North America · 7 Days · 10 Moments · January 2018

Elana & Joe in Jamaica

4 February 2018

Well sadly today was our day to leave Jamaica. Breakfast was eggs Benedict. We left for the airport after we were packed up and had a chance to sit by the pool for a little while. At the airport they continued to make our vacation fun. They poured light Red Stripe not only while waiting at club Mobay but also as we were heading to our gate so that we wouldn't get too thirsty before the flight. We had heard there were winter storm warnings for the Midwest but didn't have any trouble getting into O'Hare. The sun was setting as we landed. We went a little out of the way for our favorite Chicago style pizza and then drove home. Of course, as should be expected, it was -1° when we reached GB.

3 February 2018

Today we went to the market in Savanna del Mar. Percy, a driver for Bluefields accompanied us & was a perfect guide. He was very informative & helpful in getting us fair prices. We bought fish, a few different fruits and beans. Of course everything was fresh. We also stopped at grocery store and got rice, coffee and jams. We had Aki with fish for breakfast. For lunch we had pork skewers and grouper. After lunch we spent the day soaking up the sun & heat. We did a little kayaking also. I did get a chance to read a few chapters of the book I started 4.5 years ago! Dinner was very fun tonight. We asked the staff to eat with us and to use the things we brought from the market for the meal. They appreciated it very much and we all had a great time. It was neat to get to know the staff a little.

2 February 2018

Today we went snorkeling off of the coast of Jamaica near a reef. There were a lot of small jellyfish that we were told were harmless. It was cloudy and rainy so the colors did not seem very bright. Breakfast was banana pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon and tomato. After lunch Akeem took us to her home Parish where we bought a painting on a canvas, walked the beach, and had a few drinks. We did get to sit by the pool for a little while. Supper was snapper & steamed vegetables.

1 February 2018

Today we started off with a 2-hour hike from Providence house up the mountain side and through the small village. Jermaine was our guide & pointed out several indigenous plants & fruit trees. He cracked almonds for us. After breakfast we went kayaking in the Caribbean. The water is so warm that you don't mind getting splashed with it. Breakfast was omelettes filled with steamed vegetables, carrots, peppers. Bacon is served every morning & fresh fruit - bananas, Jamaican apples, watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe. Of course there is always Blue Mountain Coffee which we have found we like very much. It rained while we were kayaking and then after lunch today. Two staff members, Akeem & Jermaine, taught us a new game called Jamaican golf this afternoon while it rained. Lunch was lobster salad, Whitefish. For supper Joe had duck breast & I had grouper with steamed vegetables and dessert was cheesecake. As a special treat the staff got us fresh coconuts to drink from...with a little rum

31 January 2018

This morning we set the alarm to get up to see the full Blue Blood Moon again as we had read that it was supposed to be the best this morning at 10 to 6 however it wasn't as beautiful as yesterday morning so we were glad we got up early yesterday. Then we went back to bed and slept for a few hours making this the first day that we slept in. The staff have commented on why we get up so early while we're on vacation LOL. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions along with fried potatoes and fresh fruit. We also had sorrel juice which they seem to pair with ginger a lot and it was also delicious. Lunch was jerk chicken and pork made by a local named James. We ate with the owner, Braxton, and his son, Houston, and a few friends. There is a film crew here recording on a TV show called Kitchen Ambush. After lunch we swam in the pool and just enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the Caribbean. Supper was a lobster dish served with couscous and vegetables.

30 January 2018

This morning we woke up at about 5 and got to see the super blue Blood Moon at about 5:30. Then we went fishing out in the Caribbean in an 18 foot canoe. We were surprised at the water being sort of rough in the beginning but had a good time overall. Joe Bergman caught one fish, a bonito, which is going to be made into ceviche. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing by the pool trying new rum cocktails and relaxing. Lunch was a seafood alfredo and fried chicken with curried steamed vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. Supper was a white fish over rice and black beans. Our Butler is Aldeen and he is starting to figure out our habits and routines and is spoiling us very much. The meals are always served on fine china with properly set tables with more utensils then we know what to do with. All the napkins are linen. Every evening dinner is served by candlelight.

29 January 2018

Today we spent few hours on the beach that is a public beach but part of Bluefields property. We had Aki and saltfish for breakfast along with Festival bread which is a fried dough type of bread and soursop and fresh squeezed soursop juice. Soursop is a very sweet delicious fruit the pulp is white looks sort of like pineapple but is more dense and soft It is very perishable, rotting within only a few hours of it being harvested. We have been enjoying different rum cocktails. Appleton rum is made here in Jamaica and is very good, top quality. Our favorite so far is the rum punch which is made with rum, honey simple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice. We finished the evening with the managers cocktail hour and got to meet the owner of the property and his son and some of their friends. Dinner was again delicious a combination of shrimp and lobster over rice with fresh vegetables.

28 January 2018