Germany, Indonesia · 39 Days · 30 Moments · September 2017

3, 2, 1 - Bali

27 October 2017

Bali airport memories and kuala lumpur lunch

25 October 2017

My last day in Bali,Canggu 😢. I stayed in the Nest again as it is such a nice place and my friend Becci (who I met on Gili Air) came by as well. Yesterday I got my nails done (yes he left them a little too long 😀). And for the way to the Beauty Studio, I got a driver via Uber and he was the nicest guy ever. He picked me up again at the first studio because they were fully booked and took me to the next one where he waited for 2,5 hours until I was finished and then drove me home again. He said he thinks that one should always help when possible because when you do something good, good karma will come back 🙏🏼. I wish there were more people like that in Europe. But obviously,some of them think they can BUY good karma 🤦🏼‍♀️. Yes I had some trouble settling in, but now I don‘t want to leave Bali 😔

24 October 2017

Last day on Gili Air

23 October 2017

Of course I bought some love when you can get it so cheap here ☺️ Aaaand yesterday‘s sunset with some friends 🌅 you can even see some smoke coming out of the vulcano in Bali - damn when is it ready 🙄 Tipp: When driving the bike here,always wear a sports bra 😀
I think I have a broken toe 😫

22 October 2017


19 October 2017

I had a very nice relaxing day at the beach! Did not take my phone and it was the best decision I made so far 😀 Unfortunately that also meant I could not take pictures of the perfect turquoise water,but you can just google it 🤣. I could so see smoke coming out of the mount agung,but it seems as it hasn‘t erupted so far... I will leave my phone at home as often as I can the next days! In the evening, i watched the sunset on the west coast with a very nice room mate and I feel like I am finally coming down 🙏🏼. And finally, I bought a very hot bathing suit 😜 Nighty night

17 October 2017

I prefer the west side of Gili Trawangan as it is more quiet and there are many swings ☺️. Chilling at a very nice beach club „Malibu“. Tomorrow I will go to Gili Air to practice Yoga and relax 🙏🏼

16 October 2017

Today I was already asked if I wanted to smoke weed,take a mushroom or if I had plastic surgery because i was so „beautiful“ and my nose was so „perfect“ - öhm... No?! 👃🏼👃🏼👃🏼

15 October 2017

Today I did a 3 island snorkeling tour - it was really nice and I saw many colourful fish and turtles 🐠🐢 Unfortunately, I don‘t have an underwater camera so I did not take pictures. It was a little stressful because we only had about 30 min in every of the three snorkelinng spots,so if you want to enjoy the sea and their beautiful creatures a little longer,you should go on your own.

14 October 2017

The View Point on Gili Trawangan is probably the quietest place there 😍 so beautiful up there

13 October 2017

The Gilis are the perfect place to relax 🙏🏼

12 October 2017

11 October 2017

Shopping souvenirs at the Ubud market, then lunch at the Atam restaurant with a nice view at the rice fields, then rice terrace Tegalalang Tomorrow: Gili islands 😍

10 October 2017

Monkey forest
This morning,just walking around through Ubud without any plan - too many nice shops - what a pity I only have a backpack with me 😩 Only 10 k for the beautiful bracelet (under 1€). Balinese people are so happy - they always smile and say hello. Seems to have an affect on western tourists as well 😜

9 October 2017

Balinese massage at Nani Spa: very interesting, seems like the lady was pulling out some bad energy or something when pulling my toes,my hair and so on. Only 70k (less than 5€). It wasn‘t the most quite and comfortable place and I don‘t want to know who was on the table before because it smelled a little „wet“, but after a while it didn‘t bother me anymore. But if you don‘t care about spending a little more money, you might find a quiet place. Maybe I will go to a spa in the next days...
So far,Ubud is my favorite place. The streets are cleaner than in the south and there is one shop next to another restaurant next to another spa next to .... I am a little overwhelmed by all the shops and could by stuff in each and every one of them. Today I was having late lunch at the Alchemy - a girl I met in the plane was there too - where you can have vegetarian and vegan food (usually not my favorite,but it was very good). Other than the south,there are many veggie restaurants and ecological shops - I feel like they have more of a feeling for the environment than the south. One deficit: no beach here. Later I want to go for a one hour massage - it is not even 5€ - can you believe it?!
Rice Paddy Bungalows: it was actually hard to find,because google maps shows a different location than where it actually is. But the bungalow is nice and has everything needed. Also it is located near the Monkey forest. Room very clean, bathroom could be a little cleaner,but still okay!

8 October 2017

Hidden beach bar: Enjoying the sun,beach and a yummy meal. At Canggu beach,there are many nice little places where you can grab a drink on a comfi sandbag. Although I like dogs,here in Bali are so many wild dogs - they are kind of annoying and when tourists not having their dogs under control add to it - it is even worse.
Surfing with the greatest teacher (Adi) who also owns the hostel (the Nest) I am staying in. Even though I was scared at the beginning,he made me feel safe. In Portugal the waves weren‘t this big and also,we were able to stand on the ground - here I did some „real“ surfing with paddling out in the water (it is crazy tiring) and I even surfed a green wave 😱😋🙃🤙🏼🏄🏼‍♀️ Adi always held my board and made sure nothing happens, but he also says: „Smashing is part of the game“

7 October 2017

Currently staying at a very nice hostel in Canggu (The Nest Canggu). It is quiet and clean,the people are very nice and the breakfast- hmmmmm ...Today I took a yoga class at a neighbour hostel and now just relaxing by the pool 👌🏽

6 October 2017

Canggu Beach: Many surfers, some tourists, but a very nice beach with nice waves 😊

5 October 2017

Warung Makan Campur: great food that you can choose on the bar. I had a veggie meal for 14.000 Rupiah (less than 1€).
Tipp Nr.1: If you haven’t tried scootering before,you should definitely NOT start here! So like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love,I had a little „bike“ accident - except I didn‘t meet the man of my dreams there 😁
Uluwatu Temple: Beautiful view!! Too many people/chinese - very full! Tipp: Hold your sunglasses,phone etc. - monkeys might steel them!Tipp: Sonnenbrille,Handy etc. festhalten - Affen klauen gerne Padang Padang Beach: small and full - I am sure there are better beaches!

4 October 2017

Melasti beach
The first driver did not come because there apparently was too much traffic - now I am waiting for the second one to arrive. There is definitely a different definition of time here than in Germany💂🏼‍♀️
Um 8:35 Uhr angekommen, jetzt (9:32) am Gate. 9:45 ist boarding time - weniger Zeit hätte man nicht einplanen dürfen 😏 Gepäck ist bis Bali durchgecheckt 👌🏽 Flug bis Muskat dauert 7h 10min 😳 Sitz: Mittelgang ganz außen Schickes Flugzeug,fast wie in Sex and the city - nur halt Holzklasse 😬

18 September 2017

Flug ist gebucht 😍 03.10.-27.10.