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5 November 2017

I have been reading the book night from Eli whitney and the book knight and compared to the two it is very interesting to look at the view of Romeo and Juliet movie and Taylor Swift song called Romeo and Juliet 💬💬 .Romeo play tournament of a game of charades💬💬. The knight lost in charades and got killed by the sword 💬💬. The majesty speak to Romeo that he need to catch up to his own princess and save her until dawn💬 before she got killed by the evil monster.💬💬💬💬

3 November 2017

The ballerinas love 💃 and 🎤 to show their own reflections and self esteem

25 October 2017

I have fun in canada

18 October 2017

I learned that having a world war can prevent world destructions and human extinction to navigate the area of social security

7 March 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day

23 December 2016

18 December 2016

3 December 2016

Just studying in the library

18 November 2016

I went to Cancun island it was a great place to spend time with family memebers 😆

7 August 2016

I went to Hawaii and I ❤️ it there and it was nice and breezy to get married in Hawaii with Logan sweet plus honeymoon with my own family members and relatives and the activities of landmarks and sightseeing and the fire outdoors to enjoy the lua out but I totally cancel it in June 2013 and I did not get married with Logan sweet