United States of America · 5 Days · 15 Moments · February 2017

Portland & Silicon Valley Exploration

15 February 2017

Museum of Computer History in Mountain View: never knew how many different ways of calculating mankind developed! Fascinating exhibits, but the leap from 1s and 0s to what my cell phone does right now still remains a Mysterium to me!
Googleplex continued: Android statues for each version of Android (as a iPhone user I never heard about them before!), old Google maps car - never saw one in Vienna or anywhere before!
Wednesday: one day Silicon Valley tour with private tour guide! Started off at Googleplex - luckily you're now allowed to walk through, see the beach volleyball courts, hot tubs, dinosaur, vegetable planters, and my personal highlights: the google bikes, and the researcher with the antenna on his head!

14 February 2017

Tuesday afternoon: Valentine's delivery to Lisa's mother Nancy in the hilly and picturesque Woodside area, then 8 miles stop and go to Half Moon Bay - reached it just before sunset! Beach parking was already closed :-(
Tuesday afternoon: Stanford University campus - a huge park, historic buildings mixed with new ones, buildings sponsored by some of the numerous big names - Hewlett, Packard, Gates - who graduated from this school (not al tech, also Reese Witherspoon, Tiger Woods, JF Kennedy), and a series if sculptures by Rodin
Tuesday: downtown Palo Alto

13 February 2017

Monday: driving around American style in a Buick, exploring San Jose. Found my favorite coffee shop that even offers Viennese style coffee (Einspänner)! Then took a 1hr tour through the haunted Winchester mansion - yes, the one from the weapon family.
Flair of Silicon Valley at the airport
Day 2 in Portland, getting around with a well develop public transportation system. The "aerial tram" unfortunately was out of order. Visited a mix of downtown and forest :-), had tea on top of the luxurious hotel "Nines". And never had dinner so far! The huge breakfasts last for a whole day :-)

12 February 2017

More from Day 2
Bekanntes springt ins Auge!

11 February 2017

Walk across the river to meet with Portlandian local Astrid, a PT originally from Leipzig at Cup&Bar
Saturday morning

10 February 2017

Classy hotel room at the Sentinel in Downtown Portland.