are also some pictures of the front of our bungalow. We were in the jungle on the river. It was very lush and tropical, but the Mosquitos were nasty! We stopped with Gede to get his oil changed and that was cool to see how they do that in other countries, it was very old school.

3 June 2015

Our treacherous climb up the side of Mt. Batur. We left our bungalow at 2 in the morning, to make it to the bottom of the mountain by 4 to actually make it to the top of the mountain by 5:30 at sunrise. It was one of the most amazing a satisfying things we have done thus far. It was especially euphoria because there was also a full moon that night so when we got to the top in the west you could see the bright full moon and in the east you could see the Reds, oranges and purples of the sunrising through the clouds. The full moon added to colors because it was so bright. It was an amazing few up there. This day my phone ran out of space and these were the last few pictures of the day. We also went to another coffee farm with beautiful rice fields in the foreground and also, we stopped to eat lunch at a place that sold Babi Guling, which is toasted suckling pig. It was the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life.

2 June 2015

These photos are a continuation of our ride to Mt. Batur. We stopped by the side of the rode to get some native fruits. And we learned that Mangosteens are BOMB they are like an Orange sort of but with purple firm skin. The insides are white. They are so sweet an delicious! We stopped by a beautiful rice field where hundreds of herons roost in the trees around 7:00 on the evening. The sky was so amazingly beautiful and colorful. It was hard to get a picture of the herons because they were high in the trees. We also went to a cool bar where they served you peanuts and we tried the local Alcohol for the first time it is called Arak. It is an alcohol made from palm leaves. It taste like a mix of tequila and sake. This would not be our only encounter with Arak.
We rented a motorbike from Sonia's friend Gede and drove from our Suastika Bungalows all the way to Mt. Batur, which we would climb the next day. In total we drove 22 miles. We stopped along the way and saw some great sites. I took a picture of the Balinese paving the road which was so bumpy. And also of our stop at Alam Bali which is an organic farm that grows many things but is known for their Kopi Luwak Coffee. This is the coffee that the the Luwak animal eats then poops out and they collect the beans and roast them. We tried the coffee and it was delicious. They also make many other types of coffee and tea at the farm.
Here are more photos of the Monkey Sanctuary as well as the beginning of our next stop at the rice fields of the side of the road. They were very scenic, although little did we know we would find an even more scenic rice field the next day. Here are also some pictures of my favorite handicrafts that the Balinese make. The disco ball statues. They are so beautiful. I really wanted the elephant but unfortunately I have no where to put it, seeing as all I have is a 45 L backpack.
Our first stop on our scooter ride was the the Monkey Sanctuary. There were hundreds of monkeys. They are the funniest little things to watch. They are like little mentally disturbed humans! Hahaha they will come attack you if you have food, and will also steal your belongings in trade for food if you are not careful. I am so glad I brought a fanny pack! I am bringing it back. The monkeys were adorable and I am so glad we got to see them.
More pictures from around Ubud. Including my Crispy Noodle Soup from a small little Warung. A Warung is what they call a place to get food, like a restaurant. These pictures are also the beginning of our outing on the scooter to Ubud. We drove for hours on the scooter from Ubud to Mt. Batur. It was so much fun. Everyone rides scooters here and you can rent one for as little as 60,000 rupiahs a day which is equivalent to $4.50. In case you have not been able to tell yet Bali is CHEAP!!!! The dollar runs so large here. One dollar is approximately 13,000 rupiah. And on average that is about how much you can obtain a meal for.

1 June 2015

More images from our walk around Ubud City Center. This group of pictures also includes my fav picture of Ross! Hahaha
These are our pictures from our first outing in Ubud. We visited the Ubud Palace where they hold many cultural dances and festivals. We walked all up and down the city center. Ubud as opposed to Uluwatu is a very art oriented city. They make many handing crafts and art for your home. It is also a place where many tourists from all over the world who are interested in yoga come to practice yoga. Now days the people who do yoga are rich white western women who eat organic, so with that in mind many of the tourists here are as such.

31 May 2015

More images from the Balinese cultural center one a panoramic view facing North of the island of Bali. You should be able to see Mt. Batur which is the mountain we will be climbing in the future.
Ross and I scooted over to the Balinese Cultural Center and watched a traditional dance it was very interesting and fun. We took pictures with some of the characters. Also on a funny side note, being American and blonde and white also means you are a spectacle. I was sled to be photographed with 4 times by fellow cultural center goers of Asian decent. It was very strange I felt like a celebrity. Other than that the cultural center was amazing and it is only about a quarter of the way finished. They are about to build the worlds tallest statue onsite which is going to be 120 meters tall which is equivalent to 394 feet. It will be a statue of 2 Hindu gods Wisnu riding the bird looking god Garuda. I am sure it will be spectacular.

30 May 2015

We saw a scary lizard the size of a cat in Uluwatu at the beach. Our next adventure from downtown Uluwatu was to Pedang Pedang Beach and then back to Leggie's and down to the beach for the best, fish dinner I have ever had. Ross and I shared a HUGE piece of Mahi-Mahi which costed us, 200,000 Rupiahs which is equivalent to $15 US dollars. It was the cheapest fish dinner I have ever had. After our fish dinner we headed to Pedang Pedang Beach again, for an Awesome beach party, we had rented scooters which we drove over there and partied with a Balinese Reggae.
Day out in the town of Uluwatu. We watched the Local Uluwatu surf competition. We also went to a beautiful beach that was only accessible through some natural caves. Everything in Bali especially the beach towns are all buildings built on top of each other into the cliffs above the beach. It is beautiful here, like the movies. It Uluwatu completely caters to the surfers, everyone lives and breathes surfing here. It is really awesome.

29 May 2015

The beach outside of our Bungalow. Beautiful!
More Uluwatu pictures.
Part # 2 of Uluwatu Temple. We had to wear a piece of cloth to cover up our knees, due to the fact that it is inappropriate to enter/walk around the temple without. It is unholy. It is also unholy to be on your period while at the temple not that anyone would know, but that is one of the rules as well. There are pictures of hundreds of monkeys, eating corn on the cob as well as me in my cool knew hat, which almost blew off the cliff.
Part #1 of our adventure with Ross' friends Adam and Trevor to the Uluwatu Temple on the cliff looking out over the beautiful ocean. We rode on the back of Trevor and Adam's scooter that they are renting out for the time they are here. It was so fun and exhilarating, we look to rent some today to take out on our own. The temple was beautiful and there were monkeys everywhere. They would steal your belonging off of your body if you did not watch them. You could get them back if you traded them for food. They were little bastards. I also found a super dope hat, which I wore at the temple. I am surprised that the monkeys did not steal it.
Our next adventure was our hour long trek to Uluwatu, to the Leggies Beach Bungalows. They are so awesome, really close to the beach with a super delicious restaurant here and a beautiful pool. We are now much more in the jungle than previously, hotter and muggier than before. We met up with Ross' Sister Sonia here and her 2 friends Teal, and Danielle. We will be here for 3 nights. All the hotel owners are very chill here and you pay for everything at check out. That is the funny thing in Indonesia you pay for everything on the way out, I swear I am going to forget to pay soon.
Starting with our breakfast at the second hotel, eggs and toast and jam and instant coffee. The coffee here is terrible, the locals do not really drink it. There are also some pictures of our second hotel a little dingy but nice enough. It cost about 150,000 rupiahs which is equivalent to about $11.00 USD.

28 May 2015

Our adventures at night in Kuta beach. You pay to sit in bean bag chairs on the beach and for some Bintangs. I loved the girl riding the horse on the beach. We stopped by an amazing Warung on the side of the road called Warung Kampung. I had a dish called Sayur something it was 💣💣💣. We then went down to a bar to have a free good fuck, it was the name of the drink. Haha
On our walk to Legian Beach. See if you see the guy peeing in the background. We also saw a beautiful temple.
2nd day in Kuta. Our first Balinese breakfast, our walk through the city to our next hotel and our bill for lunch. In Bali we are millionaires.

27 May 2015

Our first few pictures from Kuta, Bali Indonesia. Our first little explorations around the city and beach. WE MADE IT! Let the adventure ensue!
At the Taipei Airport, after a LONG flight from LAX. 😛 Next Stop Bali.

26 May 2015

Baby Salad on the airplane!
Breakfast and Dinner on the way to Taiwan.
At the Airport! All packed up! 😊