Cambodia · 10 Days · 19 Moments · March 2017

Ell and Jonny's adventure in Cambodia

1 April 2017

Lovely hotel in Siem Reap - staff were lovely but fussed over us so much 😫

31 March 2017

Jonny playing football with some local children
School made out of waste plastic bottles! Ells buzzin
Day in the life of a Cambodian. We made roof tiles and ate lunch with a local lady making a hammock out of plastic bags!

30 March 2017

Ell enjoying her fish amok!
More of Angkor Wat
Can't believe these women were carved by hand in 1200
Incredible Angkor Wat temple tour. Our tour guide was lovely and we appreciated all the cold towels!
Scary how Pol Pot walked down this path too 😔
Ell trying to be artsy at Angkor Wat

27 March 2017

Clearest and warmest water 😍
Legend of a little kid on Koh Rong. Couldn't understand how the kindle turned on and off and was convinced it was magic!

26 March 2017

Enjoying Greek Salads and Calamari with this view in Koh Rong Samloen

23 March 2017

Big muffins happy with his ice cold beer and view over Phnom Penh city after a lovely walk along the riverside
Neou took us to a school two hours away which a donor built for his organisation World Assistance For Cambodia. We also hear about his story of his family in the genocide. Later that day we also visited the killing fields and the prison but it was too upsetting to take pictures of. 1 in 4 people died because of the Khmer Rouge.

22 March 2017

Little muffin found an Aperol!! Now just need a beach!!
After a rubbish sleep in Mad Monkey hostel on a concrete bed, and fed up from our rubbish 3 day tour Jonny gets excited about the new plan of going to Ko Rong Samloen island for a relaxed time at the beach!
An inspiring visit to Daughters of Cambodia in Phnom Penh cafe to eat a delicious brownie and support women who were involved in trafficking
Found The Farm Table and enjoyed a peaceful scrumptious salad. So glad to escape the Mekong Tour!