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S C A N D A N A V I A 2017

22 September 2017

SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 And so marks the end of our trip 😭😭. Waiting in the airport thinking about everything we have experienced over the past six weeks and I think it's fair to say this hasn't been a relaxing holiday - that's not a bad thing either! A little sad to be going home but excited to get back to everyone and share some of our amazing memories with you all! To all of you who have followed along, thank you so much and I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures! Look forward to seeing most of you back in Port Douglas!! Over and Out, Elise ☺️👋🏼

19 September 2017

GERMANY 🇩🇪 OKTOBERFEST 🍺🍺🍺 This was such an awesome experience to be a part of! We all had way too much fun on our first day at the festival and lost a couple of our troops early on in the day to the 1L steins! Can't tell you all the stories but long story short the two days at the festival included: - Moving Chicken Hats 🍗🍗 - Drindls and Lederhosen 👗 - Dancing on tables 🕺🏼 - Drinking Songs 🎶 - A Rotating Carousel the Band played on 🎷 - Pork Knuckles and Cooked Chook 🍖 - 1 x Lost Wallet 👝 - Getting kicked out of a taxi 🚕 - A few trips to the Bathroom 🤢 - Several tablets of Panadol 💊 And lastly, Beer. Litres of Beer. 🍺🍺🍺🍺

17 September 2017

ICELAND 🇮🇸 NORTHERN LIGHTS Sorry I have been a bit inactive recently, so much has been happening in the last few days. We finished off our time in Iceland with one of the most spectacular displays of Aurora Borealis in the sky. Not much else I can say about this as words just don't do it justice. Absolutely breathtaking. 🌌🌌🌌

12 September 2017

ICELAND 🇮🇸 NORTHERN LIGHTS! We have all been lucky enough to witness the northern lights on most of our nights here. Damo and Lou booked to go on a photography tour a couple nights ago to learn how to take shots of the lights and managed to come away with some of the best pictures ever! So jealous they snagged these killer shots. It surprising that the lights don't actually show up like this in the sky. You need a proper camera to be able to see the array of colours that these guys produce. When you look at them with your eyes, depending how powerful they are, they only look like a ribbon of light mist in the sky. Easy to spot but hard to see the colours if you don't have a good camera! Hopefully I'll be able to snag some shots soon!

11 September 2017

ICELAND 🇮🇸 Spent the last two days driving through the country of Icelands south-east! We have visited both the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls where we were actually able to walk underneath the water! Luckily we all have waterproof raincoats as the spray from the waterfall mixed with the strong winds meant we were dripping when we walked out! Made our way to the Dyrholaey Arches on Icelands coastline and along its famous Black Sand Beaches. Yesterday we made out way to the Sólheimasandur Plane Crash, an abandoned US plane that crash landed in the 70's. 7km round trip to get here which we didn't know! I've been wanted to stop and pat some Icelandic horses the entire time I've been here and yesterday we were able to while Damo was taking pictures! Have to buy a new bag of apples now! Another 5km hike in the afternoon to see some views followed by a visit to the Jökulsárlón Glacier where we saw monster icebergs surrounded by seals! It was absolutely freezing here but worth

9 September 2017

ICELAND 🇮🇸 GOLDEN CIRCLE EXPLORING 💫 Left home today and headed for our trip of the golden circle in Iceland. First stop was to Kerið crater. This was what remained after a volcano erupted around 3000 years ago! Went for a quick walk around the crater before hopping back into the car and leaving for the next spot! Arrived at Faxi Waterfall where we came across pretty much every local in the area. The farmers here travel into the mountains and round up the sheep that have strayed away from their farm sand bring them back to the yard to be sorted and taken home again! Next we drove to the Geysir and watched the huge Geysir blow boiling hot water out of the hole into the air! Heaps of these smoking craters can be found along the road and in the mountains. Gulfoss waterfall was next on the trip. Beautiful however it started to rain so it was a quick stop before we got drenched! Lastly we visited Silfra which is a rift formed between the American and European Tectonic plates! So amazing

8 September 2017

ICELAND 🇮🇸 Arrived here yesterday thinking we had landed on Mars. Iceland is a whole other planet compared to anything we have seen! The landscape is literally miles and miles of rock, mountains and moss. So beautiful! Spent the day today at the Blue Lagoon floating in the Geothermal Water. Another thing checked off the bucket list! It was so much fun making our way through the pool when it was freezing outside of the water! The pool is one of National Geographic's 25 wonders of the world and contains Silica which makes the water fluorescent blue. So much fun! From here we headed into the Capitol of Iceland, Reykjavik to explore what the city had to offer. Wasn't much here as the city was only small so we familiarised ourselves with the different pubs around the streets 😉 Back home now and about to sit on the deck of our amazing house with a glass of wine while we wait for the Northern Lights to open up the sky. Will keep you all posted tomorrow with how it all turns out! 🌌🌌🌌

6 September 2017

NORWAY 🇳🇴 From our hike we made our way further up through Norway. We stayed two night in a beautiful lodge on the lake in a tiny town called Straumgjerde. We spent the first day at The Geiranger Fjord which is another magnificent site included on the UNESCO world heritage list. We took a boat ride amongst some of the most spectacular mountains you have ever seen - the photos just don't do it justice. They are breathtakingly beautiful. *If you look closely on the first photo the waterfall is creating a rainbow through the cascading water* After spending the day here we made it home in time to do some Pike fishing on the lake that sat right in front of the lodge. In our canoe Damo, Lou, a bottle of red and I, made our way into the middle of the lake to try and catch our tea. Luckily we had leftover Pizza from the night before as we returned empty handed and with empty glasses! Norway then came to an end as we caught a plan from Trondheim to Reykjavik, the Capitol of Iceland! 🌲?

2 September 2017

NORWAY 🇳🇴 HOLY FRICKING HIKE!!! All I can say is: 1. 28km 2. 44, 335 steps 3. 8 hours 4. WTF DID I JUST DO!? 5. Elise Bellero - 1 Trolltunga - 0 Ps. Was a breathtaking hike even though I probably now have a slight limp and can hardly walk.
NORWAY 🇳🇴Bergen From Oslo we caught a train to Bergen which took us along one of the world most scenic rail journeys. The 5 hour ride was absolutely magical and gave us a good insight into what Norway had in store for us over the next few days. The first day we took a Fløibanen Funicular Railway which connects the city centre to the mountain of Fløyen. From here we took in the magnificent views of the city and enjoyed a 3km walk down to the bottom of the mountain. Here we walked through Bryggen which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It contains a heap of reasturaunts and cars and a massive fish market that sells everything from mussels to whale meat. Bergen was absolutely beautiful - wish we had more time to spend wandering the streets in this awesome seaside town.
NORWAY 🇳🇴Oslo Spent the day exploring the city of Oslo. We made our way to the Vigland Sculpture Park that hold over 200 statues with one main sculpture. From here we went to the centre of the city where we came across the International Homeless World Cup opening ceremony for 2017. We cheered on as the Aussies led the way into the arena before watching a couple of intense soccer matches! Unfortunately we only had one day here so didn't get to delve into the city too far!

26 August 2017

ÅLAND ISLANDS 🇦🇽 Spent the last two days on the island of Mariehamn in the middle of the Baltic Sea. We hired out scooters to explore the cluster of Islands which was so much fun (and freezing cold) but a fantastic way to see different things on the island. So many little places connected by bridges so the locals can get around without having to take boats! Also managed to get a glimpse at some ancient Russian ruins scattered around one of the islands. Dad was the unlucky one who received the dud scooter that couldn't go over 20km/hr so we were stopping quite frequently to make sure he was still behind us! We did loose him to a wrong turn along the way but eventually he made his way home 😂🛵. Travel day today as we leave the Islands and make our way back to Stockholm to board a plane for Oslo, Norway! Two weeks today we have been travelling meaning only four to go! Update you all when we begin our road trip through Norway! ✌🏼
SWEDEN 🇸🇪 PART TWO Day One in Stockholm was spent in full tourist mode - hitting the Old Town with yet again streets and streets of cobblestone roads and houses in all different colours squished together here. We found this part of Stockholm to be a little too touristy for us so wanted to get out of the city the next chance we got to explore the countryside a little bit more. On Day two we sent the boys to the museum so Mum, Lou and I could do a little (or a lot) of shopping in the city. Fair to say our suitcases are a tad heavier than before 😉. We finished this day off at the Ice Bar in the middle of the city which was awesome!❄️ Yesterday we decided to get out of the city and head to Sigtuna, the oldest town in Sweden. It was a beautiful little town that had a few records of Viking histories, so we trekked around the town looking at the different carvings chiseled into stones. Arrived in The Åland Islands today which is in Finland. I will update you all again soon! Hejdå för nu
SWEDEN 🇸🇪 PART ONE Holy Hell Stockholm! It's been an epic six days! We left Lou's family and headed to Gothenburg (pronounced Yeh-te-boy in Swedish - I know I'm getting better!!). Such an amazing city with so much happening. We spent a lot of time in the older part of town shopping and hanging out at one of the pubs that sat on one of the many cobblestone streets. We all said that we should have stayed more than one night in this place as it was absolutely beautiful - probably my favourite so far along the trip. From here we took the train to Stockholm, the Capitol of Sweden and where we would spend the next four days.

20 August 2017

SWEDEN 🇸🇪 We left Helsingborg to hike through one of the National Reserves in Mölle where we saw some incredible views of the ocean and even Denmark! Arrived in Slöinge to our new BnB before heading off the the absolutely amazing Mostorps Gård which Is a castle built about 130 years ago. Here we caught up with Louise's family and had a look around the huge farm that goes on for miles. Spent the day yesterday having a picnic by a lake in the forest with a delicious spread of meats and antipasto from the Deli at the farm and finished it off mushroom hunting in the forest! So lucky we had Louise's cousin with us as 99% of the mushies we picked were dangerous. Can't wait to fry them up and enjoy our freshly picked delights!

17 August 2017

SWEDEN 🇸🇪 Two hours on the train and we are now in Sweden! We managed to find our way to the middle of Helsingborg to Kärnan which is an awesome castle from the Middle Ages! We played dress ups in the medieval clothing and climbed our way to the top for an amazing view of Helsingborg. 🏰 After we picked up our rental car (Mercedes Benz E220 *cough cough*) and figured out which side of the road to drive on, we made our way to Mölle to stay the night in our beautiful farm yard cottage! Six pieces of prosciutto and countless bits of cheese later and we are fed and ready for bed! Off again tomorrow to another fantastic part of Sweden, loving it so much already! ❤️

15 August 2017

COPENHAGEN 🇩🇰 Swipe left for more photos <<< Arrived in Copenhagen at 6:30am local time! We spent an awesome 2 hours in the morning walking the streets of Fredericksburg with our luggage as we couldn't check into our Air BnB until 11am which was absolutely fantastic (insert sarcasm). We then made our way into Kongens Nytorv (don't ask for pronunciation as I have no clue) which is in the city and managed to end up at Nyhavn Harbour where we grabbed some Danish Polser and some well deserved Vino! From here we ended up at the Amalienborg Palace where the Danish Royal Family live during winter. We were lucky to witness the changing of the guard here as well! More walking in the afternoon before coming home to pasta carbonara made by mum in our little apartment and then bed at 7:30pm. We have another full day of walking and exploring today around Copenhagen before we are off to Sweden tomorrow!

14 August 2017

WE'RE OFF! 🇦🇺 Today's the day! So excited for the next six weeks. Plenty of relaxing to do in the airport and on the flight before we touch down in Singapore for a five hour gap. See you all in Copenhagen, Denmark! 👋🏼🇩🇰

1 August 2017

COUNT DOWN 🇦🇺The count down is on! Officially less than two weeks until we jet off for six amazing weeks through Scandinavia!