New Zealand, Australia · 51 Days · 29 Moments · August 2017

Off on an adventure...

8 October 2017

Went for a morning run to the beach as my host family have a holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula!

30 September 2017

Watched the AFL with some au pairs in Richmond then went to the MCG to watch the killers live for free!!

27 September 2017

Slowly making my way round all the attractions of Melbourne. Brighton beach houses, holey moley and my favourite painting at the NGV.

21 September 2017

Another present from my family was to go up the Eureka tower so I went at sunset. It was beautiful!

20 September 2017

It's my birthday! Great ocean road tour and dinner at 'the meat and wine co' restaurant. Great way to see in my 24th

19 September 2017

Hosier lane (changes every day!), shrine of remembrance, royal botanical gardens, state library, Melbourne's jail and cute cafes that satisfy my hot chocolate addiction.

18 September 2017

First few days in Melbourne with Brodie. St kilda, rooftop bars and cheap Asian food.

17 September 2017

15 September 2017

I am currently lying in bed nursing a hangover from the Melbourne bar crawl last night 😷 looking forward to exploring the city which will be my home for the next 3 months 🏡🇦🇺

11 September 2017

Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd conclude my New Zealand adventures with a few pics from my last week with Brodie. We saw a lot of the west coast!

5 September 2017

Started the day by moving a water tank (as you do) across town then spent the rest of the day in the warm and dry. Fed Brodies sheep and pigs this evening 🐑 🐷

4 September 2017

I am now with Brodie in Hokitika! We had a fun packed day exploring caves, waterfalls, private beaches and pancake rocks. It helps to stay with a local 👍

3 September 2017

After staying in the prison for the second time I decided to put the clothes on and have a photo shoot with Chris ✌️

1 September 2017

Went out for happy hour last night and then wondered around Christchurch today. Went to the Canterbury Museum and the Art Gallery. Saw this giant rock of amethyst which I thought my friend Alex would love!
I'm back in the city and my first stop had to be the botanic gardens. The rain cannot stop me!

31 August 2017

Drove from Hanmer springs to Kaikoura. Another crazy NZ road! Why does the road have to go over the mountain not around it ?! Anyway nothing to do in Kaikoura due to the weather so the one thing I could do is go for a hike. Saw lots of seals along the walk and learnt a bit about the changes to the coast since the earthquake. Thank you Mr Geologist! Staying just outside of Christchurch tonight in Amberley but heading in to the city tomorrow.

30 August 2017

No pictures today as I drove from Murchison to Hanmer springs then went to the pools for the afternoon. Treating myself to dinner at a pub because I can't be bothered to cook!

29 August 2017

Walked to the Cullen point lookout this morning in Havelock then drove to Blenheim. After my morning coffee (and a chocolate brownie!) I walked around an art gallery, went to a chocolate factory and then went to a vineyard. When in Blenheim ey?! Can't believe the detour road has roadworks every 2km that doesn't sound practical! Stopped at lake Rotioti on the way to Murchison. Hanmer springs tomorrow

28 August 2017

Drove to Nelson and loved it there! Walked up the hill to the centre of New Zealand 🇳🇿, had seafood chowder for lunch and went into the museum to learn about the history of New Zealand. Drove to havelock... almost got hit by another car on the way! It has rained nonstop today so I am soaked through but enjoyed a local beer or 3 at the pub!

27 August 2017

Went for a walk to the split apple rock in the Abel Tasman national park then drove to Takaka. Was told it was an interesting place where hippies hung out. After seeing everything closed I remembered it is because it is Sunday! Had a coffee and cake though. Wanted to head out to Farewell spit but it wasn't accessible today so came back to Motueka. I walked around the estuary and beach and found a shipwreck and the saltwater baths (old cemented swimming pool to protect swimmers from sharks!)

25 August 2017

Stayed at Brodies last night so just had a couple of days of driving from Haast to the Abel Tasman national park. Just devoured a pizza and a pint of 'whale ale'. Need to research what there is to do around here.

24 August 2017

Lots of lakes and waterfalls today! Went to queenstown and tried the infamous fergburger but wasn't amazed with it! Now in haast where there's no signal and not much to do...

23 August 2017

Penguins and seals at Milford sound

22 August 2017

A very long day of driving! Set off from curio bay and stopped at invercargill for a walk around the Queen's Park. Drove towards te anau and was told by 3 girls to head straight to Milford sound. I am so glad I did! The views are breathtaking! I am staying at the Milford sound lodge which aside from the views it comes with an amazing shower! Heading out on a cruise tomorrow to see what Milford sound has to offer. No signal here so perfect opportunity to relax

21 August 2017

Morning stroll down to tunnel beach. 5 mins down 45 mins up! Drove along the southern scenic coast line and went on some scary dirt tracks. Went to a waterfall and wanted to go to the cathedral caves but the road was closed. Came to the petrified forest and saw a penguin. Now I'm sat by the beach waiting for the stars to come out.

20 August 2017

Explored Dunedin then drove to the very edge of the otago peninsula to see albatross, seals and penguins. Unfortunately I had to pay $54 to see the penguins and I need to pay to sleep so can't afford that! Went to Lanarch castle too! Now just tucking into my first cooked meal... soup!
First stay by the beach. Very cold breeze! Just got into Dunedin so off to explore the city.

19 August 2017

Long drive down the east coast heading for Dunedin. Realised how expensive petrol is and how quickly it runs out! Saw the boulders and now at a campsite for the night

18 August 2017

Stayed in a prison in Christchurch so had to take a prisoner photo! Went to a speak easy bar hidden behind a laundrette for a cocktail that was gross! Cool place though...
Explored Christchurch. Interesting city post earthquake, intrigued to see how it looks in the future. Loved the botanic gardens