Australia · 90 Days · 19 Moments · November 2018

Elise and Veerle on tour

9 February 2019

Pt 4 We took some pictures with the van on the way to Palm Cove because it was the last day of our roadtrip. In stunning Palm Cove we cleaned our van out ( took a while ofc). After that we went for an amazing dinner in a really cute restaurant. Elise and Yoni had set it all up which was so nice. Such a fun day with these amazing girls. Then it was officially time to drop our unlucky Lucky roamer off in Cairns. Was a bit sad. We took our bags and went to Yoni’s hostel where we had an airconditioned room with the three of us. So good to sleep in a normal bed with dying of the heat. Next day we used to do laundry and rest. Elise was leaving for Bali the next day already :((( So that was our whole roadtrip. So many beautiful places and great memories. Thanks so for this amazing time. Cheers!! Xx
Pt 3 We watched the sun go down and a couple minutes after that, a whole bunch of flying foxes flew from the forest behind us towards the sea. Very magical (pictures on Elise’s phone). The next day it was Veerle’s bday (20!) and we decided to do snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. We couldn’t have wished better circumstances. The sky was as blue as possible and the water was completely flat. Cape tribs is a really special place to do snorkelling as well because it’s where the forest meets the reef (both on UNESCO heritage list). The snorkelling was absolutely incredible. Out on the reef it was so serene and the water was so clear we could see everything without even going in the water. Saw multiple turtles and fish. Elise took some great pics with her underwater camera. Even saw two dolphins on the way back. Day was honestly made. We left Cape Tribs for Port Douglas and explored the town, had some really nice cake and went for a swim inside the stingernet, not refreshing but nice.
Pt 2 We arrived at the camping and had some delicious nachos with quac. Next morning we realised the camping was really close to a beautiful palm line beach. Truly tropical paradise. No one was there except for a queensland family catching crabs. Later on we went to a fresh produce market in Mossman. Really interesting stalls and people. Thenw r continued to Mossman Gorge, a beautiful creek with lots of Indigenous culture around. The water was fresh and clear. After that we did a little hike hrough the Daintree rain forest. A forest that ancient is really impressive to see. The diversity of plants is astounding. We even saw a wild boar with little pigs, cool but scary. Then it was time to make our way to Cape Tribulation, our final destination of the trip. A beautiful drive along rain forest covered mountains and over the by crocs inhabited Daintree river on a ferry. We reached Cape Tribs and set up camp. The beach there is honestly incredible. Palmtrees with a backdrop of mountains

30 November 2018

Dear Readers It’s been a long time since the last update and although it’s a long time ago that our roadtrip ended, it feels way better to have every step of the way documented. After Magnetic Island we continued North to Cairns. Finally after all the arid scenery we passed we entered the proper tropics. Cairns was luckily a bit cooler then Townsville and we treated ourselves to a camping with a pool so we could relax a little. The day after we met up with Yoni, a friend from Falls and decided to go on a roadtrip up to Cape Tribulation. A beautiful trip on the Great Barrier Reef Drive. Luckily our aircon could get fixed and we were allowed to extend our van for two days because we’ve had a lot of trouble, so that was great. After a couple coffees, it was time to go! We We passed lovely Palm Cove and Barron Falls and found a beautiful camping a bit above Port Douglas right near the beach. The Great Barrier Reef Drive really is beautiful and we passed some great views at dusk. Pt 1

28 November 2018

Magnetic Island Too much of an adventure to write down in detail, so here a shorter version. We went pretty late to Magnetic, had the initial plan to stay there in an airbnb, didn’t have any confirmation yet, arrived there, was hot, missed the bus, walked, swam somewhere, started to rain and a thunderstorm was happening, took the the bus to some other place, had nachos. Rain stopped, decided to go for a hike to some beaches. Battery was dead, no reception. Went on thongs (more known name: flip flops). Nice beaches. Started to hear some thunder again. Was getting dark. Had to walk 3,5 k back to a road. Got a lift, had pizza. Tried to get a hostel. Was full. Took ferry back. Tired but had an awesome day.

27 November 2018

First island because Siska really is quick. The tour really was great. We went for two awesome snorkel sessions over the reef. Sadly a lot of it is bleached and dead :(( Good eye opener. Still there was a lot too say and Veerle even spotted a turtle! We had to wear stinger suits while going into the water though because of little toxic jelly fish floating around. After the snorkel we witnessed a stunner of a sunset on a beach. Went back to the boat and chatted to the other backpackers. Really cool people. A curious dolphin passed our boat. So beautiful, it seemed like it was completely lighting up in the dark water. Slept really nice considering we were on a slightly rocking boat with 24 other people. Next day we went to Whitehaven, one of Australia’s most iconic views and home to the whitest beach in the world. It surely was a little slice if heaven. Water was so clear and blue and we saw a ray that seemed to be chasing us lol. After we went back to the boat and sailed back to Airlie
Pt 2 The water. I had a nice little surf session that day but the waves were tiny and the board was a bit shitty. Still a good time there. The next day a monster drive was awaiting us. Eight hours to get to Airlie beach from where we would do a tour to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. For some reason we survived this drive through arid land with a scorching sun above us and around 33 degrees without Aircon in the car. Oh well, can’t complain I guess when you’re traveling through Australia. Having arrived in Airlie the only thing we wanted was a nice, cold shower. Couldn’t find one so we had to camp outside some gross party hostel to use their amenities. All summed up, Airlie wasn’t really our cup of tea. Next day! Whitsunday tour! Arrived just in time and we boarded the sailing boat, met the staff and had a look around. Siska is a real race boat, not too big but just big enough to fit 24 passengers. We took off on the big blue ocean and set sail. Didn’t take too long to get to the
Lil update Past few days we’ve been covering quite a bit of distance. Necessary because the end of our journey is coming closer. After Brisbane we went to Noosa where we stayed for a couple of days. We camped on some parking places our friend from Falls, Lotte, who worked in Noosa for a long time, had recommended. We enjoyed the sun and the beach. Sadly not a lot of waves. We went to the fairy pools in the national park. Very pretty place. On our way back after sunset we almost stepped on a snake that was crawling over the path trying to cross. All good as long as you stay calm and passive. That night we caught up with Lauren, another friend from Falls who is a local. We could stay the night at her house. So good to sleep on a normal matress again. So many lovely people here. After Noosa we went to Agnes Water and Town of 1770. Two little beach towns that are supposedly the last surf and swimming spot when you’re traveling up. Really nice quiet beaches and a stunning sunset over the
Right now we’re making our way to Townsville. From there we’ll possibly take the ferry to beautiful Magnetic Island. It’s hot right now. We’re driving through the country side. There some skinny cows chilling here in the shade and from time to time we pass a little town. The locals lawn ways are completely dry and there’s not many people out on the shade. They must just travel from airconditioned space to airconditioned space in their airconditioned car, something we don’t have do I need to repeat, to escape the heat. What a way of living. In Townsville it’s 38 degrees right now and I’ll think some time soon we’ll enter the tropical north where it will get all humid as well. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully we’ll get our aircon fixed tomorrow so we can make our way to Cairns a little less sweaty than before. Keep you updated!! (If possible, I’m pretty positive my phone is gonna melt at some point)

18 November 2018

18 nov Next day started a bit rainy, we left Coolangatta and went to Burleigh Heads where we did some shopping. After this we made our way to Brisbane where we camped along the river. Very nice view. 19 nov We woke up in Brisbane and decided to go the the public swimmjng pool in the middle of the centre on the Southbank of the river. We did some laundry later on and then headed to the Glasshouse mountains for a little hike. We arrived there after sunset and we ran up in 20. Luckily the view was still nice on top.

17 November 2018

17 nov We started the day with a summit hike up mt warning. This peak is situated in the beautiful byron/ goldcoast hinterland. A subtropical area shaped by past vulcanic activity. We camped somewhere close to the mountain and in the morning we started the hike. It was already quite hot and sticky and I was struggling quite a bit to be frank. Definitely the ending was tough where we had to climb up the rocky summit with our hands and feet. But we made it up and the view was stunning. The hike was supposedly 4-5 hours and we did it in 3 so still not too bad. Elise saw a carpet python crossing the track and I saw a Black red bellied snake. Very cool. We spend the rest of the day relaxing in Coolangatta.

15 November 2018

Blog 2 Yesterday was a long day. We camped somewhere next to the road and got op at 5 to watch the sunrise from the Byron Bay lighthouse. There were more people who had the same idea and we all patiently waited on the most eastern point of Australia to see the sun rise from the sea. It took a while and there were heaps of clouds blocking the sun but it was still pretty. Also because the view there is amazing anyway. After a coffee we went to rent a surfboard for Veerle. It was a nice long foam one so easy for small waves. The first place we went to didn’t match with that description though; the waves were powerful and no fun. We drove back to the Pass near the lighthouse and we found some beautiful clear water with nice, clean waves. Veerle even managed to catch some waves and get some time on them as well (surprise surprise!) then we went on a nice stroll through Byron and probably spend too much money again uh oh We spent the night more inland on a camping near mt Warning,very pretty

13 November 2018

BEACHES APPRECIATION POST PT. 2 Sometimes the bright blue water is hard to capture on an Iphone but I think they still look really nice 1. Red Cliff, Brooms Head 2. Broken Head, Byron Bay ( seen from the Byron Bay Lighthouse) 3&4. Main Beach and National Park, Noosa 5. Rainbow Beach 6. Agnes Waters 7&8. Last but definitely not least, Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays
We had some delicious self made avocado toast in the sun with a view on the ocean. Then we left Brooms Head to go check out a camping spot in Red Cliff just a few minutes further. We were being greeted by heaps of curious kangaroos on the campground. To cool off we went for a dip in the ocean, 50 m from our van. When we came back we bumped into some huge male kangaroos trying to impress eachother. We watched them safely from behind our van. After we organized our home a bit and Elise redid her painting on her surfboard. Looks sick. She also just reminded me we found a very nice campchair today. It looks fancy. Now it’s almost time to get cooking and after it’s bed time, so talk to you tomorrow! Enjoy the picture of our very fancy camp chair.
13-11-2018 So here the first official blogpost. This morning we left our campsite at Red Rocks and tried to visit the places Rocket, surfer and expert on Australian beaches, recommended to us. We attempted to form a plan on how to go there and how to make our journey a bit more wallet friendly in a local coffee place. After this we bought some sourdough bread in an organic bakery. We decided to visit Brooms Head and headed off. Getting there was practically seen a bit more difficult than our friend/foe Google Maps had showed us. We ended up on a long dirt road with our very non capable van and tried to make our way to the town through the red soil. After some time we realised the road wasn’t continuing, then Veerle almost got attacked by a spider (it kept walking in my direction!) and we decided to drive back to the main road. Coming back to stable road we realised the sign with Brooms Head on it was right next to us. Sigh. The journey made up for some nice views though. Part 1
Essential; a good roadtrip playlist. Trying to create one for all of you to listen to in the car :) based on what we listen to here in Oz so keep your ears open for some real Aussie artists - pack yourself a tootbrush dear - fast car- tracy chapman - Georgia- Vance Joy - Notion - Tash Sultana - Silver lining - First Aid Kit - Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone - Here tonight - Sam Burchfield - Now and then- Sjowgren - Basically- STRFKR
This trip is not only about making it safely up to Cairns without dying from heatstroke, but also about not making it have a too big impact on this earth. So we’re trying to live as plastic free, sustainable and organic as possible. After all we’re in Australia and we should all aim to protect Nemo’s home. So with our keep cups in one hand and our reusable waterbottles (shout out to Dopper) in the other we’re trying to tackle this roadtrip as environmentally friendly as possible. We want to keep the waves and the ocean clean and healthy so that also means vego eating and no petrol stops at Shell. Luckily it’s summery weather most of the time so the sun is our light. So think twice about your plastic use and protect the reefs. Talk to you later! Off to an organic bakery now :)
Dear Followers, In the moment of writing this, we’ve already been on the road for a good five days. Many views have already been seen, some waves have been shredded by Elise and some interesting people have been met (Rocket). For the past few days we’ve been travelling up from Sydney with our final destination being tropical Cairns. Current location is in NSW’s country side on the way to Brooms Head where we hope to find a beautiful campsite. We’re going there with a rented campervan. This van caused us quite a bit of trouble but we’re getting used to our motorhome and we’ve nicknamed this huge white vehicle The Beast now. We just came back from a lovely coffee place where we had a look at our finance balance and where we came to the final conclusion we spend too much money on coffee, oh well. A genius idea to make some money has planted itself in Elise’s head and we’re trying to make it happen. Spoiler alert: it’s very French. Keep you updated!

12 November 2018

BEACHES APPRECIATION POST Just because the Aussie beaches are so nice