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Elisa's voyage in Colorado, Denver and USA

11 June 2015

Home.... I can't believe it but this long and amazing adventure has an end, too..............

10 June 2015

Coach Γ¨ venuto all'aeroporto solo per me!
Goodbye everyone.... I'm leaving my American home to get to my Italian one...
Last lunch in Denver 😭😭

9 June 2015

Today Last Supper with my host family.. Really nice dinner and wonderful time with them... When I got home I stayed up till 3.00 to pack my bags!!
This morning first and last time to the new gym with coach. After that Jane Wilson picked me up and than we went to the Secretary of State to convert my American grades to Italian grades.

8 June 2015

After the movie, coach Gert and coach killer invited Julia and I to dinner. I supposed it would have been awkward but in the end it was really nice and we talked till like 11.30!
Today I went to Maddy's house. After playing some music we watched Mean Girls and than we played Pictionary. Then we went watching a movie with her family called and it was surprisingly so much fun!

7 June 2015

The most joyful thing... Having no money, an expired bus transfer and a really nice bus driver who doesn't check the time of expiration... Yes! Also this time I don't have to walk 35 blocks to get home 😍
Coming home from Jack's party, downtown there was a kind of festival and people in the streets drew some cool images.. Wow!
Uuuh! Than to Jack Brogan's grad party!! He is such a sweet guy!
This morning Gabe came to pick me and Julia up and we went to Red Ricks with coach for a workout!! It was so much fun!!!

6 June 2015

In the afternoon I had to hang out with Isa and Lora. They wouldn't tell me where we would go. Lora picked me up and than we went on a highway. In the end we ended up at Lakeside! Yay!! But here's more... We met Isa and than we went to the pick nick tables.. Well there some of my friend came up with "Surprise!!" Wow! A surprise going away party?!? Didn't expect that..
This morning I went with Helene, Julia and.... Mason (!!!!) to noodles & co. We are there and than we went downtown. While we were in the bus it started raining so hard that when we got of it seemed like we were in a shower and the stairs looked like little waterfalls.. It lasted like 5 minutes and than there was the sun again... What??? (Colorado weather 😑) After hanging out we went all home.

5 June 2015

This morning working for the last time than met up with Julia to go to the store and than Denver botanic gardens with Isa and Helene! Fun fun! At last dinner at Silvi's πŸ‘πŸ»

4 June 2015

After Elitch's bowling and Sanrf's with Jessica and Josie!
We did a lot! I also did the Sling Shot with Julia and it was amazing! Since it was a really nice day we went also to the waterpark πŸ‘πŸ»
Today I went to Elitch's with Julia, Frances, Maddy and Mallie! Julia and I were so lucky that got the ticked for 15 dollars off because a man sold them to us (illegally...). But good for us!

3 June 2015

Work again today!!! And than hang out with Julia πŸ‘πŸ»
Isa trying to prescribe me a diet.. Will it work?

2 June 2015

At the swimming pool with Julia and Isa.. Relax!!
Today a sad goodbye to Ivy!! I'll definitely go visit her in China if I'll have the opportunity!! Yay! We went to the cherry creek mall and than I had to leave with Julia.
Today I've worked for Ms. Wilson.. I had to alphabetize 600 or more envelopes.. So so long! At least after that Ms. Wilson offered me lunch..

1 June 2015

I just hope that at the airport they will make me pay just the luggage weight excess and not my body weight excess... Yes, I left that I was 71 kg and now I'm am 79 kg... This website confirmed that my initial weight was the right one and that in definitely overweight now!
Important... Well, this morning I went to the gym and I did a short workout with coach because than the owner of the gym came and said that coach wasn't anymore allowed to stay at the gym (without no reason..). We had to go and probably I will not do anymore practice at the gym... I helped him to take pictures of all his belongings and than we went have lunch at Red Dragon... So sad... 😱
Oh... Without asking I just got a payed job... 😱 (thanks Ms Wilson)
Aawww... Just said goodbye and hugged Ms Vesceri... Soooooo sad...
I will miss East so much... Was such an amazing school... Today I got back to the school after the gym and I went to Ms Wilson office, the woman who will help me for the validation of my grades in Italy. After that I went to pick up the money I earned selling my photo. 105 $ 😱 Than downtown to T-Mobile to pay to renew my plan!

30 May 2015

We had dinner there and there was also a personal crepes chef!! Soo cool!! We talked with Nakiya and spent a nice evening. Than we walked other 30 minutes to get to my house. At my house we listened to Julia plying the piano and than we talked a lot. I'm so sad that this will be the last time I'll see Abby....
After the swimming pool we walked 30 minutes to get to Jade's party.
Julia was simply amazing!! She played her violin while her host dad was playing the piano! Soooo cool!! Than Julia's parents drove us to the swimming pool!! We relaxed and spent some time in the water.
Today is the last time I'll see Abby..... I'm so sad!!!! When she got at my house I don't know why but we ended up doing with Isa a weird little show in the front yard.. I was playing a drum, Abby another weird instrument and than Isa was dancing with her Irish dance shoes. So cool! Hahah Than Isa drove is to Julia's Violin concert

29 May 2015

At the track banquet I received two awards and a varsity letter, plus the E!! I also had to speak in front of everybody to spend some nice words for coach and give him his awards.. Uuuuuuh... I've never done such a thing even in Italian... 😱 After the awards there was a DJ and he entertained us while we were dancing!
Today I went to the gym as usual and than I went to the cherry creek mall to run some errands and buy a card for Maddy Powers' grad party and a gift for Maddy Parris-Bacon birthday party. Wohoo.. I have Maddy Powers party, Maddy Parris party and the track banquet all at the same time!! All of them from 6.00 to 9.00... I don't know how but I got them all!! Mallie came to pick me up at 5.45 and we went to Maddy powers party. It was really nice! Lots of people all really easy going. Than at 6.30 Mallie's dad gave us a ride to the other Maddy's party. She is so nice!!! We didn't spend much time at her party cause Nakiya offered us a ride at 7.00 to get to the track banquet.

28 May 2015

When I got home I was really happy... Here my little gifts..
Coach came to see me at graduation and he made me cry... I'm so glad I've met a special person like him. He believed in me and he made me believe more in myself. He has been a wonderful guide during the short time I had the opportunity to spend with him. Thank you... Well, he still can't spell my name but it's ok 😜
And than Graduation!!!!!!!! It was so exciting! I had the opportunity to graduate with the class of 2015!! AMAZING!! The ceremony was really long. Speeches first with orchestra and choir and than they called up each graduate.. At the end we threw the caps and we were officially graduated! Really emotional ❀️ After photos with some friends I got out to meet up with Julia, Frances, Isa and Lora. We went to Jerusalem restaurant for dinner πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
This morning I went to the gym at 10.00 and after that I went back to East to ask Tee of my shoes where right for graduation. After that I went to talk to Ms Vesceri for my transcript in order to validate my grades for Italy. She sent me to talk to Ms Wilson. She is a really fun old lady who did everything she could to help me. On Monday she is driving me downtown to the Department of State to understand exactly what to do. Than home to prepare for the graduation ceremony!

27 May 2015

This morning: graduation rehearsal!!! So boring.... At the exit they painted the E in white and all the seniors signed it πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜±
Walking to school this morning... I was going to be late and than I got a random ride from a senior who had video class with me

26 May 2015

While we were cooking banana bread, Maddie and Mallie came to pick me up and we went to check out the seniors night camping on the East baseball field. It was so cool!! I talked with a couple people, I helped putting up a tent and than we went back home.
Cooking banana bread with Isa!!!!
After hanging out with Julia and Frances at the mall, Isa picked me up and we went to the gym. After that we went to snarfs and we sat at our table, the one where we sat the first time when I got here.
Just had my first Sundae
OMG... Now an experience... This morning I was planning on going to the mall with Julia. I had to get there by bus. I started my Transit DEN App to see which busses I had to take and at which bus stops I had to get down and... MY PHONE DIED..... Well, I got on the 15L and luckily the bus driver told me that I had to get down and go on the 40. Well, which bus stop for the 40? Left or right side of the road? Luckily a girl was waiting there and I asked and she told me which was the right one. On the 40 another bus driver helped me again and he told me to get off at Colorado & 1st. When I got down there was a cross way.. Which way (again)??? I decided to get on the one that seemed more familiar... After walking to blocks I stopped a girl and I found out I was going the right way!!! Yay!! Another problem... How would I get in touch with Julia? You can't believe it be as soon as I got close to the mall I saw her getting into Macy's... Haahahah experience...

25 May 2015

Cooked carbonara for my Track Team and than Nugg's ice cream!!
First time in America that I've seen a scale to weight food.. And it was also in grams 😱
After breakfast we went straight to the Stanley Hotel Tour at 10.00. It was really interesting and the guide was really fun!!!
This morning breakfast at Starbucks.. Woah! They spelled my name right 😜

24 May 2015

At home we had dinner watching this time the Lion King!! And after that we watched also Cars!! I really don't remember this movies... I really need to watch them again!!
As soon as we got back home we headed out again with Gabe to fish for a little more.. This time I got lucky and I got one!! Uuugh.. So slimy.. I'm glad we put it back in soon. I think that even if it was a new thing and I liked it, this will be my first and last time. I feel bad for the fish..
Than we walked home and the place is always so beautiful..
For Memorial Day downtown there were a little market with all homemade products.. Near the market there was some grass covered by lots of little American flags that stood for each soldier who fell during the wars. Than we walked through the shops and we went back to the Stanley to book a tour for tomorrow. Over there I bought a "RedruM" cup as souvenir. Like in the movie if you read the word in a mirror you can read the word murder. We took also a picture as the twins in the movie! We took also a picture as the twins of the movie! Than they dropped Hana and I downtown and we went through the many candies shops and we bought taffy, toffee and fudge!!!
When we got back home, Nana and Papa had arrived. They are Gabe's parents and they spend the day with us. With their carve went to the National Park. Nana had a special pass for older people and we skipped the whole line to get in. It was an amazing place... We saw mountain goats, elks, a moose and... an owl looking over its nest with two little baby owls!! Wow!!
Getting back from fishing another deer and some elks.. So cute ☺️
When we finished breakfast we went fishing with Gabe!! The place it's really nice and I enjoyed spending time fishing.. Hana got one!! It was so cool! After catching it, Gabe put it back in the water so it could continue its life pacifically..
This morning real American breakfast with bacon, omelette and hash browns. I also had a little coffee with milk (never had it in my life before..) and some baked biscuits.

23 May 2015

When we got back home we ate ribs and beans casserole while watching The Incredibles!! I really didn't remember that movie!!! It was like being a little child again...
After our ride Gabe drove us to see a thing... OMG!! There were the Elks!!! Yay!! So so cool!
Hana and I went on a relaxing horse ride of about an hour... Not our horses were a little crazy but we had so much fun! And we saw deers, chipmunks and coyotes during the ride!
This place is simply so nice!! 😱 We are going to meet up with Gabe (Hana's Dad) and than we are going to horse ride!!
Watching The Shining... πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
Oh oh... I have a license... For what? No it's not for the car... It's a fishing license! Tomorrow we are going to go fishing!!
Important visit: The Stanley Hotel!! This is the place that inspire the movie The Shining. When we went there we bought the movie... Yes, I'm going to watch it!!!
First thing we did: Rainbow Slide!! Yes! So fun!! Hahaha Hana won every time...
This morning Hana came to pick me up at 9.00 because her family invited me to go with them three days in the mountains at Estes Park!!!! As soon as we got to the place we went to have breakfast and I had for the first time Eggs Benedicts.. So yummy!!! After that we went to buy groceries for the weekend!!

22 May 2015

After dinner Gabe dropped Julia and I off at the movie theater.. Well, the movie theater wasn't showing the movie we wanted to watch and so we called back Gabe and he came to pick us up again and he dropped us off at cherry creek where it was playing (yes, he is that nice 😱). This time he decided to join us and watch the movie too. I'm glad he did because nobody could pick us up..... The movie was called Tomorrowland and was really amazing. We discussed about it in the car and we had really interesting thoughts about it..
After another relaxing morning I went to the gym with Julia and Gabe. After that we went together to Beau Jo's and we ate Colorado style pizza πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Yummy!!

21 May 2015

Trying to organize my million damn disorganized photos... It's already the third day in working on it (without counting the other thousands hours I've spent last summer... OMG)
Snapchatting with my sisters πŸ‘πŸ»
Today was my first day off school. I unbelievably woke up at 1.30 pm... (?) and Isa got to school 20 min late cause I wasn't pushing the time standing at the door.. Haha At 2.45 I took the bus and I met again with Julia and Hana and we went to the gym. Well.. Coach wasn't there... Hahahaha We just got back home..

20 May 2015

After school Julia, Hana and I went to the gym by bus and after that I went with Hana to Arby's!! Yummy food 😍
The day at East is not done yet! Gabe dropped me off at East and I stayed for fourth period with Claire and than I went for half seventh to choir with Jessica and the second half with I stayed with Julia who left her orchestra class with me and we ate m&m's!!
Gabe brought me to this place called DB's Mongolian Barbecue. It was really cool! You had to grab a bowl and fill it up with all the food you wanted. After that the grill men would cook it for you and put everything on a plate. Pretty cool and delicious!
After the game we met with two college girls who were friends with Maddie and we went to snack something and chat together at St. Mark's. We talked a lot and than at 11.30 Gabe came to pick me up and we went downtown to eat lunch.
At 10.00 we went outside because there was the Ultimate Frisbee game between Honor Thesis and AP Lit kids! It was cold and we watched it just for a little bit.
Today was seniors' checkout!! My last day of high school!! I got to school at 7.30 by bus and than I waited for my counsel to sign my checkout paper and to give me the graduation tickets and I was done!! After that I met with Maddie and we had the free seniors' breakfast in the Commons: fresh pancakes and sausages πŸ‘ŒπŸ» We hanged out a bit at the school and we met also with Mallie.

19 May 2015

After the gym Gabe dropped me off at the church for the East Choir Show!! It was pretty long but fun!!
Today was really a wonderful day!! But it was my last day before seniors' checkout at East High School... Well, lit was ok. APUSH I presented my extra credit project and had fun with my classmates and Caroline gave me a bag full of little gifts. Third period I went visit Frances and Maddy's class with Jane and we played Old Maid. Fourth was my last time in photography. Than a fun lunch with Claire, Caroline, Julia, Frances and Casey. Sixth I didn't do much as always... But it was fun talking with people. Seventh and eighth: nothing!

18 May 2015

Yummy!! Lora just cooked a really American dinner!
Today normal day at school.. Just one day left before seniors' checkout! 😱 I'll miss East...

17 May 2015

3 weeks and 3 days Good or bad? I really don't know
Today was a lazy day.. I got up at 11.00 and than I did nothing... At like 2.00 I started my extra credit project for APUSH.. And than, at like 4.30 Isa and I went to Sprouts by bike to buy groceries. Well, we brought the exact number of bags (6) and we fit everything perfectly.. I couldn't even believe it haha It was raining a bit while cycling back but everything ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

16 May 2015

OMG... Today I took a shower and after it at like 2.30 I laid with my phone on my bed and I feel asleep! I slept till 6.00.. 3 hours and a half!! Hahaha never happened in my life before.. After waking up all the family and I went to watch Pitch Perfect 2. It was simply amazing! It was hilarious hahahaha And the best part: one of the first songs they sang was Lollipop by Mika!!! 🍭

15 May 2015

After school we went to the gym! Today we were a lot! It was Julia, Frances, Isa, Hana, Gabe and I... It was a lot of fun!! Than Julia, Francis, Isa and I went to get dinner at Mad Greens before going to watch Pitch Perfect 2... Well, it didn't work out.. It was sold out! 😱 So we went back home and spent some time together..
Today during AP Calc we ate some cookies and ice cream and than since is a class of almost all seniors we talked about college and where everybody was going to go next year πŸ‘ŒπŸ» And Ms Vilkus gave us a little present... A Door Stop hahahah Cause in college we can keep the door of our dorms opened to meet new friends hahaah

14 May 2015

After that Julia and I went to get ice cream at Liks with her family. I got raspberry and chocolate chips.. Yummy! We spent a really good time with them... πŸ‘πŸ»
After the museum we went back to the shop where my photo was exposed... OMG... I didn't see that it was a selling piece... Well it was the only one which sold!!! 150 bucks!! Wow!!!! I couldn't believe it! Than we listened to the angelsair singing and I have to say that they were really good...
I went to listen to Nick's speech... Woo!!! He's really good! Nice! And than I went to listen to the last part of Julia's orchestra. After that we went with Julia's host parents to the top of east where there is the museum and the view was amazing! Wow!!
There were so many things to see and we didn't have time to stop! One of my photos was exposed at a shop and the other two on the first floor in the hallway.
Street Artists! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
After going to the gym, Julia, Hana and I left to catch the bus to go to the East Arts Walk! Julia had to perform at 5.30 at the L2 church πŸ‘πŸ» The East Arts Walk it's a series of events like choir, orchestra, speech or expositions like drawing & painting and photography and it's open to everybody. In relation to the kind of art you were part of you had a different t-shirt offered by the school.
Today Seniors' BBQ!!! Yay!! I love America! There is always something for free hahahaha I went with Isabella to the seniors lunch and even if the line was long it has been great!

13 May 2015

After dinner Gabe's dad showed us what his work is. He is the responsible technician of the campus and he has to work with all the wires and stuff.. Pretty cool!
Today Julia joined me, Gabe and Hana for practice at the gym! It was another hard practice... After that, Gabe drove us to the private college where his father works and I had one of the best buffet ever 😍 Now I can't even move... I ate so much... At least I burned a of calories at practice 😜

12 May 2015

Tonight homemade Spring rolls!!! Amazing idea!! I loved them πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Ugh! Just finished practice at the gym with coach.. Yess, the track season has ended, but he is training me for free at his really nice gym!! FOR FREE!!! I missed going to the gym.. We had to stop going there during the track season because East didn't have the insurance for us over there. But now we can go back there and I always have so much fun!! Today it was such a hard work out... I'm dead and I can't feel my arms, abs and legs...
Lunch with Jessica 😳

11 May 2015

I think that this week will be really relaxing.. Hahah Today I've done something just in Lit... For the rest really easy going classes... Like during Calc we played Heads Up with my teacher and peer tutoring I spent time doing nothing because mr Ortiz wasn't in his office. Than I went to the counseling office and Ms Vesceri screamed "Congratulations!!!" I couldn't understand why and than she said: "I've heard of your throwing! You should get a scholarship for that!" Nice!!

10 May 2015

For lunch we went to Mema's house to have lunch all together.. Really nice!!
That tan line... WTF?!
Yess.. It is snowing! May 10th.... Happy snowy Mother's Day! This morning we went to Sam's no. 3 for breakfast and it was really good food!!

9 May 2015

It's snowing 😳 And it's the 9th of May..
We watched The Brave while eating chicken tenders from Popeye's and than we watched Letters To Juliet.. This second movie was set in Verona and it reminded me so much about my home country! After that she went home because tomorrow she has a concert at 8.30!
Today Julia and I went to the mall and first we went to eat at Fresh and I got a smoothie.. I was really surprised but they spelled my name right!!! 😱 Than we went to the fro yo place and my credit card didn't work so the cashier said that I could go and I could get that for free!! Yay!! After that we shopped around and at one store Julia locked herself out of her own fitting room hahaha Than we went back home by bus.. It was so cold and raining but we made it!

8 May 2015

After school I walked home with Julia even if it was raining a bit. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A and I got chicken nuggets a frozen lemonade!! Yummy!! At home I just relaxed and went to bed early after a good Chinese meal.
After the test I went to have lunch with Frances and Maddy and than Frances showed me her new car!!! After that I went back to class and I played Taboo with my teacher and other four classmates!! They wanted to doublet points just because I was a foreigner.. Hahaha the problem is that the first time I played I got more points than my classmates and so the repealed the rule hahaha
Last AP this morning it was ok... Let's see the results in June!!

7 May 2015

Of course not but nugget! Hahaha After the meet I got home to study for the APUSH test... And coach this time wasn't as motivational hahha
This is my dinner after the meet! It was really fun and I got 2nd in shot put and 3rd in discus!! I'm really happy!
During track City Championships... School lockdown πŸ˜±πŸ˜“
This morning during my off period I prepared a little for the APUSH final exam that I'll have tomorrow!! Scared!! Coach is not done with his motivation texts..
Tomorrow track City Championships!! Coach is really trying to motivate me...

5 May 2015

And this morning AP Calc official final test!!! Before the test we went to the social room to have breakfast offered from Ms. Vilkus. Really nice of her! The test was so long and hard but I'm done with it now! I'm glad yesterday after practice I went straight to bed, so that I was really rested and relaxed for the test.

4 May 2015

Today was a normal school day.. But Ms. Perlman came back for one day with her little baby!!! She is so cute!!! Wow!!! I was so happy to see Ms. Perlman.. She was such a great teacher!

3 May 2015

For dinner we met the cousins for Leah's birthday and we went to Pizzeria Locale and than at Mema's house for dessert! Woah! For the first time I'm tanner than someone else! I compared my arm with Elizabeth's and look at the difference! 😱😱
And this morning Julia woke me up and than I took the bus home! Lazy Saturday at home!

2 May 2015

And tonight I went to the theatre with Julia to watch Home! It was such a nice movie! Hahaha I don't know why but I had the idea to drink from the fountain with a straw.. Hahaah After the movie I went to Julia's house to spend the night..

1 May 2015

And this is my dinner tonight.. Yummy! Pasta with feta and tomato souce
Today at the meet it was raining and while we were waiting to start the meet some kids started rapping and exciting all the other people! It is so American and so fun!
For Lora's birthday Isa and I went to the store when she was asleep and we cooked some cookies and wrote her a letter! Yay!

30 April 2015

And than I got the present from my family!!!
Yess!! Everybody liked my carbonara!! Even Shae, who usually doesn't talk, said that it was really good!! So happy!
After school we went downtown and we went first to Jamba Juice and than to Snarfs!! After that we got back home and Helene and I went to the store to buy the ingredients to make crepes... She was riding my bike and I was rollerblading. Well.. When we got there we changed our mind and we decided that I had to cook carbonara.. Yay!!
Coach always ready to motivate me!
Today was a really nice day! Julia spent the night my house and this morning we decided to go downtown and we showed around Helene. She is such a nice girl. Oh, she is Anne's sister, the girl that my host family hosted some years ago. We ditched third period and we went to class just for photography and we went to city park to shoot our photos!
A lot of Happy Birthdays from all over the world!

29 April 2015

- 42
We went to Pizzeria Locale for dinner and it was so good... Loved it.
Before going home Francis and I went to Tattered Cover and she offered me a wonderful Chai Tea and she gave me the best birthday card ever 😍
Oh.. Julia is so sweet.. That's how she saved my phone number 😍
And here we are... I'm so glad I've found you... Well, after breakfast we walked to school from Snooze and than we laid outside on the grass waiting for classes to start. Yes, I went to class on my eighteenth birthday and I also took my APUSH final.. After that I went to track practice and than I met up with Frances. We went home and Julia was at my house too. So all my host family, Frances, Julia and Helene and I went to eat my birthday dinner!
Everybody was out for work or school and I was home alone but Julia came to pick me up with her dad and he dropped us off at Snooze!! While we were waiting we played a game and than we had the best breakfast ever... Corned Beef Hash and Banana Nutella Solution.. Loved it 😍
Today is my birthday!!! Yay!!! This morning when I got downstairs Isa did this creative thing for me! Really nice of her 😘 She wrote a really beautiful description on a poster with candies! So cool!!

28 April 2015

Just an hour and a half to my birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
Today I talked a lot with my family! I think I needed it! I talked with my sister while she was taking a bath and she was so much fun! Than to my mum, to my lovely grandma, to my dad (who was suffering of an abstinence crisis because he hadn't seen my face in such a long time) to my amazing brother who was as always the biggest stupid genius and I even talked to my cat! Miss you all guys but I'll be back soon and we'll laugh again a lot because laughing is the medicine of life that keeps us alive and all together ❀️ After that practice and home..
- One month to the graduation ceremony - One day to my birthday

27 April 2015

This morning I got up at 11.30 because there are the CMAS testings and I don't have to take them so my first class was at 12.50! I did AP US and AP Calc tutorial and than throwing practice! When I got up this morning I don't know why but people were loving me! I got so many messages from different people and it made me so happy.. Don't know why today but everybody started missing me Hahaha

26 April 2015

When I got up a received these messages from Bea... It made me feel so good!!
After after prom we hanged out with friends and in the end me and Isa went to bed at like 6.00 AM... I don't know why but I got up at 10.37!! I slept just 4 hours and a half and I wasn't tired! We had such a lazy day. It was also raining outside so we were even more relaxed. We did our homework and than to bed!
After prom was simply amazing... The first floor of East High School became the chocolate factory... I couldn't believe it.. It was so real that I could thin we were in the movie!! There was a lot of free food, candies and games!! The bubble room, the chocolate fountain, the casino, the dance room, and the gym with the big transparent bubbles, and other amazing stuff... OMG... It was so so fun!!

25 April 2015

After dinner, everybody to the PROM dance!! The place was really nice, free macaroons (and really bad music!). I had so much fun dancing with my friends and as in movies has been elected the prom queen and king! After that we went to after prom, an East High School thing organized by all seniors' parents. This year the theme was Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.
Today I got another PR!! In the practice throws I almost reached the 30 feet line!!! But in the meet throws I just hit 27 and ten and a half inches, that it's still pretty good. After that I waited for Isa's race and than we left to go to the hair appointment for PROM!!! After that I got home and did my nails. After nails we went to Marnie's house for our make up and than left to go to Claire's house and meet our prom group. With the group we went to Cheeseman park to take the prom pictures and than to our dinner!!!
OMG... I'm scared.. What will happen to my hair than?

24 April 2015

After the meet nobody could pick me up so I had to take the bus. It was supposed to take me an hour and a half but I don't know how I got home in "just" an hour!! I was almost missing the 15L but while it was stopped at the red light I waved at the bus driver and luckily he opened the door and let me in 😜
Just got on the bus and heading home from the track meet at Liberty Bell! I just got an amazing PR in discus!!! I'm so so happy! My last PR was 61 feet and today I threw 81 feet and 10 inches!!! A jump of 20 feet from last time 😱 Tomorrow morning shot put πŸ‘πŸ»
After that we went to City park and relaxed for an hour cause at 2.15 we had to go to the track meet! P.S. ... Well.. I didn't know that to be eligible to go to the track meets, attending 50% of the classes is required... So I don't know how, when we were almost ready to go one of the coaches called me out and told me that I had to go to talk to Lisa Porter because I wasn't eligible for the meet. This school control system is better than the F.B.I.!!! Well, when I got there I didn't know what to say 😱 I almost cried and invented a lot of excuses (the "but I'm an exchange student" excuse usually works) but Lisa was really hard to convince! In the end I promised I wouldn't do it again and that I had my mum to excuse me for the classes and she let me go πŸ˜ͺ
Than we went to Liks Ice-cream and it was so good 😱 When we were almost leaving the woman who was making the waffle cones offered is a warm waffle for free... It was so good!!
Today was Seniors' Ditch Day!! So I didn't go to class for the whole day! First I went to have lunch at Cheba Hut with Julia πŸ‘πŸ»
Today my last Pep Rally!!! I ran in with the track team πŸ‘πŸΌ Cool 😜

23 April 2015

This is too fun! Hahaha So I needed a lock for my bike so that I could ride it to school. Well I went to the bike shop and I asked for one. I bought a packet of three because it was a good deal but the guy at the desk told me that those were really easy to cut. However I bought them and I went back home. I talked with Eric and he said that that lock wouldn't be good for Isa's bike so he gave me a ride to the store to buy just one for me. When I got there the guy said that he didn't want to sell me that easy one to cut anymore because it wasn't worth it. He decided to sell me a better one at his price so I got a discount of 10 dollars just because he liked me... Ahahaha great! Uh! And since Julia and I haven't done our lit homework we did it together on FaceTime! Hahaha it was fun!
Hahaha the APUSH class is always so weird! Hahaha This morning the minute hand was going faster than the second hand which was going at normal speed... And when it returned to the normal speed the minutes were right again! It was so scary hahaah

22 April 2015

I really think I should wash my clothes now...
This is so sweet... Today was squad day! And here my lovely squad!!
After lunch at pepper with Frances I went to see "a streetcar named desire with my lit class at the theater across the street from East. It was a really cool movie!!
During third period Isabella texted me and asked me if I wanted to join a speech debate.. It was wonderful!!!

21 April 2015

Tomorrow is squad day!!! And Julia, Francis and I will be wearing the same things πŸ‘ŒπŸ» So cool! My jeans were broken and it was the first time in my life that I sewed! I went to the mall with Isa to buy her prom dress and than we went to Target to buy three equal shirts for squad day!
Today during second period I joined a conference with speakers who were ex east student talking about their life after East πŸ‘πŸΌ pretty interesting!

20 April 2015

Today was a really busy day!! Everything changed!!! We changed prom group and Isa changed her mind and decided that she wanted to come to prom. Well... Besides in the new group I was joining there was Claire Koyle. We used to hang out but than I don't now why we stopped talking and so she thought I was mad at her and vice versa! We met before eight period and we clarified the dilemma. I also asked her if there was a senior who could share the ticket with Isa cUse she changed her mind and on the end there was just Andrès who could share the ticket! (Really cute guy in our civics class)... Well! In the end he said he could share the ticked and that she was coming!

19 April 2015

And than we walked back to downtown to enjoy our donuts before going home πŸ‘πŸΌ Such a nice day with this wonderful people..
While waiting outside Voodoo, Abby braided my hair. She's so sweet ❀️
At last we decided to go to Voodoo Doughnuts! While walking we saw this great graffiti ad we stopped to take photos!!! So fun!
Just a few steps away we decided to go to subway to get a sandwich! We all got the meatball sandwich... OMG it was so good!
Today was a food day! When we picked up Abby we went to have ice cream at Amore Gelato and I got STRACCIATELLA!!! So good!!
This morning we woke up and we didn't have much to do so we relaxed waiting for Abby to come to Denver. Julia walked on my back to give me a massage! Haha

18 April 2015

And here we are at the Pop Show!! Julia let me sit where the other choir kids were sitting and so I didn't have to pay the ticket... I had forgot money at home and I had just the credit card.. It was so so much fun! I enjoyed the show so much! After that I went home to grab my stuff and I spent the night at Julia's house!
I really didn't want to go home so I went to Julia's house and we went to the store to buy ingredients to make cinnamon rolls... It was so so fun! It was our dessert. Julia's dad cooked orange chicken and after eating all together we prepared to go to the Pop Show!
This morning ACT!! Isa and her mum went to a volunteer event and so I had to catch the bus to go to school... Well, I was at the Hudson stop where the 15L doesn't stop but stops just the 15. I looked to check if a bus was coming and it was a 15L!! So I started running to the Glencoe bus stop which was two blocks away... The bus passed me and I was losing hope but luckily at the bus stop there was a guy with a bike who was getting up and so it took a little more time than usual. In the end I got in the bus!! Yay!!! After that ACT and as a reward at the end of the test I bought a Frappuccino at 7-Eleven.

17 April 2015

Isa and her mum today went to the Pop Show and I stayed home alone and I cooked pasta! Well... It's not even close to a good pasta but at least it is PASTA!!
After the delicious Chai we went back to school for my first field trip! It was an Artistic Career Festival and so there were a lot of fun classes and my favorite was Editing! Even if we haven't done much I talked with the volunteer, who was a professional editor for National Geographic and now I'm even more convinced about the fact that I want to follow my dream do what I love and travel... After lunch there we could join some activities and one was a Design Challenge and I don't know how we won the challenge preparing our project just before they called us (even if we had 20 minutes to prepare it) and improvising during the presentation. We had the word "jump" and we had to come up with a 3D model and a slogan workout saying the word. Well the link we made was that jumping makes you fit and so we build a ring and the before and after jumping body hahaha
This morning we were so late that we convinced Lora to excuse us from 1st period and we went to Aviano and I got a delicious Bhakti Chai

16 April 2015

Coach's words πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Today practice for the first time at the East gym! (We can't go to the coach's gym because the school insurance doesn't response there... 😭) I didn't even know we had a weight room and a room with bicycles and ellipticals at school!!! Well.. It's a good gym but not as good as the coach's one. But let's try 😎

15 April 2015

Today for lit we had to perform a part of the book "A Streetcar Named Desire" and if we wanted we could rearrange it. Well, I was the narrator and Isaac and Will were respectively Blake (Blanche in the real story) and Mitch. We decided to recreate the scene with a gay couple instead of the original one. It was so fun! And Isaac is so funny! (And he is so cool... He is from Hawaii, he still has a house there and he can surf!) Pretty normal day for the rest and practice outside!

14 April 2015

I was so close to reach 4096!!!
Lunch with Frances, Julia and Tess! The ACT is getting closer! Another beautiful day practicing outside for track πŸ‘πŸ»

13 April 2015

After shopping we had to go back home to go to track practice! Well, we didn't have a ride so for the first time I caught a bus with Isa 😁 We got home, snaked a little for lunch and than we grabbed the bikes and went to practice!!
Today.... PROM shopping!!! Julia, Isa and I went to the mall to try on PROM dresses! We got there at 9.30 but the mall was opening at 10.00!! So we decided to go to Starbucks and relax a little. I got a Dirty Chai and the girl I don't know how spelled my name right!! Wow! At 10.00 we went back to the mall and we visited so menu stores! At the end I found the dress that fitted me perfectly at Macy's and there I also found the shoes 😱 It's so so happy!!! Last stop at Victoria secret to buy a bra for my dress... Well.. I spent more money for that than for my shoes!

12 April 2015

When I got home after the shooting I was alone because my host family went to have dinner at Eric's parents. I really didn't want to do my homework so I wandered around and I noticed that there were some bikes near the tree house. I went to check out and after analyzing the three bikes I choose one to fix. I don't know how but after removing wheels and using random tools I fixed it 😱 whoooo!!!
Today I slept in and than I had to go to Maddy's house to shoot the movie for her class. We had so much fun shooting and Maddy is such a nice person!

11 April 2015

And a little late we cooked our dinner! Gluten free pesto pasta with strawberry and lemons juice and for dessert brownies!! It was delicious! And I was so proud of our cooking job πŸ‘πŸΌ After dinner we played music with the Jambox and we danced! So fun 😜
She's always playing the piano 🎢
When we got home we decided that we wanted to bake! So we went to King Soopers to buy a bar of chocolate to make our brownies! While wandering around the supermarket we found out that powdered sugar bag is the softest and relaxing thing to touch 😍
And here we are!! Saturday meet at Muller High school!! In the morning discus and I got a PR. At noon shot-put and I got another PR and I got 4th! It was so much fun! After the competition I had two little bottle of Gatorade and I had so so much energy that I practiced with coach again! First some core and the "Go Game" and sprints and than we threw discus and shot-put. After training I went with Julia in the warmup area and I started jumping hurdles! I love it!! At 3.15 Isa had her last race and than we waited for Lora to come and pick us up. Isa had to babysit and Lora and Eric went out for dinner. So Julia and I stayed at our house.

10 April 2015

After the meet I had so much energy that even if it was late I went out rollerblading!
After the test I got back to school and I went to Julia's orchestra class and from there with her and Mallie to the Pop Show rehearsal! It's pretty cool!!! At 2.10 we left the auditorium and were ready to leave for the meet at South!!! Today hasn't been a great meet but I had fun!
Started it at 7.47 and I was done at 11.44. Pretty quick? OMG! I'm finally done with the TOEFL test! Got there, ID check, earplugs, headphones and than all that time in front of a computer to prove that I know English.... It was at the community college of Denver. It's a pretty nice area!
Loook!!! The emoji keyboard has been upgraded!!! Now there are a lot of new emoji and it's possible to choose a skin color!

9 April 2015

After a nice practice with Hana and Gabe, Coach offered us dinner at the Red Dragon!! It was so nice of him! After that I got home and Isa and I went to the store and we bought so much stuff! Hahaa
Today during photography a three women dressed up like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's characters came in my photography class calling all the seniors! Well, that was so weird! Hahaha The chocolate bar was to win a golden ticked to receive a prize to take before After-Prom. Yess! This year the After-Prom Theme is Willy Wonka!!!

8 April 2015

Ivy, the Chinese exchange student, has helped me so much for the TOEFL test. She was so kind that she borrowed me her Chinese phone with the TOEFL practice app. Well, to get it to work I needed the wifi. I couldn't understand why but even if the password was right it didn't connect.. After trying and retrying to put the password I translated the word I was pressing to confirm the password and I realized it meant "Cancel" πŸ˜“ Chinese people have everything reverted! Also on the app for the TOEFL it would highlight the word in red if it was right and in green if it was wrong! So confusing! However I like Chinese!! I tried to type a little drawing the symbols and it's so fun!
And this is what happens when you want to sit on the king's chair in Mr. Ortiz office... You have to become the Burger King's king..

7 April 2015

Just normal days at school... Nothing new. This Friday I have to take the TOEFL and I'm pretty anxious... Am I ready for this?

5 April 2015

Now: celebrating Easter with family friends πŸ‘ A lot of Italians here! I talked with the Italians and had a lot of great food... Love it
HAPPY EASTER!!!!! 🐣 This morning I woke up at 12.53.. 😱 Yesterday we got home at 2.00 but I didn't think I could sleep that much!! After unpacking my bags Isa and I went to look for eggs that the Easter bunny hid around the house! Well.. I'm pretty bad at it! Isa found almost all eggs... However she is so kind and we split candies and money 😜

4 April 2015

After the buffet we packed and we left to head back to Denver.. We passed through Utah. It was amazing! The environment that surrounded is was amazing.. All the colors, the mountains and rock and that the sun set and we have also seen the full moonrise. Perfect way to conclude our trip.
This morning we went to have brunch at the most famous place in Las Vegas: the Bellagio's Buffet. There was so much food and everything was so so so good! I was aware that I would have had a food coma soon but I couldn't stop eating all that food... One of the best things were the crab legs, salmon, the calamari salad, sushi, bacon, shrimps, French toast with hazelnut banana and Nutella, and a lot of sweets πŸ™ It was the paradise
Back to our hotel we got to our lovely suite on the 35th floor and while Isa was taking a steamed shower in one of the bathrooms o took a hot tub in the other one. I think I haven't taken a bath since I was 6... Well after eleven years that was the best sensation ever πŸ’• After that we went to bed and I slept so good till 10.00!
We saw everything we needed to se. We went into the Cosmopolitan hotel, Caesars Palace, Venetian palace ecc. I could feel (almost) home! In the Caesar palace there was a reconstruction of Rome an in the Venetian palace there was a reconstruction of Venice with also the Gondole 😱 It was so overwhelming! Everything kept going without an end.. Casinos, people playing, night clubs, restaurants... Endless. After having visited so much at 1.00 we got back

3 April 2015

Before going out we went to have dinner in a really fancy place. After dinner we walked around for so so long!
Well.. The luck wasn't ended yet.. We were staying at the really famous Bellagio. So.. Even if we had booked before they made some mistake and that we're out of rooms. They have is another. Eric didn't tell us anything. We got on the 35th floor and... It was an enormous suite at the top floor of the hotel! There were two rooms each with two bathrooms with tv in the mirror and a balcony. Than a living room with a counter, couches, tv, table and chairs. The view was amazing and we couldn't Believe it was happening for
After 5 hours driving here we are in Las Vegas!!!!
OMG... 😱 Here an interesting fact... 😍 So... At the surf shop I bought a hat but I at lunch I forgot it at the table. So even if we were on the road off Montecito Eric decided to go back and grab it... In the mid time in the car Lora asked who were the famous people leaving in Montecito. Isa googled it and we found out that Ellen Degeneres had a house there. When we got at the restaurant Eric asked Isa and I to go into the grocery shop we went before to buy another bag of popcorns. I grabbed my hat and we went to the shop. Well... We were checking out but we cut off the line a woman who was talking. Isa turned and said sorry. She turned towards me and than she turned again towards the woman. At last she looked back at me with a pale face and said: "Go grab my phone. NOW". I had realized who was that woman too and I ran as quick as o could outside. She was Ellen Degeneres!!! Unbelievable!!! We were standing in front of her and she said "whats up girls?". (Continues)
I said the first thing that came up to my mind "I'm from Italy!!" She said "where?" "Italy!" "And what are you doing here?" "I'm an exchange student!" Than I gave her my paper and pen and she said "so what do you want me to do with this? Cause I usually have this things at my house. Can I take it home or do you want it back?" Well I replied that I want it back obviously! She autographed it for me and than we took a photo together. After that we got out with her. And I said "don't worry we're not following you, our car is there!" She said "I'm not worried at all! It's fine! Nice meeting you girls!" Best day ever... 😍😱 I'm still shocked... Everything happened like in a chain. Everybody had a role to make this happen. Me with the hat, Lora with the famous people, Isa googling and finding out about Ellen and Eric asking us to go back into that store... amazing!
After the city college visit we packed our bags and we went to have lunch in Montecito leaving the lovely Santa Barbara behind. I had a wonderful pizza with arugula pesto instead of tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, onions and goat cheese... I have to say that it was of the best pizzas ever!
This morning again surfing! We met Dylan at 9.00 and at 10.00 I had the city college tour visit... Well I don't know how but I caught a good amount of waves and than at 9.53 I took of the wetsuit, put on clothes and ran to the city college. I asked a random girl if she knew where I had to go for the tour and luckily she knew and it was just up some stairs. I got into the building and I was all wet and sandy but it's ok.. When I got there the tour started 😱 Time loves me πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ•™

2 April 2015

After surfing dinner with Kim again and bed! I'm living on burgers this week πŸ˜πŸ”
This morning we visited UCSB. It's a really really cool university! However as I knew before they don't have a good film production program... Crossed out 😱.. After the college visit we went surfing and our teacher was a really cute guy named Dylan who was Kim's friend. I had so much fun surfing! I'm particularly proud of the last wave I caught... Well Dylan said we had to go but I wanted to do the last one and so I went by myself to catch one on my own. Well... Don't know how but I got it and I stayed up till the beach... Dylan in the mid time was wondering if I understand English or not... 😜 After surfing we went to Kim's shop and I bought a lot of cool stuff and he discounted a 50% off all clothes 😱 Thank you so much!!!

1 April 2015

And here we are in Santa Barbara!!!! Another hotel on the beach... Amazing... After looking around we went for dinner to the Paradise Cafe. There we met Kim and his wife. Kim is Eric's coworker, he is a surfer and owns a shop that sells all surf-style things. He is really cool! Thanks to him tomorrow we'll go surfing!
In Malibu we did a college tour of the Pepperdine University... And this is the view from its Campus... After this straight to Santa Barbara!!!
First thing we have done was the Studios Tour with the universal studios bus πŸ‘ There was a really funny guy entertaining us while we were looking around or on the tv screen. They showed us all the fake settings and recreated environments for movies. The coolest thing was a 4-D show that looked so so real! King Kong and the T-Rex were so scary! And was so cool when it looked like we were falling from a precipice... Wow... After the tour we went to do the Shrek ride, the Minions ride and the Jurassic park ride!!! Fabulous day... After that we headed to Malibu!!
This morning we packed and than to the Universal Studios!!!!!

31 March 2015

After our ride, Eric drove me to check out the city college. It was really small but it look nice! After that we walked around the shopping area and had ice cream! Well it was supposed to be Italian ice cream... It was really good but to get two flavors you couldn't get the small cone... What the egg is this?!? In Italy I can choose 3 flavors with the small cone and here I can't do 2?!? Americans...(❀️)
After a relaxing hot tub Isa and I rented the hotel's bikes and we biked along the sea coast.. So good!
And this is Santa Monica beach!!! It was warm and sunny and obviously I swam a little and we walked till the panoramic wheel 😍 Yes! Love it
Hamburger for lunch... I love American food!
And here we are... Another amazing hotel... This time with ocean view... This is amazing! They also left us a beach bucket with little plastic tools full of candies!!!
And here we are in Beverly Hills! 😱 Heading towards Santa Monica on the Rodeo Drive with all the fancy shops!
As usual we packed our bags as fast as possible (I love it 😍) and ready to leave Los Angeles! But first we went on a hike in the Hollywood hills to get closer to the Hollywood sign! It was so so nice!!! I loved it!
Horrible photos of the Chinese theatre, the Hard Rock Cafe and the Capitol Records building... πŸ‘
After breakfast we walked around on the Walk of Fame... I felt important stepping over all this famous people 😜 Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Donald Duck....
One of the best breakfasts and it was on Sunset Boulevard!! Chai tea and chocolate croissant for me 😍
OMG! The first time I've seen the Hollywood sign in reality 😱😱😱😱😱
Just got out of our hotel and photo with Ellen Degeneres' star 😍 Heading somewhere for breakfast with Isa!

30 March 2015

And here how to end our first day in L.A. Really good Turkish restaurant. Eric selected a few appetizers and some entrees to share altogether with wine for himself and Lora and two virgin drinks for Isa and I. Than an amazing dessert and ready to go back to the hotel!
Red carpet 😝
And here we are!!! L.A. guys!!! At the W hotel!! As soon as we got there Isa and I ran up to our rooms, dropped everything and put on our swimsuits. We grabbed flip flops and went up to the top floor to the swimming pool! Well.. The sun was almost gone and it was a little cold... But the the water of the swimming pool was so warm 😍 Aahh... Spring break!
Before leaving the Grand Canyon we went looking around and we went into this shop... Well the photo itself tells what happened... πŸ˜“
After hiking we went to have breakfast at a really fancy place in front of the Grand Canyon and I got an amazing French toast with Brie and berries 😍
Here we are!!!!! We are at the Grand Canyon!!!!! We hiked a little around and enjoyed the warm morning whether of Arizona.
Really really close to the Grand Canyon!!! Eric drove all night and we slept... I don't know why but now I can fall asleep everywhere and I can sleep good! First we went to check out the University of Northern Arizona that was the one he went to and than directly to the Grand Canyon!!

29 March 2015

On the road!
I spent the night at Julia's and this morning she gave me a ride home and now I'm packing to leave for our road trip!!! Yay!!!

28 March 2015

I went to eat dinner with Isa at Snarf's and than she dropped me off at Julia's house. Julia, her Swedish friend Sofia and her host dad and brother hadn't eaten yet so I went with them to a Mexican restaurant. I got just an Orchata but Julia shared with me a little of her dish.. Hahahaa she was struggling eating it!
Today track meet! I woke up again at five and this time we had to get there with the school bus that it's a lot less expensive but a lot less comfortable! I was really anxious and so I didn't do really well at the meet but coach has always the right words to cheer me up. And he also made me write a paper that I have to hang on a wall and read every day to improve hahahaa he is such a good coach!! He really cares! I staid all day with Morris, Gabe and the Coach. I have fun with them! We also did some challenges and the first one was: who stops clapping hands first looses! Gabe when saw a guy coming with sodas gave up and went buy some. Morris after a while stopped and I won! Hahahaa Another challenge was to see who could hold for the longest time the plank position. Agave gave up again at 58 seconds, Morris gave up at 2.08 minutes but coach wanted me to keep going and crush them... In the end I staid 3.58 minutes and I stopped hahahaa After that home with school bus!

27 March 2015

I have to say that today was a pretty good day! Lit I did my short constructed response and I think I did good! Third period I talked with Tessa and Ms. Vesceri cause I didn't want to do anything. Photography we just did funny stuff. Lunch with Maddy and Julia and we went to Chipotle! They are so fun! Than civics I watched part of my series because I was so bored and I talked with Loris, Joseph and another guy.. They are so funny! Than during math there weren't many people so Miss Vilkus said that we could do homework and so I did it with the girl who sits in front of me and her friend Jack Brogan... Eight period I helped a kid because is my peer tutoring period πŸ‘ After school practice for the meet!
Today during APUSH the situation degenerated.. Ahahah We became detectives! So, after the quiz we started noticing all the weird things in our classroom: the clock-wall was in a weird position, there were some pants on the floor (?), and blood or whatever it was on the board.. Hahaha it was so funny! And we wrote on the board a list of questions for the supposed killers hahaha

26 March 2015

I have a long story: funny but so creepy!!! 😱 So I was waiting today at the bus stop on Colorado to go to the gym and a guy (about 40 years old) asked me what was the word on my backpack. Than I said I don't know and he, when I stood up to go on the bus, started reading it and laughed. Well he didn't take the same bus so I was fine. After practice I was waiting again for the bus at another bus stop. I was reading my book and when I looked up he was walking there too!!! So he asked my name and started talking about God and Jesus and that I should believe in them. And he also said that he is still healing from abuse, exactly Satanic abuse... OMG... This time he caught the same bus and he was sitting on a different seat far from me but at a moment he came and said: "just in case, you have to know that God is always there and that Jesus will always love you".... He was so close to my face that was so creepy 😱 When I got off the bus he said: "bless you, bless you!" Again😱
For lunch: which wich with Ivy and Frances!

25 March 2015

After practice I got home and I don't have a lot of homework so I decided to make "Brutti ma Buoni"! And that with the yellow of the eggs that o didn't need I made "Rusumada(?)" as my grandmother taught me. Than food! πŸ‘
Incredible.. Yesterday there was the sun and it was so so hot! Today it snowed... And after school it was already melted and sunny hahaha
Today I had a civics test... I think I did bad again! (.. As the rest of the class... 😜)

24 March 2015

Photography... Just a collage.. Nothing new happened.. Went to school and than to the gym for practice

23 March 2015

Today normal day and lunch with Frances and Isabella. After school I talked with my cousin... He sent me this photo.. Hahahaahaha

22 March 2015

Today I needed to wash my sheets but I didn't have time to dry them.... So I slept in this πŸ‘
After the day of the meet I really didn't want to do homework... So Isa and I decided to go buy groceries with roller blades! We went first to King Soopers. And there can you believe that Isa could fit in the babies' car? Hahaha After that we went home and right after we got out and went to Trader Joe's to buy other groceries... Hahahaa We got back at 6 and than... Homework 😭
-11 weeks... BITTERSWEET...

21 March 2015

Omg! The girls at the meet today were so so good!! In discus I've thrown for the first time with the South African technique and in shot-put I tried for the first time to throw with the glide instead of the cheat. Coach was proud but I have to improve! After a long day we got home exhausted at nine!
This morning we left to go to Pueblo for my third track meet! We took the bus and left at 5.30 because this place is really far from Denver. I slept all the time πŸ‘

20 March 2015

Yesterday after school an early practice for the meet and than physical therapist! Coach today came early just for me... I like it better because it makes me feel more important. I threw the shot-put and than the discus!

19 March 2015

This was my day

18 March 2015

Today again to school with roller blades πŸ‘ I like rollerblading so much.. I know everybody thinks it's weird but I don't care. Today we left school earlier again because of the T&F meet. There were so many good girls who were already doing glides in shot put... Probably they had been doing it for years... I got so anxious cause I knew I wasn't good enough to beat them.. It was my second meet and my fourth time throwing in my whole life 😱 Well.. In the end I got to go to finals and I placed 6th!! I'm so happy! But I have to improve! Goal: 30 feet

17 March 2015

After practice we went to Annie's for the last San Patrick's day show! For dinner I had a typical Irish dish: corn meet and cabbage! It was so good and I was so hungry that I finished it before my brain thought that I should have taken a photo.. Well in the end I took a photo of Eric's πŸ‘
Another day at the gym! Tomorrow meet... Coach is expecting a lot from me... I hope I'll do good!

16 March 2015

And this is my dinner tonight! After a long practice and coming home with rollers πŸ‘
This morning I don't have my first period because of the CMAS testing and I decided to not go also to my off period. So I woke up at 10.00 and I went to school with roller blades!! Than I had civics and another period doing nothing because there were no kids that I had to tutor..

15 March 2015

For dinner I've cooked for myself and I've had tomatoes and chicken nuggets!
After any issues because our international credit cards didn't work, Abby used her American credit card and we rented three bikes!! It has been such a great day! We biked till East because Abby wanted to see it, than we spent some time at City Park, and in the end we lead back to downtown... It was such a lovely time!! I love exchange student! 😍
First we went to Snarf's! Yess!! There is a new one downtown!!! And than we went to Good Times. Yummy! This is our lunch!
This morning FaceTime with Abby!! It was such a long time!! I miss him so much... Than we headed to Isa's gran gran parents for her gran gran dad's birthday. After that I went to Julia's house and than we went downtown to meet Abby, the girl from Argentina

14 March 2015

After the parade Isa had to do some shows in different pubs.. I liked it so much!! They are so beautiful and the dances are amazing!
Today there was the San Patrick's Day parade in downtown Denver and Isa was in it! It was fun!!

13 March 2015

After track today A friend came to pick us up and with Julia we went to the East basketball game. For dinner we went to Wendy's and I didn't even have to pay!! That's because the gra other of the guy we were with was the boss at the place we went and she gave us food for free! We lost the game... But it was nice being around people cheering for our school team! Loved it! I got home at 00.40 because the traffic was so bad!
Woooow!!! What??? A 50 out of 50??? And I didn't even review the day before the test! This is amazing!!!!!!

12 March 2015

I think I've done well on both my tests today and I'm finally relaxed. After school Julia came to my house and we ended up recording a video of Julia rapping a song about the guy who stole my phone that she invented... AMAZING! It was so much fun! I gave her some rapper clothes and the video turned out great! After that we went back to East to take the track team picture πŸ‘

11 March 2015

Yesterday another normal day and practice at the gym. But today first track meet!!!! It has been amazing!! I got first in shot-put!!! Well I got home at nine because I don't have a ride home and the only solution was going to Isa's dance class and wait.. Problem: tomorrow I have both on the same day the APUSH DBQ and the AP Calc test.. Luckily I studied yesterday for math. However I was so stressed for the DBQ!! I have to know so much stud about the period from 1890 to 1945... Well when I got home at 9.30 I started studying and I went to bed at midnight hoping for the best...

9 March 2015

Today was the first day of the Block Day Week because of the CMAS testing. Everything normal.. At lunch I went to a conference with T. J. Miller. He was a student at East and now he is working in the film industry and he was playing Fred in Big Hero 6!! 😱 Than track practice; we went to city park and threw

8 March 2015

Thursday: Today I got another A in my math test!! Great! After school I meet the two guys from throwing and I went with them by car to the throwing place. It was just me another girl, Didi, Nick and Maurice. We worked fast and hard from two till five! Amazing! After that I went to the physical therapist by bus. It took me so long...
Wednesday: OMG... I hate legislation... Well today I spent my off periods trying to figure out things with my councilor.. Now I know. More than the consulate does about this stuff.. Hahaah After that... track! We sprinted!
Just to let you know... Someone stole my new phone on Friday... So I'll post what happened last week in normal notes...
I'm so mad... I have such a pain!!!! Why? It means also that I won't be able to hike with my family anymore during the summer. I want to cry... I ruined myself with cross country...

7 March 2015

After roller skating we got ready for bed and than we watched a running movie all together! Loved it!
After dinner: roller skates!!! It was my first time on those! I usually use roller blades... It was really fun! And even if it took me a few minutes to get used to them than I had so much fun!!
This morning I left with the cross country team and we went on a snowshoe trip! It was amazing! Around me everything was so pretty 😍 We went till a waterfall that wasn't really a waterfall bit was good! Problem: my groin hurts so bad that I could die....
I've just seen a squirrel with a Starbucks cup stuck on its head... It was jumping with it and I think that was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!

6 March 2015

At the play with Frances! So happy!! She also went to track!! We were so tired and the play was so long!! But at least it distracted me from the really bad day... The main character was Isabella. The girl in my lit class... She was simply amazing! Oh! Well...before the play and Which Wich I have to say that today was a pretty bad day... When the bell at end of eight period rang I packed my bag and in that little time someone stole my phone on the desk... I'm so pissed... Why did you do that?? After school I struggled trying to find a solution but.. No way.. I needed to get this angriness out and so I went to track and I practice throwing with Nick and Hannah. I like it so much! It doesn't hurt and I'm pretty good at it.
First time at Which Wich!! Yummy!!

3 March 2015

Today talking again with the councilor... I don't like easy things.. That's why I have always the most complicated situations hahaha Tomorrow I'll check in again with her if there are any news.. Great!

2 March 2015

But... What? Just nine weeks of school left?? NINE?? I'll miss East so much 😭 All these discoveries haahha

1 March 2015

We got into the Pepsi Center and here we are watching the Nuggets' game eating chicken nuggets! Well it was overwhelming.. Lion King Camera, cheerleaders, flavored (gross) ice, children playing during the break time... Fun fun!
I couldn't understand how we could get tickets but when I talked with Abigail she told me that her sister was part of a youth group and that they had a lot of tickets also for friends. Yes, fee tickets also for me and Julia! 😱 I simply love being an exchange student. Amazing things always happen and you can't understand even why... It's such a great experience.. 😍
Today I had to go to Aurora to meet my Argentinian friend and her Swedish friend with Julia. While organizing, I misunderstood her and I thought we couldn't meet anymore. In the end, we clarified and so at two I got in a light rail at Union Station to go to Aurora! When we arrived I texted her and she though that we weren't coming anymore and that she accepted to go to the Nuggets' game at the Pepsi center in Denver with her family! She told me to wait at the station and that she would pick us up and we could go back to Denver together. Hahaah what mess...
In eight weeks and three days I'll be 18 😱 What?

28 February 2015

Isa? Dipping biscuits in the tea??? What?!? That's an Italian thing! 😱
Why not dipping biscuits in hot tea while watching "Up"?
Oh! The Torta Salata is ready!!!!
Here preparing biscuits!!
This morning, I don't know why, but I got up at 6.55... 😱 Than I stayed in bed till 9 and I got ready to go to track practice!! We did relays. It was fun but my knee hurts πŸ‘ wow... Than I stayed with Lora all day cause I didn't want to organize anything and she was free and could spend the afternoon with me. We went to the store and than we prepared a Torta Salata alle Zucchine and Brutti ma Buoni. It was really fun!

27 February 2015

After practice today I went to the Spike Night with the track team to buy new spikes! Will I ever use this shoes? I hope my body will finally allow me to do a sport here!
And than this dress drove crazy all America... and the rest of the world! Is it Black and Blue or White and Gold? Why do I keep seeing it purple and brown.. 😱
Ho il muco pure nel cervello 😱

26 February 2015

Today is snow day!!!! We stayed home and relaxed 😍

25 February 2015

I believe in destiny...
Today my lovely orange chicken for lunch at Pepper!!! I love it 😍 I went there with Julia and Frencis ❀️ After that... Civics test... 😱

24 February 2015


23 February 2015

Today after school I went on my own run to see if my groin was finally better... Well.. I thought at the beginning that everything was fine but after ten minutes I realized I was wrong... Should I keep trying or should I just give up and become a little tall obese girl?

22 February 2015

OMG... I ate so much... 😱 Chicken Fried Steak with gravy and mashed potatoes, fries and a delicious caramel and vanilla cake with ice cream.. Too much! Please stop me! I just found out I'll probably swim in the ocean during spring break and my body is not ready 😱
Finally home.. I just have to thank god I have a pair of shoes πŸ™
Can't imagine the joy of seeing the bus you have to catch coming when you are waiting for it with a pair of jeans, a jacket and All Stars in 15 cm of snow...

21 February 2015

Than Lora gave a ride to me and Julia and we went to Julia's house cause I'll spend the night there! No dinner but delicious ice cream! After that we played with the wii and we went to bed and I watched Arrow on my phone!!! Lovely 😍
Than to the mall with Julia cause she needed to shop! But before shopping: Orange chicken and chow-main at Panda Express!! Yummy!!! After shopping at 4 Isa and Lora came to the mall too and we went to watch McFarland, a really nice movie about cross-country. Fun!
Well after that scary thing of the bus I finally got to the ice skating place! There I met Caroline and Maya and it was so much fun!!
Scary morning..... I was waiting for the bus on Colfax and the bus wasn't coming. When I decided to walk back home a creepy guy called me and asked if I wanted a ride.. I said no and I walked away. I don't know how but five seconds later he turned on Hudson and said to me again: "Come on! I can give you a ride"... I tried to keep myself calm, I said no thank you and he luckily went away... When I got on the Colfax bus a guy wanted to give me a paper about tattoos and I said no.. He kept looking at me and than he moved on the seat next to me... OMG.. He started talking to me and asked me why I didn't want a tattoo. I told him that I was too young and I couldn't have one (yeah, good move telling him you're young, Elisa)... He said "Oh, you look older!" Than he asked my name and I got up and told him I had to get down cause that was my bus stop. While I was waiting to get down he asked me my number... Hahahaah "NO!" 😱

20 February 2015

Well, I forgot the money for the bus at home and so I walked to the physical therapist from school. It was exactly 40 minutes even if Maps was saying it was 50 minutes walk. With my music I walked till there... At least I had some exercise! At the physical therapist I told Josh that my knee was hurting and it needled four sports.. Ouch.. It's so soar now...
Today I brought cards at school and at lunch I played "Bau, Miao, Ciao" with Frances, Julia and Jason.. So much fun!!! We did two rounds and the first one with animal sounds, the second one with road sounds.. Amazing!

19 February 2015

Julia gave me a chocolate bar for San Valentine's Day after a week from San Valentine's Day! Lovely 😍 Homework in the library before truck... Truck was nice but my knee hurts now... Waiting anxiously to go to the physical therapist...
Love it...

18 February 2015

Today back to school... Well on Wednesday I can relax a lot.. I have an off period and peer tutoring.. Yay!!! Lunch with Julia and when we went to our place behind Tattered Cover we found Loris and his friend and joined them. But back home let's study for the cumulative math test!

17 February 2015

While waiting in Union Station for the last ride back home Julia and I bought ice cream!! Love it 😍
On the bus... We're going back home after a wonderful day!!!
Here we are al together before our last run!
I didn't stop a second to warm up even if it was pretty windy! I loved this day!! Oh and nearly at the end we lost Isa cause she went another way... Well there wasn't service but she tried to text me anyway... Hahaha when I had service again I ended up receiving I don't know how many messages from her πŸ‘
Finally in Eldora!!!! Let's go skiing!!!!!
Unluckily there was so much traffic that we arrived late at the Boulder transit center and we missed the bus to Eldora... So we had to wait an hour there till the second bus. Me and Julia went to Pearl Street Mall to move a little and we took some photos
Woah! I've organized a thing and it worked out really well!! Can't believe it!!! So, this morning we got up at 5.30 and Julia came to my house, than we went to pick up Georgia and went to Union Station.... Yessss!!! We're going all together skiing by bus!! Two hours and we'll be up there spending just 2.50 dollars 😱

16 February 2015

Italian restaurant tonight!!! Spaghetti and meatballs πŸ‘
Coming back I've seen for the first time a Bubba Gump!!! It's not possible! It exists for real!!! 😱 Isa and I had a lot of time to spend taking on the ski lift and ya! We talked a lot 😜!
Isa and I are going skiing at Copper today!! Yay!!!

15 February 2015

And here we are!! After finding about that the Capitol was closed we decided to go to Voodoo Donuts!! Yeah, I was the "city expert" because I was the only one from Denver and so I let the group explaining them how to catch the bus and stuff.. Oh! To eat our delicious donuts we went to Union Station and we sat al together tasting our donuts. Abigail and I bought two donuts together and we shared them: Old Dirty Bastard and Oreo donuts... Yummy!!! Than half of the group left and so I called Isa to pick Abigail, Cristian, Mirco and I to go all together at the mall. We stayed there for an hour and than Isa drove us back and I went just with Abigail to a garden showroom to meet her host family. That gave me a ride home and it had been a really amazing day!
Well, this is almost embarrassing... I've walked so many times in front of the Denver Capitol and I never cared about it... These guys who are an hour or two from here wanted to see it so bad!
After wandering around again for a while and talking about anything we decided to go eat lunch at Smashburger... Yummy!!!
Oh Yeah!!! Today: great day! A couple weeks ago an Italian exchange student who is staying in Georgetown invited me other 5 Italians, a girl from Argentina, a guy from Bolivia and one from Belgium to meet at 10.30 in Denver and spend the day together. The day started so well! We meet and we talked already as if we had been friends for a long time. We walked a little on 16th Street Mall and than, I don't know who had the great idea to take an hotel elevator to see Denver's panorama from up high! It was amazing! Hahah

14 February 2015

In the end Julia is not coming because she'll be here too late... I just realized that today I've eaten just Donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Ok I'm going to bed..
And it's the greatest San Valentine's Day present when you open Infinite Campus and you find out you got the highest score in your math test since the beginning of the semester... And guys... It was dived in calculator and not calculator part.. Well, since I couldn't understand what a problem was asking in the first part of the test because I didn't know the meaning of a word, I couldn't get the second part... In the end I understood and I did the second part in just 15 minutes! 😱
After a long time I called Abby... While we where talking he said "Hey! Never again such a thing that you leave for such a long time! I miss you so much and I think your mum feels so bad! Look at her whatsapp status... It's the date of the day your coming back! Hahahah" Well I checked and it was true! Mum don't worry I'll be back ❀️
San Valentine's Day!!! Look!!! My host mum gave me some chocolates and a really sweet letter... Thank you very much!!!! Today we went to the mall and now I'm home alone waiting for Julia! She'll spend the night here πŸ‘

13 February 2015

After the physical therapist Isa came to pick me up and we went out for dinner to an Asian restaurant.. We talked a lot and it was really nice.. Than we went to Bonnie Brae to get ice cream!! I think we'll be back soon not just for the ice cream..
Today Caroline from APUSH and Joelle from civics gave me a little chocolate for San Valentine's Day!!! So sweet!!! During civics our teacher kept "insulting" Italy just because now Loris and I are both Italians and in his class... Good... Hahaa

12 February 2015

Thursdays are the Jew Club days!! Last Friday Julia and I went there just to eat bagels and than we left right away.. This time we felt too bad and so we stayed and ate again bagels and I had my first American coke!! I haven't had one since I've been here!!! 😱

10 February 2015

Today lunch with Julia and Tess!!! Snarf's forever and ever!

9 February 2015

It is too fun... I went with Julia an Francis out for lunch today.. We sat on the outside table near Tattered Cover and we ate in the sun.. So relaxing!! Than while we where heading back to school Julia and Frances stopped to buy something to drink at Tattered and I wish I had the money for a Sweet Chai Tea... You know what? Somebody didn't pick up their SWEET CHAI TEA and they gave it to me for FREE!! Too fun!!
Photography class with Julia!! We work hard!!! She looks like a tourist!!! Oh and today I don't know why but I'm particularly lucky. During first period a counselor called me and Frances out... I thought I did something bad... Instead we talked with her about the essays for college!!! Amazing!! It was what I needed!!

8 February 2015

Than we went with a friend a little bit outside Denver to see the city from far away! It was so nice! What a beautiful day!
Wohoo!! Julia is too good at playing violin 😱 This morning she and her dad came to pick me up and we went to a church where Julia played a couple of different song with her violin and the organ!

7 February 2015

Random loops around the block πŸ‘ Mmmh... How many people in the car? Too many!
Weird guys...! Unicycle, swords on heads, hula-hoop.... Oh, I was almost forgetting! People hiding under an amount of random star trying to find the fugitive rabbit in the basement... Haahaha... Too many different nationalities and to many crazy people
Tonight party at our house!! At 6.30 nineteen people (family friends) came to our house to eat dinner all together!! It was really nice! Out of nineteen people just seven were "real Americans"... Woow!!! So many different accents! People from Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Canada and Italians!! Including me there were 5 Italians ahaha

6 February 2015

Tonight dinner with Mr. Trapino, his wife, Loris, and this time also Isa. We went to Parisi, an Italian restaurant and we got pizza!! It was really good!! They were selling also other stuff like Pan Di Stelle!! Trapino's wife bought them for me and I was so happy 😍 I love Pan Di Stelle.... After dinner we walked down the street and we took a look into some modern art shops.. Cool!
After school I had the physical therapist appointment at 3.30.. Well I was talking at the phone with my sister since the beginning of with period and I completely forgot that I didn't have money for the bus!!! Aaaah!!! I was so late!! I called Isa and ran back to school... She luckily had one dollar and I ran again to the bus stop!! In the end I was just 7 minutes late... πŸ‘
During APUSH today, after my quiz I received this picture from my sister... It was so nice of her!! It's such a cute photo!!! It makes me want to come back as soon as possible..

4 February 2015

After school gym with Frencis!!! Sooo nice!!!
And this is the another Snapchat from my lil sister ❀️ I miss you too... A lot

3 February 2015

Lunch outside Tattered Cover! Yesterday was snowing, today there was the sun and I was wearing just jeans and t-shirt... Colorado weather... β„οΈβ˜€οΈ After school I went again to Tattered Cover with Frencis and I got my fabulous Sweet Chai Tea 😍
Senior picture today!! Yay!!

2 February 2015

Thank you Frencis!! This morning Frencis gave me a Starbucks drink as a gift.. She is so sweet 😍 For lunch I went to Peppers with Isabella and we talked a lot.. Was really nice!!! After school Julia and I stayed at school a little and we went to the choir room. She started to play the piano and she is so talented... Wow.. Her choir teacher came in and he was so surprised that Julia was playing! He said: "Usually people came here and they just make a lot of noise with that piano, but you can come whenever you want!" Cool πŸ‘

1 February 2015

Today at 4 I went to the mall with Frencis and with her is always so relaxing. We walked and talked for two hours... Than Lora came at the mall at 6.30 and picked me up. After that we went together at two stores to buy food. Yess! I'm such in a cooking mood! For lunched I fixed cauliflowers and zucchini and for dinner meat and green peas with tomato sauce.. Yay!

31 January 2015

After our ski day we went to a restaurant and we didn't even change... Look at our style!! Yeah!! Ahahah
And here we are!!! End of our day!! The resort closed at 4... So at 3.50 we took the last run but we went so fast that we had time for a second last run!!
We ate in 45 minutes and at 2.00 we were already on the slopes!!! We met many people today.. On each ski lift somebody new started talking with us and I think it was fun!! We talked with some guys, two men of ski patrol and two ski instructors.. As always they understand I'm not from here because of my accent.. Instead they always think Julia is American because she doesn't have an accent at all!!! I wish I didn't have an accent... So annoying!!!
This time we decided to go on the part in the back!! To go there there was a weird ski lift and Julia and I had to stand together on the same was so hard to balance!!! The last time we did it before lunch, Julia disappeared and after I tried to call her screaming out of loud I decided to take off my snowboard and walk to the other side of the slope trying to find her there... She wasn't there and I had to walk 15 minutes with the snow that reached my hips... She didn't even have a phone and so I couldn't call her!!! I tried to text her on the Swedish phone but there was no service!! So I went back to the meeting piace... When I had service again I received a call from Julia's dad and I didn't know what to tell him... Luckily it was Julia who told me calmly and with a relaxed tone that she was already at the lunch place and that I had to hurry! Ahaha thanks... And now I'm the one who's late..