United States of America · 321 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

NJ Summer 2017

13 June 2018

29 July 2017

Another evening at the park. Since we had been playing inside and the girls still had energy, we all went together to give them a little time to run around and get their energy out. It worked. When I went to the airport to pick up Jeff, Rena put all three girls to bed and they were all asleep before we came back. Go, Rena!
We went to the Metuchen Outdoor Pool. It was beautiful, but the weather had gotten windy and chilly so the girls went in the water briefly. Then we played a little sand volleyball.
Grandma Rena set up a play date for us with a 2 and almost 6 year-old. The girls are Naia and Nusha and their mom Jaleh. They live in Granada, Spain, but Jaleh speaks English to them. And their father is from France. How amazing the girls are learning three languages. Their primary language is Spanish and it was fun to hear them speaking Spanish from Spain. Sounds a little different than the Spanish spoken in Mexico.
We got the rental car. Another VW! This time a Jetta. In Mexico, it was a Gol. A little disappointed it was automatic and not manual, but that's ok. The car has a lot of power and is smooth to drive.

28 July 2017

A great first day in New Jersey. The girls were ecstatic to rediscover all of Grandma Rena's toys. Grandpa Rick read to the girls. And then we all went to the park. Alexia did a chalk drawing of the world. Wow.
Grandma Rena took me to her Zumba class and the girls went to the play room.

27 July 2017

We arrived from Mexico. A long day but a smooth flight. Grandma Rena picked us up at the airport and we were so happy to see her. We had a wonderful 5 weeks in Mexico with Saydi. And now we are looking forward to almost 2 weeks in NJ with the Falk and Fisch families. Yay!