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Elisa's adventure in India

19 January 2015

And it wasn't the end yet!! Land over in Dubai... We got out from the airport and went to The Mall Of Emirates. It was amazing and enormous! There was an aquarium and an underwater zoo inside the mall, tons of shops and we were so close to the inside ski resort... Wow! Than, just outside the mall, there was the Burj Khalifa touching the skies... It is the tallest building in the whole world! It was so beautiful... When I looked at the top the clouds were moving and sometime it seemed like that the tower was moving not the clouds... Amazing optical illusion.
Heading to the airport... It's over 😭 πŸ‘³ India I'll come back for sure in the future, maybe for work in Bollywood!! Who knows! πŸ‘³
I've noticed a thing here. There is a lot of love! Ahahah Today and yesterday I've seen many times friends who walk around hand in hand or hugging each other. It's so nice! I miss holding hand as I usually did in Italy for example during classes with Giulia or while walking around arm in arm with my dad or hand in hand with my brother or sister. Nice nice!
At 11.00 we got out and went shop around. I bought Chai Tea Spices, green tea and than I paid for Henna!! Amazing!!
Tibia morning we woke up as always at 7.30 and went to the gym. Shower and than nice breakfast. My hair was wet and since there wasn't an hairdryer I asked Isa to braid my hair! I liked it!!!
Waking up in the morning and find out that your Dad sent you an epic photo 😍 Nonna scrolling my photos on Journi SUPER technological NONNA

18 January 2015

Leading to the dinner place!!! Last full day in India is done πŸ˜­πŸ‘³
Last thing of the day! Humayunus Tomb! Actually I thought this building was even better than Taj Mahal! The sunlight was perfect and made stand out more the construction. πŸ‘ As always people stopped us to take photos. Two girls stopped me and when I said "You're welcome" they went away and starting repeating it ahaha The same girls, after a little time, while I was taking the photo of the Tomb they came from the back and took a photo of me. I didn't realize it Ahaha and when I turned one girl was smiling and staring at me. I said hello, she smiled and after an intense moment looking into each other eyes she ran away. There was a weird and powerful contact. And another wonderful thing that has happened was that while I was sitting on a stone outside Isa Khan Tomb another group of people came and they wanted me to hold a little baby who was wearing make up and take a photo with them. The baby was so cute! Amazing! Unluckily they have a photo with me but I don't have one with them 😱
After Red Fort we went to the Muslim mosque called Jami Masjid. It was really nice! And to get into we had to take off our shoes and walk barefoot. I love walking barefoot.. I don't know why... It makes me feel free ❀️ After that one of the best experiences ever... We walked through the streets full of street venders and indian people... We were the only white people... It was amazing, looking at all the things the were selling. From shoes to nuts, from air balloons to sweatshirts... Everything. And it was so crowded!! People everywhere (staring at us). And we had also to cross streets as Indians do... While all the cars were trying to get out from the traffic jam we had to slalom "risking our life"... Amazing!
Red Fort was really nice and I loved the architecture! The Fort was property of the king and was inside the city which was surrounded by other protecting walls with arches to get into the city. In the Red Fort complex were included some British buildings. Nice πŸ‘ As always Indian people were asking me to take pictures or they didn't even ask and came asking me to look at the camera... Ahaha I tried to keep track of how many people asked me but after the first two groups of people I was already lost! Ahahah
Today Revender, Eric's coworker, came to pick us up and we led to the Red Fort. On our way we saw the street venders selling just books along the street. This happens just on Sundays when most shops are closed. Interesting! They sell every kind of book, in English or Indi, old or new... Cool.. Than keep driving the market changed and they sold every kind of stuff..

17 January 2015

And than at dinner time an Indian Eric's coworker who lives in New Delhi came at our hotel and drove us to the center of the city. We walked a little bit to reach the restaurant. This part of New Delhi is really affected by the globalization and if there weren't little stands of street vendors next to the arcades selling indian food and children wandering around with teapots screaming Chai I would probably thought it was Milan. The restaurant was at the top of a tall building on the 25th floor. It was a little foggy as always during this period of the year but the view was still amazing.
After the safari we had another really nice homemade breakfast and than Isa decided to braid my hair.. Aahaha I looked so funny, but at least Isa is good at braiding πŸ‘§ After that again in the car for other 6 hours to get to another hotel in New Delhi πŸ‘³
SAFARI!!! Yay!! This morning we woke up at 5.50 to go directly to the safari!! At 6.00 we left and went to the safari place.. It was dark and cold... The car was a safari car and so the air could get through the canvas cover. Brr... Well... Unluckily we didn't see any tiger but we saw deers, peacocks and monkeys πŸ‘ It's ok πŸ’

16 January 2015

Well.. Today was a really long car day... But even if we were just traveling on a car was possible to see the environment and the people changing.. It showed different faces of India in just 8 hours. From the cities full of people wandering around the streets which were busy with cars, motorbikes, animals, handcarts and a lot more. As always trucks with painted on the back the words "Please Horn" and crazy drivers (including our driver) slaloming try to get out of the traffic. It was amazing as always. I have to thank everyone who made all of this possible..
And now we are leaving Agra and we will be in the car for at least 8 hours... Heading to the tiger reserveπŸ…!!! Well... If we don't see them after this long LONG trip I can't predict my reaction ahahaha

15 January 2015

Our ride back to the parking lot was again the camelπŸͺ! And Isa and I got on it!! Yay!!!
On the camel to go to Taj Mahal!!! Fun!!!! Yay!!! Taj Mahal was so big, so symmetric and so beautiful!! I loved it! Our guide was talking so fast that I couldn't understand a word... Aahaha but I wasn't the only one.. Also my host family couldn't understand some times... But after all he was really nice and it was nice talking to him. Also this time I had to explain that they were my family for just one year.. This concept I think is really hard to understand for them.. Every time I have to explain them what is an exchange student in different ways cause they can't get it! Ahaha
This morning last breakfast buffet and were going to see Taj Mahal!! It's 4.30 hours driving... Than I think we'll spend the night in Agra.

14 January 2015

Last thing of the day.. We went to dinner to an Indian resort or better a resort for (rich) Indians and we ate outside as always from the buffet. I loved the spinach soup 😍 While we where eating there was live indian music... Before eating we went explore the resort and there were people dancing and playing music. There where also two little girls who played some music and invited Isa to dance. So cute ☺️
Back to the hotel
Than while Eric was looking at rugs I got bored and so I got out looking at the amazing sky full of kites. While I was there a guy who worked there came outside with me and started to talk. He was really nice and I asked him if he had a kite too. He replayed yes and he asked me if I wanted to try it. I obviously accepted and we went to the top of the building as all the other Indians and he let me try. Up there was amazing, I felt a little Indian too. It was amazing looking around. Kites in the sky and top of building full of smiling people with their kites. It seems easy but it's not! Every time I tried it went down and than the guy, I don't know, how pulled it again up.
When we arrived to the textile shop they made us try their fabric painting art. Really nice! Than he also explained us how they make the rugs. I'm learning not to waste a single opportunity. And so I when the woman made a sign with her hand to make me try I didn't wait a second. I went there and I tried... It is hard but she did that so easily...
On the road to the textile shop
Than we went to a souvenir and art shop where I bought an amazing painting drew by the guy in the picture. It was so expensive but was stunning.. The painting kind of talked to me and I couldn't live it there... It pictures a peacock and in India it is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and pleasure. Happy
Than we moved to another place. This time we visited with our inseparable guide another king palace called City Palace. It was really nice too, I like indian architecture. Oh yeah! I have to say that here I feel like a celebrity. Everybody stares at me as they have seen a little God and asks me if they can take pictures with me! Both boys and girls! It happened also in New Delhi with two boys and I was really perplexed over there. But today I really enjoyed it when more than a couple of times they made a line to take a picture.. Ahaha I don't know if they want to take a picture because they are amazed to see blond hair, blue eyes and white skin or if I have to feel like a circus creature. Ahahah well as Eric said it's probably because they see a giraffe and they are not used to see giraffes in India but just elephants..
After that we went to a Stone Shop. In Jaipur they have 5 precious and a lot of semi-precocious stones. It was a really nice shop and I found out that from both my month and my Zodiac Sign my personal stone is the diamond. Well.. I thought that it was better not to buy anything since the moment that the not expensive black diamond price started from 300 dollars... At least I got my first really good Indian Chai Tea. Oh.. And guess what! While I was waiting for my host family who wanted to buy some jewels, I heard the only other customer in the shop talking with one of the jewel seller. Yes, they were talking in Italian.. Ahaha so I started talking with them and I found out that their office is in Milan and Rome.. Ahahah The world seems big but it is so so small!
Here Jal Mahal palace!!! And where we stopped it was full of people flying their kites. Loved it
Right at the exit of the Amber palace we saw a Cobra enchanter... The music was amazing and the cobra was both scary and enchanting as his enchanter.. Than there also was another little kid who was singing playing his little instrument. His voice was amazing.. He nearly made me cry.
The photos that you can see regard the Amber Palace. It was really nice... And our guide enjoyed explaining to us every aspect of the different parts of the palace. I really enjoyed this visit. πŸ‘³ And while we where visiting there where two women with brooms without sticks in their Indian super colorful dresses.
Oh my God... Oh my GOD!!! Why didn't you tell us!!! We are going to ride and elephant?? What? WHAT? I can't believe it! Well.. That was my reaction when I found out that to reach Amber palace the only way was to ride an elephant.. Well.. I can't complain.. Ahahah it was AMAZING... While riding our elephant an Indian guy started screaming at our side: "Hey! Hey! You smile! I take very very good pictures! You put hands up! You smile! My name is AlΓ¬ BabΓ ! Remember! I do good price for you! Remember jacket! If you like it buy it, if you don't you don't have to buy it!" He was so funny! I loved him. AlΓ¬ BabΓ  made our elephant ride πŸ‘ 🐘
It's always a little foggy here... The Palace you can see in the picture is called Amber Palace and was the residence of the king of Jaipur. Now is propriety of the state and opened to the public. It is really big! And from the top of the palace you can see the walls surrounding and protecting the fortress.
Oh oh I think I saw an elephant 😱
Today is the Kite Festival Here!!! It's a really nice holiday!!! All Indians build their own kite and go out in the streets to fly their kites. It was really emotional! The sky was full of wonderful kites and happiness. Than while we were driving to go to I don't know where, we saw the Palace of Winds of Jaipur.

13 January 2015

After 4.30 hours of travel we arrived at the so called Pink City or Jaipur: Rajasthan capital. Me and is decided to relax and so we went to the Spa. First of all a free head massage offered by the hotel and than a super relaxing Swedish massage that lasted 60 minutes... Ahhhh 😍 After that a wonderful spicy Indian ginger tea.
Oho! Today 4 hours and a half driving from New Delhi to Jaipur. But the travel showed us other parts of the Indian life. As always cars honking and people who overfilled little trucks, standing also outside hanging on the back side of the truck. Little brown monkeys on the side of the streets. Cows crossing the street while cars where coming, and people wandering around the streets just with some fabric. Misery is all around, but people here seem always happy. Thay have a lot to teach to us. I think I love India...

12 January 2015

Than my first date with Isa! Ahahaha Shae didn't want to go to the hotel's restaurant so he ordered food in his room. Isa and I went to the restaurant and enjoyed indian food πŸ‘³ Well, Indian food was the only one food that I couldn't eat because I had a bad experience with it.. But here! It's so good! I wonder how I could stay without Indian food till now! I liked so much the Sweet Lassi (a weird type of yogurt), the dessert called Rasmalai and a soup called Dal Tadka.
And than cachemire shop!!! Look at what I'm wearing! A Saree! Ahahah Ah.. Negative point: well.. I bought a cachemire foulard st this shop and the guy said it was 30 dollars.. Than I paid in rupees and when I converted the price I found out he made me pay almost 100 dollars!!! It's ok... Next time I have to check and not trust everyone as always...
After that we drove a little and we stopped on the street to see Akshardham Temple.. It was a little foggy and so it was hard to see it. Than we stopped also to see the India gate, called also All India War Memorial.
After the archeological site our driver offered us some drinks... Ladies and gentlemen the famous Thumbs Up (πŸ‘)! And than I got a pineapple drink with pineapple pieces in it. It was good!!!!
Today Eric and Lora left me, Isa and Shae to go to the stone place. We stayed at the hotel waiting for our driver and than we went to and archeological site where we met a guide who explained the monument such as the Qutub Minar. He spoke so fast and it was hard to understand but I got everything πŸ‘

11 January 2015

And here we are!!! INDIA! New Delhi exactly πŸ‘ I wasn't tired at all... I slept all, ALL the time on the plane and I slept good! I was so excited! When we arrived we met our driver and went straight at the hotel, than bed... It will be amazing
Three hour from our destination! Last flight from Dubai to New Delhi. India I'm coming! βœˆοΈπŸ‘³

10 January 2015

First flight out of three... We're heading to Dallas. πŸ“βœˆοΈπŸ’Ί