Vietnam · 13 Days · 34 Moments · March 2017

Ell and Jonny's tour through Vietnam

22 March 2017

Visited a fish farm where Alex said the owners are rich. The seabass went crazy for feeding time!

21 March 2017

After so many hectic hours spent on the bus and with too many people on our tour, we love this 20 minute little row boat ride through this floating quiet we can't hear anyone bus us.
Alex wasn't joking with the rats being on the menu 😷
Roaming down the Mekong watching the local markets at the crack of dawn.

20 March 2017

Mekong River tour starts in style!

18 March 2017

Tasty breakfast at The Workshop in Ho Chi. Need this after a bad sleep with a Chinese snorer in our dorm room!

17 March 2017

Misty Halong Bay

16 March 2017

Porn star and a camp duo

15 March 2017

No luck with the squid fishing this time although I did catch a fish!

14 March 2017

Jonny finally got his proper Banh Mi 25...although he ordered me the wrong one 😢

13 March 2017

The views in Sapa never get old!
Topas Ecolodge is simply beautiful 😍

12 March 2017

Mini trek through Black H'Mong villages. Moody Denmark lady gegged on our trek. Di (Zee) was awesome though we loved her!
Came across some wild marujana which they use to dye clothes here!
This poor little girl had stepped in a fire and badly injured her leg in Sapa. We tried to help by giving our tour guide some money to provide medicine.

11 March 2017

Loving the Pho!

10 March 2017

Vietnamese students wanted to speak to us to improve their English. They helped me find the feather game!!
Who took the best photo?
Cha Ca was soooo good in Hanoi!
The crazy roundabout in Hanoi. Chinese tourist sitting in the road taking selfies as you do ✌🏼
Shredded 💪🏻
Banh Mi with cheese and tofu 😋
Typical busy Hanoi streets!
Enjoying the first Pho. Met some cool Japanese and an NYC film writer too!
Woah. Some nice poachies at Kafe in Hanoi. Watermelon juice was soooo good too!

9 March 2017

Who dat?!
Good bunch on the street tour...besides the annoying Aus
Jonny attempting to play a locals version of keepy uppys
Vietnam street food tour. Not as delicious as Bangkok but Amy the guide was so good. Had some annoying no-it-all Aussie on our tour 😡 North Americans were ace though!
Hanoi lake is surrounded by beautiful flowers. Was bit annoying listening to some random women squeakily singing loudly on the table next to us
Vietnamese coffee at Vspresso! So good!
Great museli and coffee in La Place - people watching
Jonny ordered Banh Mih but got a delicious casserole instead
Haha we got scammed $5 for some of these minging fried bites!