Australia · 86 Days · 23 Moments · January 2017


17 April 2017

a few snaps from Adelaide...

16 April 2017

spent a night in this beautiful place near Beachport, SA, and the next the we did proper 4-wheel driving in the sand dunes along the beach. Awesome!

13 April 2017

The famous great ocean road was filled with stunning rock formations and interesting wildlife🐨

10 April 2017

hiking in the grampians was pretty good! even though we had a rainy day that we spent almost entirely in the car watching movies...🌧

6 April 2017

another personal highlight of mine: a horse race! even though I lost 20$ betting...

31 March 2017

arrived back in Melbourne on Phillip Island where we could see cute little penguins! The rest of the week we spent exploring the city and fixing everything there was to fix on Otto.

30 March 2017

we went on trough Snowy River National Park where we spotted wild horses!!

29 March 2017

we climbed the highest mountain of Australia: Mt Koscioszko!

28 March 2017

Next stop: Canberra

27 March 2017

beautiful Pebbly Beach!

26 March 2017

and the journey goes on, heading south

24 March 2017

back in Sydney for 2 days!

20 March 2017

stopped in Inverell for a couple of days☺

17 March 2017

made it to Byron Bay!

12 March 2017

properly ended my time in sydney with a tour trough the beautiful opera house and a walk over the harbour bridge

11 March 2017

finished the course🎉

4 March 2017

had lots of fun at the mardi gras parade🌈

2 March 2017

Our car has now officially been named Otto. Otto loves his new curtains and the surfboards on the roof!

13 February 2017

Zoo with a view😍

4 February 2017

first encounter with a Dugong🌊🐮

29 January 2017

26 January 2017

Australia Day Highlight of the Day: petting a possum😍

22 January 2017

Coastal walk in the Royal National Park