Australia · 24 Days · 37 Moments · April 2017

Eleanor's adventure in Australia

30 April 2017

Jonny went to drop off Mo (but brought him back cos it was closed on Sundays) and Ell checked into Gilligans in Cairns and relaxed amongst the backpackers. This hostel felt much more lively. There were games with players holding out jugs of water for the longest.
Last breaky in Mo. Made some gooey fried eggs in pitas. Cairns is also feeling a bit younger and busier which is nice after all the quiet towns.

29 April 2017

Relaxed in Mission Beach caravan park because the beach was so hard. Mo's cushions were very comfy to sunbathe on. We tried to soften it with our feet but didn't really work! Univolve notes started to take place in our notebook.

28 April 2017

Ell doing some cheeky yoga even though she ain't meant to :/
Gorgeous maggie island and lemon sorbets were a great start to the day (apart from the arrogant Chinese waitress)
Beautiful walk along Magnetic island boardwalk. We were a bit moody about not getting a scooter due to stoopid rules!but Jonny did survive his first bus ride in a long while!

27 April 2017

Gorgeous halloumi salad 🥗 with a lamb kofta for Jonny and prawns for me. Sooooo filling! Then taxi ride back with a very synical taxi driver "the politicians hot air have caused the ozone problem"
Coffee near the Lagoon in Townsville after a long walk beside the sea
Jonny actually managed to save a sausage to snack on! 😮😮😮😮
Seafront camping spot in Townsville

26 April 2017

Shnugglin in Mo 😍

19 April 2017

Romantic meal in Mo...oh yes we are so cute! Prawns and halloumi kebabs deeeeelish!
Random spurts of rain made a beautiful rainbow in Hervey Bay. Getting ready for our trip to Fraser island....and the disaster that was about the unfold 😢
Our cool factor just went up when we hired this taxiboat. 5mph max speed but we're saving the environment! Got into our classic struggle when we tried to get back on the water. The waters are so shallow!
We make a fine team breakfast 😋

18 April 2017

Throwback to the noodle days 😋
Such a fun day getting the boat in Noosa. This place is gorgeous. Winding paths all around the lake and still waters to sail on 😍

17 April 2017

Enjoying a brew and a cookie tucked up in Mo 😍
We are so cute!
First night cooking on the barbie. Jonny showing off his skils 👏🏻
Woohoo Jonny finally figured out how to arrange the bed cushions 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Picked up Mo....spent 20 mins working out how to arrange the bed cushions...
Picking up our van in a bit. Time to make a plan! #weloveplans

16 April 2017

No way are we paying Four Seasons laundry prices!
Night of beers in irish bars with Niall. Ended with crepes...although Ell ended up with a salad 😢

15 April 2017

Sydney bridge is quite spectacular at night 😍
Yummmm!!! Acai bowls in Manly were so good. In a cute little boho bar tucked away 😋

14 April 2017

We're pretty jealous of teatox millionaires apt behind us 😭 Para nostros!!
Reminsicing about Jonny's time in Bondi. Everyone is so frikkin good lookin here!!

13 April 2017

Dramatic sunsets 🌅 Blue Mountains.
Quick!!! Let's get away! (Scene from up and coming action movie starting Jonny as the bad ass driver)
So nice to get out the city to see Blue Mountains. Managed to find some nice little spots away from Chinese tourists. Loved our little car and nipping about the random roads. Found a tapas place back in Sydney with some love calamari and a RIOJAAA!!

12 April 2017

Sydney Harbour! Lovely walk round although the rain came down for a bit. We took cover in Guilyan coffee shop which kinda sucked and they gave us the wrong choccies 😩
Jonny stalking Greta to find a delicious breakfast spot in Melbourne

10 April 2017

NEEDYAROTTIIIIIIII! Taste buds come back to life at Chin Chin in Melbourne

7 April 2017

Really enjoyed the Comedy Festival in Melbourne. Saw a Best of Brits show. Hilarious carrot sketch 😂😂 Improv Against Humanity was located in someone's bedroom. Soooooo Northern Quarter.

6 April 2017

First coffee in Melbourne from our rooftop in the the hotel. Celebrations for Ell hitting all the continents 🙌🏻